Blue, Orange and Pink Wedding Color Palette

May 22, 2013 | editorial team

The bold color combination of rich royal blue, sunny orange and hot pink simply radiates joy and would make for one fun wedding color palette! Who wouldn’t have a blast at a wedding that looks like this?

vibrant blue, orange and pink wedding color palette inspiration board

Photos from the Junebug Weddings Image Gallery by –

Top row: Yvette Roman Photography and Studio 6.23
Second row: Mark Brooke Photographers
Third row: Yvette Roman Photography and Stephanie Williams-This Modern Romance
Fourth row: Stephanie Cristalli Photography, Twin Lens and Yvette Roman Photography
Fifth row: Wiley Valentine and Yvette Roman Photography
Sixth row: Mark Brooke Photographers

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  1. This palette is just so striking and gorgeous! The blue is incredibly vibrant. Fabulous images!

  2. I LOVE this. I mean I REALLY LOVE this. SO awesome!

  3. everything is so striking and wonderful! Love that shade of blue!

  4. Stunning pictures! I love the the bride’s orange shoes! I love the wedding flowers too. Thank you very much for sharing these gorgeous wedding photos!

  5. I can’t get enough of these color combos! Really lovely!

  6. These are the colors that I am thinking for my wedding. I love blue, and think a dark version of it would be beautiful for dresses. Then I could incoporate orange and pink into the flowers to blend it all together.

  7. I love the pop of blue sash with her white dress..too cute! xo http://www.PlumPrettySugar.blogspot.com

  8. Love the bright and vivid colours used in this ultra trendy colour palette!! My favourite is the pop of blue against the white dress- stunning

  9. Just love that blue sofa – wow!

  10. Gorgeous photography . Love these .

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