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April 8, 2009 | editorial team

Vintage bridal hair accessories and jewelry from Bel Canto Designs

Bel Canto Designs’ restored vintage accessories make my heart absolutely race! Starting with authentic high end costume pieces from the 1930s to the 1950s, each item is carefully refurbished to it’s original beauty and often re-purposed into hair combs, headbands, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are ideal for bridal fashion. Love!

Bel Canto also really enjoys working one on one with brides, so the delightful Mari, Bel Canto’s owner, is generously offering one of you Junebug readers out there a custom set of necklace and earrings, bracelet and earrings or a hair comb perfect for your wedding day! Just look around at all her gorgeous vintage pieces here and at her Etsy shop, and leave a comment on this post describing your own stylish way to wear your favorite Bel Canto items. We’ll choose the big winner on Monday, and for everyone else who falls in love with her work (just like me!) in honor of Bel Canto’s birthday this month you can get 10% off all orders for the next week (until April 15th). Just “convo” Happy Birthday to her before you place your order. Thanks Mari!

I’m off to window shop and day dream about vintage fashion galore. Can’t wait to hear all your creative style ideas!

Authentic vintage wedding accessories and jewelry from Bel Canto Designs

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  1. I love Bel Canto! Easily some of the most beautiful jewelry. I would adore a necklace… I have a vintage cream dress from the 1940’s. I’m having a veil from an etsy crafter and pearl earrings I own… I’d love a necklace that isn’t round but more of a drop… with pearls and a vintage feel to go with the dress. Hope I get a lovely wedding gift with this contest. Thank you for the chance! Courtney

  2. I love the pearl necklace with the ribbon tie. It would look great with my silver slip-dress and pearl sandals.

  3. I have oh-so-many favorites at Bel Canto, but I think I’d be most drawn to wearing the Bella bridal ribbon headband http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=22045161 as a sash (assuming it fits around me!) and the Zelda Twilight feather headband in my hair. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=20578048 Dreamy and dramatic!

  4. I am about to embark on my second marriage, and I have a beautiful son that we will honor during our ceremony with a family medallion, which is comprised of three entertwined circles. I would love to wear the Vintage Rhinestone Trinity Bracelet to honor him and our new family.

  5. I love the vintage rhinestone bridal bracelet!! Our wedding theme is vintage, and my dress has just a “touch” of sparkle in it–I love this piece!

  6. I’d love to win something like the vintage enamel and pearl grapevine haircomb. It adds a touch of color, but it’s not overpowering and it’s classy enough for a lovely side swept hairdo or a full updo.

  7. I adore these beautiful pieces. Bel Canto is doing a really amazing job of turning old jewelry and hairpieces into restored gems from history. I love these even more, that perhaps during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, a woman wore this very same piece on her wedding day. The history and stories that the jewelry may contain is romantic and magical. It gives a whole new meaning to the way I will wear it in my wedding. If I am chosen to win one of these marvelous hair pieces: either the Vintage Rhinestone and Pearl Bridal Haircomb or the Beau Soir Vintage Rhinestone Haircomb. I plan to tuck it in my “half up, half down” wavy hair on my wedding day; it will serve as my “something old”, and I will cherish it as if it were passed down from a loved one… from their wedding celebration.

  8. I absolutely love this shop! I adore the Bella Vintage Bridal Headband. I would give it to my flower girl to wear in her hair– I know she would love it. She loves to dress up, and it will go wonderfully with the navy blue and white satin and black lace dress my mom is making for her. Totally vintage– and it will match my grandmother’s pearl necklace I’m planning to wear. The more I look at it, the more excited I am!

  9. What an amazing giveaway! I’d wear the Penelope Pearl and Rhinestone Bridal Necklace with a simple yellow retro-style sundress – the perfect thing for my summer wedding!

  10. I LOVE Bel Canto Designs, and have been lurking around her etsy shop ever since I got engaged! I love the timeless quality of the pieces and the fun streak in the designs. The three strand pearl necklace or the Vintage Rhinestone Leaves Haircomb are my current favourites… perfection!

  11. I adore the Penelope Pearl and Rhinestone Bridal Necklace – there is absoutely nothing more classic and timeless than a pearl necklace with some added vintage glamour, and it’s so lovely to see a piece of costume jewellery come to life again! My entire wedding is comprised of vintage and refurbished items – not only do they have a sense of history, are more ecologically sound but they are also more affordable and much easier to express your own personality with! I added Bel Canto to my list of favourites on Etsy several months ago and have been coveting Mari’s exquisite pieces ever since. What a fantastic way to take a piece of history and create a heirloom from it.

  12. my wedding is based off a peacock feather…so i’m drawn to something with that whimsical feel http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=20664993 OR http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=20578048

  13. I’m having an Indian wedding, but would really like to throw in things that are more traditionally “American” – after all, I’m an American! Bel Canto accessories would be fabulous for this – a cute feather or rhinestone pin in my hair would be unexpected and completely glamorous!

  14. Wow. What a great shop. I’ve been trying to figure out how to look wedding-appropriate without a veil and i think one of their gorgeous haircombs might be the ticket!

  15. Gorgeous!! I love their pieces! I would wear the Penelope Pearl and Rhinestone Bridal Necklace with my one piece slip dress to a hotel wedding or dinner

  16. I think the Beau Soir Vintage Rhinestone Haircomb would look beautiful in my hair during my wedding.

  17. I adore the pearl and ribbon necklace. We are having a brunch ceremony with all vintage details and this would fit right in. Such a beautiful piece and an amazing giveaway.

  18. I am in NEED of a gorgeous bracelet – All of the Bel Canto bracelets are exactly what I have been looking for :) they would all go perfectly with my wedding dress

  19. I have been searching high and low for the perfect hair pin. I am going for a hollywood glam/50s inspired look w/ my hair & make-up and have been looking for a vintage-inspired decoration for my hair. At first I thought about a birdcage veil, but I have decided, because of the way I am wearing my hair, to use a jeweled hair comb instead to jazz things up. It was really hard for me to pick just one piece from Bel Canto since all the combs are beautiful! But I narrowed it down to the Vintage Rhinestone Bridal Flower Bouquet Haircomb. It looks great on the model too :)

  20. The Bella Headband would be perfect for my cousin…It would look great as a necklace on the bride for her upcoming winter wedding.

  21. Oh what an amazing etsy shop Bel Canto is. I made the mistake of putting off my jewelry/accessories purchase until last (aka, when you’re severely over budget and can’t justify that last extra special touch) so I had to pass on the perfect haircomb for my upsweep. I was going between the Vintage Rhinestone Leaves and the Enchanting Grapes Rhinestone haircomb. I didn’t get to wear either last July but fingers crossed here because I was just “notified” that for our anniversary, we’re going back to the scene of the original crime (where he proposed…Napa) and playing dress up for “And one Year later” thank you cards we’re sending out to all our friends who joined us then and have supported us through this amazing first year. I’m totally excited to get back in my dress and how totally full circle cool it would be to actually get to wear that coveted hairpiece this time. Fingers crossed the economy is truly on a rebound (smile).

  22. I’m in LOVE with the Penelope Pearl! I’m having an autumn wedding — I love that time of year; to me, it really evokes romance and sophistication. Bel Canto’s vintage designs do just the same! My wedding gown is very minimalist, and I’ve been on the hunt for jewelry that will add a touch of glamour to the ensemble. I love that the Penelope conveys a timeless classic with its gorgeous layers of pearls — but gives it an edgy twist and some sparkle with that unique clasp! Plus I could totally rock that necklace just as well with a cocktail dress, a v-neck sweater and trousers, or a blouse and blazer!

  23. I love these! They’re gorgeous. I would be really classic and wear one in my hair. So classy and fabulous!

  24. I absolutely adore vintage accessories. We will be having a destination wedding in Honolulu, Hawaii- The Sheraton Waikiki Surfrider. I would love to wear one of Bel Canto’s hair combs in my 1950’s up-do to accent my allover lace, A-line wedding dress. It would then become a family heirloom for my daughters. A piece this beautiful needs to be worn again and again!

  25. My wedding jewelery look is all about pearls. So many of these things are perfect!

  26. Vintage accessories never gets old. Being the maid of honor, I could see the bride (who is my sister) wear the 1950 Rhinestone Bow Haircombs. She is inspired of 1940-1950’s era and has an old soul. Her dress is simple but has a touch of retro. I would love to win this and give this to my sister so she can wear the Hair comb on her special day.

  27. It certainly is hard to choose a favorite from her collection, but the Vintage Rhinestone and Pearl Bridal Haircomb is a must-have for me. We’re having a Vintage-Glam style wedding, taking style notes from Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco as well as Audrey Hepburn. I can’t think of a better hair piece to include in our wedding then this lovely one. It goes very well with my vintage style wedding gown.

  28. My something old is the strand of my grandmother’s pearls that my grandfather gave me when I turned 18. (So much of a requirement, that once I start searching for the dress, it will go with the necklace, not the other way around). Her hair pieces would serve as an amazing compliment to those pearls and any of them would be an awesome anchor to a long dramatic veil. I would love to incorporate the pearl and ribbon headband in just such a manner.

  29. Oh wow! The Elissa Rhinestone Bow Necklace has really caught my eye! My wedding dress is a classic style strapless dress with classic 40’s style makeup and hair.. so this would be gorgeous jewelry to stand out on my decoulage and bring the whole look together!

  30. I have a Bel Canto necklace to wear for my wedding, and would love the Trinity bracelet to wear as well! just gorgeous designs!

  31. Much like the story of Cinderella and the evil stepmother, my stepmother decideded to sell my late grandmothers vintage pieces when she moved in with my father. Much to my dismay when I was engaged I realized that not only would I not have my grandmother there to be with me on that day but I would also not have something of my grandmothers to have with me on that day.  I would love just about anything from Bel Canto knowing that they are vintage pieces that my grandmother would adore!

  32. My Grandmother was married during war time and wore a simple suit and carried a small bouquet only her elegance has mesmerized me for years. I would stare at her wedding picture for hours as a child. There is something about her on her wedding day that just captures me every time I visit and see that picture. The love she had with my grandfather is a once in a lifetime love that one rarely sees in modern time. I have wanted to replicate her wedding day look since I can remember and have been searching for a piece that embraces her time. I haven’t found one until now. I can’t believe I stumbled on such an amazing collection. These pieces are incredible. I can’t decided between the vintage feather and pearl comb and the vintage coro gardenia headpiece. I would be so blessed to win one of these pieces so I could have something to cherish on this most special day…and eventually pass along to future generations to sparkle in the memory of a woman who has always kept me stunned by her beauty and grace. Thank you for sparking this memory with your collection.

  33. When I see vintage accessories, I think of Greta Garbo.  She is one of my favorite icons. I grew up watching her movies with my grandma.  When I got engaged, I knew my wedding had  to be old Hollywood because I want to feel like Ms Garbo.

    My favorite piece from Bel Cantro is Bella Vintage Bridal Headband.  I’m not wearing a veil nor do I want to wear a tiara.  The headband could be worn up or a down style.  I haven’t picked the hairstyle I would want to have but I do know the headband could be worn either way.

  34. I would wear the Vintage Coro Gardenia Hairpiece to all my dinner parties! I don’t own any hair bling!

  35. Wow! What pretty stuff! I am wearing pearls at the wedding. I have my necklace but am looking for a nice multi-strand bracelet. The “Pearl and Crystal Art Deco Bracelet” would be perfect

  36. I love the Aurora comb- I am in a wedding next month and it perfectly matches the dress I am wearing!

  37. BEAUTIFUL! I would wear my Bel Canto beauty underneath where my veil will be placed. That way, when I remove the veil after the ceremony I have a stunning accent to my whole ensemble! My wedding dress does not have any beading or intricate detail, so I’m looking to find that sparkle and touch in my accessories – hence, a Bel Canto piece would be perfect!

  38. I can’t make up my mind — I love all of them! I’m having a modern vintage theme wedding. All of the pieces would go absolutely beautifully with the overall look. My e ring is an arched pave set ring, reminiscent of the art deco period. My wedding ring also has the pave setting to complete the look! Absolutely gorgeous work!

  39. So so so pretty! I would love a hair comb. I’m wearing a cathedral length veil for the ceremony and am looking for something shiny and stylish for the reception. I think one of these combs would be absolutely perfect!

  40. Bel Canto is my favorite etsy shop. I love to windowshop in her store drooling over the vintage haircombs and jewelry. My daughter is getting married May 2 and I would love to surprise her with a vintage hair comb. It would finish off her ensemble perfectly. I love the Vintage Deco Dangle.

  41. I’m marrying my Army officer who will be outfitted in his very classic and formal “Dress Blues”. I’ve been searching for a gown and jewelry that will shine alongside him. I think the Kramer Snow bracelet is beautiful and symbolic – of traditions of times past mixed with youthful exuberance, and the snowflake would be perfect for getting married in Michigan’s great white north, where we are blessed with over 300′ of snow each year. :-) Every piece of Bel Canto’s work is classy and gorgeous!

  42. I love that more and more “brides to be” are going for the vintage theme. I am inspired by my parents wedding. There wedding was very low key, and didn’t have much. My mom wore a dress that was borrowed. She didn’t wear a veil, she made her own hair piece and she was proud of it. She tried to keep the hair pin in good condition hoping that my sister or I would wear it on our wedding day. Sadly, the pin is badly rusted and some of the pieces are missing. Browsing Bel Canto site, the Vintage Pearl and Rhinestone Bobbies is similar to what my mother made.

  43. Wow, all of the pieces are truly fantastic. I must confess, I’m entering this contest in hopes to win something for my sister. She’s on the hunt for the perfect bracelet to wear on her wedding day and I think the Vintage Rhinestone Trinity Bracelet is just the bracelet for her. The three interconnected circles would be symbolic for my sister as she and her son become one family with her husband-to-be.

  44. Rhinestone hairpin!

    Instant glamour and it’s something you don’t normally see on a bride, which is an idea I love.

  45. I am getting married this august in Washington, DC. we are basing the look of our wedding off of late 50’s early 60’s fashion (think breakfast at tiffany’s). My brides maids are in audrey hepburn style dresses and i am wearing a Jackie Kennedy inspired dress. You’re vintage trinity bracelet would be the perfect accent to this style.

  46. love these… i am definately going to check out the etsy shop for my vintage inspired wedding…. just perfect!

  47. I just love the Vintage Deco Dangle Haircomb. It is so delicate yet so glamorous. Talk about feeling like a starlet!

  48. I adore the 1930 Deco Filigree and Rhinestone Bracelet. It would look perfect with my lace gown and Bel Canto Designs are so lovely. Thank you.

  49. I love the toggle on the Penelope Pearl and Rhinestone Bridal Necklace. I would wear it elegantly with any evening attire.

  50. I just adore the Trafari feather hair comb that Bel Canto has! I would love to wear it tucked to the side of a low chignon on my wedding day. Thanks!

  51. Oooh! I just love the Vintage Coro Dogwood Hairpiece. My dress is a light gold color and I think it would go just perfectly. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. i love the hair combs. they remind of something my great-grandmother would have worn and she was FABULOUS!!

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