Holiday Giveaway Week – Win Bridal and Men’s Fashion Accessories!

December 19, 2013 | christine

With the holidays well underway, we are ready to bring you one of the best giveaways of the week for our fashion-minded friends! The winner of today’s bridal and men’s fashion accessories giveaway will receive the following:

Keep scrolling to see the incredible accessories contributed from four amazing designers and shops, and to enter to win, just head on over to their websites and leave us a comment here telling us what you adore most about these fabulous giveaways. We’ll be accepting entries thorugh this Sunday, and choose our winner at random on Monday, December 23th, 2013. Happy Holidays to you, our wonderful Junebug readers!

Millany bridal accessories holiday giveaway | via junebugweddings.com

Boucheron Earrings by Stephanie Browne from Millany Bridal Jewellery & Accessories

Millany Bridal Jewellery & Accessories is giving away a pair of gorgeous earrings handmade and designed in Australia by Stephanie Browne with sparkling Swarovski crystals. A stunning addition to your bridal look, these earrings are the perfect accessory for your wedding day!


Silvano fashion accessories holiday giveaway | via junebugweddings.com

The Gracieux Watch from Silvano

Silvano is giving away a luxury watch that combines the coolness of metal and the richness of mahogany. Sophisticated and unique, the Gracieux watch is certainly a sleek addition to the modern groom’s wardrobe.


Alexis Russell fashion accessories holiday giveaway | via junebugweddings.com

Three Stacking Bands from Alexis Russell

Alexis Russell is giving away three stacking rings, one in rose gold, one in yellow gold and one in sterling silver.  These rings are perfect for layering or as a simple and organic wedding band. These bands are entirely hand forged, soldered and hammered in 14kt gold fill and sterling silver.


Share what you love about Thursday’s giveaway and enter to win today! Be sure to check out our other giveaways from this week and look out for our holiday giveaway finale tomorrow! Trust us, it’s worth waiting for!

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  1. OMG my fiancé would die for that watch by Silvano! He’s an architect and loves combining wood textures with metal.

    Also, those stacking rings look very similar to rings that we were looking at!

  2. These are great classic accessories that can withstand the test of time. The earrings can easily be passed down from generation to generation as well as the watch that has such great juxtaposition. The rings are great because additional rings can be added with birth of babies and other celebratory moments!

  3. This giveaway is great, I know my fiance would love the Silvano watch!

  4. The watch is beautiful! It would make a great best man’s gift!

  5. I love just how that watch would look on my soon-to-be fiance’s wrist. Such a unique composition of materials.
    Those earrings would look GORGEOUS with my wedding down and the neckline. :)
    The stacking bands by Alexis Russell would make the perfect gift for my fashionista cousin and maid of honor!

  6. Oh wow, those earrings would match my sash perfectly. They are beautiful!

  7. The three prizes are very unique & beautiful. The wood really classes up the watch and the earrings definitely command attention. And the stacking rings are lovely – you can never go wrong with gold… or silver or bronze.

  8. They just look so timeless and classic.

  9. These would all make such amazing gifts!

  10. What I like, no LOVE about these is that each piece is fabulous on its own! They manage to be classic and fashionable at the same time, and would help us make our wedding one timeless and fashion-forward event!

  11. These are some fabulous giveaways and would make some amazing gifts! Each presents its own personality and would definitely be a conversation piece. Selfishly, the SILVANO watch stands out to me as a guy. The mix of wood and metal is certainly interesting and uncommon for a watch.

  12. Those earrings are stunning. Such a statement piece!
    My fiance would love that watch. The mix of wood and metal elements really make it stand out.
    And the stacking rings are simple lovely.

  13. OMG! If there was a giveaway to win, THIS is IT!!! Perfect winnings for both bride and groom! The earrings are gorgeous- and I’m still in need of wedding day jewelry. This pair is stunning! The watch is on an entirely different level. Its unique and elegant. I would love to see my fiances face if I have a chance to hand this to him.

  14. Finally a giveaway for Bride and Groom. That is one great looking watch, so unique!

  15. LOVE the simple elegance of all these pieces. The stackable rings are great alternatives to traditional bands. Silvano watch is masculine, yet not bulky. And those chandelier earrings are pure glamour!

  16. I love the hammered look, beautiful every day rings

  17. Those earrings would go perfectly with my gown since it has pearl and crystal bead work all over and crystal buttons down the train! I love them!

  18. Sparkles get me every time, so those Swarovski crystal earrings have definitely gotten my attention. They would be perfect with my current obsession – a 1950s taffeta cocktail dress in lipstick red. The Silvano watch is gorgeous and would make a great gift for any mister! The stacking rings are also wonderful and would be just the thing for everyday wear. I would most certainly be keeping them on my little tray of favorites.

  19. It’s hard to narrow down what I like about these giveaways, so fabulous! I love the chandlier earrings for their eye catching, bold yet elegant look. I am looking for a statement piece of jewelry for my simple gown for our Fall 2014 wedding :) My fiancé says “that’s a nice watch” but I think it’s all about the wood detail, giving luxury a natural look. Finally the rings are so simple but the different metals make them interesting together. Easy and beautiful, I like it!

  20. I’m not a terribly glitzy girl, so I love those earthy rings from Alexis Russell.

  21. Omg those Boucheron Earrings by Stephanie Browne from Millany Bridal Jewellery & Accessories – I’m in love!!! The Alexis Russell Stacking rings are a love of mine too!

  22. I love the beautiful pieces of jewelry in these giveaways. In particular, the Boucheron Earrings by Stephanie Browne are absoutely divine! Thanks for the incredible giveaway! :D

  23. Each of these accessories would make my new husband and I feel so classy on our big day :)

  24. Millany- the earrings are glitter gorgeous!
    Silvano- The watch looks classy, would love to win it!
    Awesome giveaways!

  25. My fiancé has been helping me look for a watch to wear for our wedding. She showed me this Silvano watch and it’s a perfect fit. The wood really makes it stand out. Plus the stacking rings would match her engagement ring!

  26. This is an amazing giveaway and opportunity to give these gifts as presents, especially that watch for a watch fanatic I know. But I think I just might keep those earring for myself if I win

  27. In LOVE with the earrings from Millany! They are just the right amount of bling.

    The Silvano watch is so unique. Really like that combo of wood and metal, the fiancé would love it.

    The stacking rings also have such a unique texture. They’re gorgeous!

  28. I love the hancrafted and earthy feel that each item embodies, and how much they speak as to the style of their crafters. The diamond danglers by Stephanie Browne have a great flow to their construction that i could imagine them hanging from my fiance’s ears. I love the material playfulness in the Silvano watch is unmatched, and although I typically enjoy lighter wood types the mahogany contrasts with the metal brillantly. And the three stacking rings by Alexis Russell are a must have for anyone who delights in the rustic styling and beauty that is worked into jewelry when it is formed by loving hands.

  29. Those earrings!!
    Love them!
    I’ve been looking for a pair of sparklers for my May wedding!

  30. I love the metal/wood combo on that watch!

  31. Those bangle and pendent are amazing . Thanks for sharing such bridal and mens fashion accessories holiday giveaway .

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