BeeGee Bags Bridal Clutch Giveaway!

April 12, 2010 | editorial team

stylish floral print bridal clutches from BeeGee Bags

Welcome to your week Junebug readers! Since the fashion shows of bridal market have been booming all weekend in NYC we thought we’d start things off in a fashionable way today with this fun giveaway from BeeGee Bags! These sweet and stylish bridal clutches would be super handy for carrying essentials at your wedding, bridal shower or bachelorette party, and they would also make thoughtful and welcome gifts for bridesmaids. We love all the colors, prints and patterns available!

To enter to win, just take a look at the BeeGee Bags website and choose your favorite style, then leave us a comment here telling us about how and where you’d carry it. We’ll take entries through Wednesday morning, April 14th, and then randomly choose a winner to receive the bridal clutch of your choice. Lots of luck to everyone, and happy shopping! We can’t wait to hear which one is your fave!

stylish floral print bridal clutches from BeeGee Bags

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  1. Oh I can’t pick a favorite! I’ll choose three: Gracie’s Dandelion (Style 1) Nora’s Sea Green Plume (Style 2) Brassy Nora (Style 3) I love each of these for their understated elegance – the kind of style that would be great from my wedding day (a lovely way to complement a lace gown) to Sunday morning brunch. Love these clutches!

  2. Wow, thanks for doing this promo. I’ve been eyeing these bags for awhile now and the Pink Peony clutch is definitely my favorite! My ladies will be carrying pink peony bouquets, so I think this would be PERFECT to carry all the essentials on my wedding day this July.

  3. I love the Fern bag. I love wearing bright colored dresses, and the neutral colors would be the perfect accessory.

  4. Oh my gosh… I honestly can’t pick one!!! I love pretty much every single bag. And I would most DEFINITELY carry it at my wedding, for all of those essentials… and many, many times after!

  5. how fun are these? Great design

  6. I love Style 3, in the Orange and Red Cherry Blossom. The inner lining is the perfect hint of “something blue” for my wedding! I’d carry it at the wedding to hold all my touch-ups items. Gorgeous!!

  7. I love the Mrs. Robinson, so colorful! I have a few weedings to go to this summer and I’d definitely use it then :)

  8. Champaign Bride please… love it!

  9. I love love love Noir Peony. It’s so simple but so chic. I’d use it on the big day and probably any dressy affair after that. I might even use it for evenings out where I don’t want to lug a purse around.

  10. I have a little black dress that needed some pizzazz, I found purple earrings, necklace and killer heels but have been out of luck when looking for a clutch. The Brassy Nora would be perrrrfect!

  11. I really love the Pink Flamer in style 3 – I’m going to Hawaii this summer and it would be just PERfect for taking out for cocktails or a sunset dinner!

  12. The George is blue is totally beautiful. My wedding colors are royal blue and bright orange, so I’d love to have the bag to carry with me on my wedding day. Or perhaps my engagement shots which are coming up super soon!

  13. I LOVE Noir Peony!! (the first one you posted that is black and white) This would not only be PERFECT for an upcoming wedding i’m in, but I can use it for date night with my fiancé :)

  14. Oooohhhh I love the Sprung Up Coral too cute! It would be hard for me to not use it everyday!

  15. I LOVE Gracie’s dandelion in style 1. So gorgeous!

  16. I absolutely love the Tulip, Pink and Gray clutch. Tulips remind me of my mother. I’d pair it with a light weight white dress, with black stud bangles, and black ballet flats for some edgy-ness to frolic for a day in central park on a sunny city day! or also a mother’s day brunch. <3

  17. I love the Noir Birdie in a Clutch bag! Red is one of our wedding colors, and I’d love to carry this on my big day to add a pop of red to the mix (and it’d make for great photos!), plus I can use it anytime post-wedding to remind myself of the joy!

  18. I’m gaga over the blossom style, and would love to carry it in my fuchsia/wine colored wedding this September, but would probably not have the patience and would carry it every day until then!

  19. in summer time i love to be able to just grab my wallet, keys, phone & go – no purse involved, but then i’m stuck carrying around 3 clunky items. i would love to have a clutch to throw the essentials into and still not have to deal with a big bag! i love the Obi in style two.

  20. The Gracie and Maude clutch would be a gorgeous accessory for my desert outdoor fall wedding in Arizona – black, white, and orchids are my colors/flowers!

  21. I LOOOOOVE the Gracie and Maude. I’m pretty sure that I’d use it 24/7 and would probably even sleep with it.

  22. I love the Pink Peony bag! I’d wear it everywhere and with everything. Need something to pair with your favorite jeans and tee outfit? Done. Looking for that perfect pop of color for your little black dress? Got ya covered. Want to have something small and fun for your girls night out on the town? Yes, please. Oh the possibilities…

  23. I love!!! the gracie goldie branch style 1. It matches the pretty turquoise of my bridesmaids’ dresses and the brooch i’m wearing at my waist! It also reminds me of the lovely china pattern I picked (Chirp by Lenox)…it would tie everything together very nicely.

  24. I love Gracie’s Dandelion. I’m a one-bag-at-a-time kinda gal, and style 1 looks big enough to hold all my essentials. Plus the colors would go with just about anything!

  25. the pink flamer is my fave! it would go perfectly with my wedding day palette. i would carry it proudly on the day and then with denims and heels ever after :)

  26. I love Style #2 – Orangina. It has the flower I want for my bouquet right on the font and the matching green on the back! Would fit so perfectly with our color palette that I would keep it by my side all night…Plus who wouldn’t want to just take it out on any lovely spring day!

  27. Oh how cute! *___* I can’t pick a favourite. It’s so hard to choose…I like them all, but two of these would be perfect for my wedding in July: * White Birdie on a Clutch (Style two) * Gracie’s Pink and Red Cherry Blossom (Style one) because both of them have the same colors (purple and turquoise) and the same subject (garden theme) of marriage. It would be great to have one of these for my Big Day. Thanks a lot for this opportunity!

  28. Gracie’s Got Jazz in Style 1 is gorgeous! It would be a breath of fresh air into any outfit! And it has my favorite colors with the dark and light purples. :)

  29. I really love the Orange and Red Cherry Blossom bag.. I love the shape and colors (which I think would look great in spring or fall). I have a lot of events coming up this summer and travel between SoCal, New York, Texas and NCal. I walk a lot in my Silverlake/Los Feliz neighborhood and only want to carry a small bag. For now i’m using a pouch strapped over the shoulder. I would love something colorful and easy to carry in the hand or slide into a coat pocket when going out (day or night)

  30. The Pink Peony design is just beautiful and would coordinate very well with my gown and our wedding colors.

  31. Gracie’s Orange Mum for sure is a keeper!

  32. I love style # 3, in the blossom, so perfect! I’m getting married in the country in a barn and it would be the perfect bag to hold on my special day! http://www.twinkletoes-golddangles.blogspot.com

  33. goldie tulip is my absolute favorite! it would coordinate with my wedding colors, and might just be the perfect addition to my rehearsal ensemble!

  34. Wow, its so hard to choose! I really love them all. If I had to pick, I think i would go with Olive. I love anything black and white with a pop of red!

  35. Noir Birdie in a clutch is by far my favorite….so cute and distinct. I love it and would carry it everywhere!

  36. i LOVE these bags! my favorite right now is the noir peony…i would carry it on my wedding day…and probably every day after that!

  37. My favorite one is the Noir Peony…I was so excited to see this post because I have been thinking about giving clutches as a gift to my bridesmaids!

  38. I am in L.O.V.E. with Gracie’s Mrs Peacock. I even love the name! What an amazing collection of clutches.

  39. I love style number 2 in Pink Peony!! I think it would be so cute to carry around all the wedding essentials…can’t be too far from my blackberry even on my wedding day!…and not a wedding accessory that will just sit in the closet after the big day! Love love love these bags!

  40. I am so in love with the Gracie’s Dandelion clutch. The suttle colors and print is so beautiful. It makes a bold statement without being loud! I love it!

  41. My fav is Gracie’s Got Jazz.My 2 fav colors are pink and purple.This purse is different,it stands out and it’s vintage!Definately a purse that reminds me of my fav seasons Spring and summer.If I won I would carry this to my Bridal Shower.This is a eye catcher! ; )

  42. I love style 1 in Gracie’s Orange Mum! Its a gorgeous clutch and I would wear it with a cockail dress or skinny jeans and red pumps:)

  43. I love the Gracie Meets Rubie. Simple yet classy! I will definitely use this when I’m out to a nice dinner during my honeymoon :)

  44. I went to the website and the first bag I saw, I said “Wow!” I love the Gracie and Maude clutch. I’d wear it with my favorite plum sun dress and strappy sandals on day my fiance and I are eating out at our favorite cafe! Love it!

  45. I LOVE pink peony and it would fit perfectly on my wedding day, with my honeymoon and of course anywhere in life because its sooo cute! Thanks!

  46. I want to MARRY the Gracie Goldie….

  47. My favorite is the gracie’s dandelion. It is so sweet and dainty, I love the soft grey. I would love to carry this at my reception – it would go perfectly with my lace wedding gown, because it has a bit of a vintage feel to it!

  48. I love Style #3 Orange and Red Cherry Blossom! It’s amazing and I would use it for my rehearsal dinner and when we’re out on the town on the honeymoon! :o) Fingers Crossed!!

  49. I love BeeGee Bags. I’ve been thinking about them for a while as a gift for my bridal party. I would love to own the Gracie’s Pink and Red Cherry Blossom Clutch. I would use it to store the essentials on my wedding day in August. I would also definitely take it with us on our honeymoon for those wonderful evening out.

  50. I love Gracie’s Dandelion and Gracie Golden Branch. Both gorgeous examples of chic fashion for every occasion. A perfect way to accessorize a post-wedding bridal brunch. Both are delicately sophisticated and eye-catching. They would make any lovely day even lovelier.

  51. noir peony in style one, baby! i’d love to carry that bag with a retro lbd (a la mad men) to an anniversary dinner at a nice restaurant

  52. I love the Gracie’s dandelion. It can compliment any outfit which I really like. It would be great to wear at my upcoming photo shoot!

  53. I love the Goldie Tulip! it matches my bride maids dress’s perfectly. I am having a destination wedding in the riviera maya and it would equally make a statement at our welcome dinner and bacholerette events. It goes with a casual jean for late night drinks or a girls night out with a bold print. Beyond that it would be that go to bag for me.

  54. sprung up coral style 2, id wear it to my rehearsal dinner

  55. I love them all! I am really in need of a stylish clutch for all my wedding essentials! I would carry it for sure on my wedding day (this fall) and to all my bridal showers and parties! I would also carry to to my friend’s wedding that I’m in this summer too! I really love: Gracie and Maude, Gracie’s Dandelion, Gracie’s Plum Branch, Noir Peony or Gracie’s Orange Mum! *fingers crossed!*

  56. I’m getting married this October and would love to have the Sprung Up Pink clutch to carry that day!

  57. There are so many to choose from. I really like Fern, Gracie’s Plum Branch, Tulip, Pink and Gray, Blue Twig, Orange and Red Cherry Blossom and Purple Blossom. It’s so hard to choose just one! They would be great for bridesmaid gifts and I would love one just for a daily use!

  58. i love the orange and red cherry blossom in Style 2. I’d love to wear it for my engagement photo shoot!

  59. Style 1: Gracie’s Black Cherry Blossom I have the honor of being the Maid of Honor for my college roommate’s wedding. We really are each other’s sister that we never had and would love to carry this clutch the day of her wedding to help carry tissues, hair pins, breath mints…everything needed for her wedding day in Sept. to help keep her beautiful wedding self intact. It will be perfect for the day of the wedding, look great in all the pictures and as a bonus, I will be use it in the future for other formal events :)

  60. I love the style #2 pink peony bag. I would use it to carry my little odds and ends at the wedding. I think it would go perfectly with my pink shoes!

  61. These bags are fantastic! So stylish and well-designed. The Noir Peony is in my top ten (so hard to pick one) and would be great for the weekend before my wedding where my bridesmaids are throwing a shower that will lead into a bachelorette party of dancing out in the East Village of NYC. Heck…that bag could also go to the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding, and the honeymoon…so great!

  62. I love Gracie’s Dandelion. I would tote it along on my wedding day and I think it would work well with my usual fashion (read: jeans) too! It’s just so sweet!

  63. i love gracie’s dandelion. i love anything gray! it would match so many things, but i would definitely carry this to my rehersal dinner before my wedding in sept :)

  64. I love BeeGee Bags, expecially Orange & Red Cherry Blossom and Goldie Branch of Style 3. One of those would look perfect as my bridal clutch for my Japanese inspired wedding next october. (hope you accept entries from Italy, as well)

  65. All the clutches are amazing!!! My favorite is the Obi and Gracie, I’d wear it on my best friend’s engagement party next month!

  66. I absolutely adore the Noir Peony! It would be the perfect accessory for my knee-length 50s-inspired wedding dress. Plus the stunning black and white print would pair with almost anything for a special date night!

  67. Wow these are cute!

  68. I absolutely adore the Noir Peony! It would be the perfect accessory for my knee-length 50s-inspired wedding dress. Plus the stunning black and white print would pair with almost anything for a special date night!

  69. The peacock feathers are fabulous! I love the Curvie Nora clutch and can picture it with red lipstick and a bircage hair piece. i’m in love with the vintage appeal! Such a lovely site, thanks for sharing!

  70. style 2- dandelion! its so beautiful, simple yet elegant, i could wear it to any of my summer weddings!

  71. I love the Noir Peony. It’d be perfect to bring to my rehearsal dinner because it’s simple and black/white so it will look nice against my hot fuschia dress. And the design is a peony, which is my main wedding flower! :)

  72. I also struggle to choose a favourite! I would have to go for the Style One: Tulip Pink and Grey because it looks so great in this post!

  73. Oh my goodness they’re gorgeous! I adore the Style II; Pink Peony. What a perfect clutch to take out on summer date nights and garden weddings. I am obsessed with clutches, esp any that have a vintage vibe. This would be the jewel of any girl’s collection!

  74. I would pick Gracie’s Pink and Red Cherry Blossom because I had a cherry blossom theme for my invitations, seating cards, and table numbers and has a really pretty blue lining. It also complements dresses worn by the bridesmaids and everyday attire. I love them all.

  75. The Golden Winter style is my favorite! It would look so great with my Ivory/Champagne wedding gown.

  76. I love style one, tulip grey and pink the best I think though they are all wonderful. I would carry it for my wedding shower and a million times after that.

  77. I love love love the Gracie’d Dandelion clutch!

  78. I LOVE the Goldie Tulip. The colors are perfect for our “earthy” wedding, and I love the summery pop of the yellow flower. I’d definitely carry it on our wedding day, as well as any day I needed a special something fun to dress up my outfit. Great giveaway!

  79. The Tulip, Pink and Gray for my beautiful fiance. Pink, grey & cream is our wedding colors and I know she wants to wear a pink or grey dress to our rehearsal dinner. I can also see her sporting this bag on a night out on the town! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  80. Pink Peony!! It’s so lovely. I would definitely use it at my wedding, and it’s a great bag to use everyday as well.

  81. Oh, I love them all! I really like the Goldie Tulip!

  82. I LOVED the Purple Blossom, it matches the colors of My wedding. I would love to have that as a accesory with my dress,

  83. I would pick Gracie’s Dandelion and give it to my big sis aka my maid of honor, b/c she would love it!

  84. Omg these bags are soo cute. I would definitely love a Gracie’s Orange Mum bag and other then carrying it everywhere. I would definitely make sure to take it to the up coming spring formal for my MBA program, It would look great with the dress I’m planning on wearing.

  85. I love the gracies plum branch. It would go perfect with my wedding colors for the day of!!!

  86. I love the pink poppy……..would definately carry it to the church and then keep it with me between the ceremony and reception.

  87. Gracie’s Orange Mum… Absolutely lovely! I would carry the clutch in my left hand so my sparking, new engagement ring has a beautiful background to frame it.

  88. These bags are too fun! I’d pick Orangina to carry my lip gloss and blotting papers for my wedding on June 26th :)

  89. These are perfect stylish accessories for my beach wedding in Mexico – the Pink Peony, Sprung up in Coral and Blossom will be perfect matches for all the ladies in my party!

  90. I really like style one gracie’ s dandelion. Its so cute!! While it doesn’t match my wedding style, it’d go perfect with the dress I’m wearing to a wedding in august, but in general I’d use it all the time!

  91. I love Style 1 Gracie’s Pink and Red Cherry Blossom bag. It has an Asian feel to it and I can see myself carrying it out to dinner on our Honeymoon in Thailand! I knew it was perfect when I was browsing the website and even my fiance said, “Oh, that’s pretty!”

  92. I love the George! The Navy in the trellis print is classic, summery, preppy, and chic. I would take it to every summer event on the schedule… it instantly adds a bit of elegance.

  93. I heart BeeGee Bags! :) I adore Style 2 – Pink Peony. I would carry this to the 5 summer weddings we are attending. Also, It would go perfectly well with my summer breezy dresses. I haven’t found the right clutch to carry all my stuff until now :) thanks for the giveaway!

  94. I absolutely adore Gracie’s Pink and Red Cherry Blossom (Style One). So cute! It would go great with the dress I plan to wear to my bridal shower in May.

  95. Oh goodness gracious! I think the cream and blush feathery floral design is divine! (second from the last) the colors flow so well with the colors I’m looking for in my wedding this summer! great design…

  96. Gracie’s Pink and Red Cherry Blossom. I am having vintage Japanese wedding kimono fabric in my wedding dress and that would complement the theme nicely, as well as adding a splash of colour!

  97. Ooooh! I love Gracie Goldie Branch (style 1). I would use it to hold small knitting projects and notions in my purse, or as a clutch when I’m feeling fancy.

  98. Orangy Red Gracie- I would save this for my wedding day. This is my favorite flower in my favorite colors. We are having an outdoor garden wedding and this would match perfectly! After the wedding I would use this all the time!

  99. How can i choose….LOVE THEM ALL!!! Forget special occations that clutch would be with me everyday! LOVE IT! I know i would have to get a shirt made up saying, “It’s a BeeGee!” cuz i know people are going to stop me everywhere if im carring one of those clutches.

  100. i LOVE the tulip pink and grey clutch! it is beyond beautiful!!

  101. I know I missed the giveaway, but I absolutely love these bags, especially the Lyla!

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