Ask the Expert – Keeping Kids Entertained at Weddings

August 26, 2014 | Junebug Weddings

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Bursting with personality and spirit, kids can add tons of fun and humor to your wedding. However, making sure they stay entertained all night can be challenging. Luckily, planner and designer, Stefanie Miles, has some great ideas on keeping kids entertained at weddings.

First thing’s first, “consider the ages of the children that are attending, and what will truly be fun for them” says Stefanie. If you know ahead of time that many of your friends and family will be attending your wedding with children, plan in advance and brainstorm creative games and activities.


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“Setup a special space just for them – either in the main reception space, or in a separate space nearby. After the ceremony, bring them back in for dancing. This will let Mom and Dad truly enjoy the celebration too!”

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During the reception, you can make dinner fun by incorporating kid friendly activities. Try adding buckets or baskets of games, books, crayons, play-dough, stickers, etc. near kids’ place settings. You can even utilize paper for place mats, which is a clever way to keep kids entertained before and after the meal.


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To let kids feel like they are a part of the celebration, Stefanie suggests having “them create a craft or color a photo for the bride and groom” as a wedding present. How cute is that!


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Of course, hiring a babysitter is sometimes the best way to keep kids entertained, it just depends on the type of wedding. You can have the sitter attend the wedding or stay at home.

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Thanks so much to Stefanie from Stefanie Miles Event Design for Celebrations for her thoughtful advice and expert planning tips! For more ideas on how to keep your wedding fun-filled, check out Genya and Pete’s Fun Summer Wedding in Atlanta!

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  1. I have always wondered how I could make my pictures more “spontaneous”. I like taking pictures of what I am doing, but they always seem like they are posed pictures. I think I’m going to try some of these ideas out and see if I can get some better pictures.

  2. Spontaneous photographs are always the best! As you can see how these have turned out.

  3. The little boy very pretty and his sun glass very nice .

  4. Kids will always find a way to entertain themselves and normally doing something they are not supposed to do. but at the same time, this makes for some beautiful candid pictures and often some of my favourites from a wedding.

    I have seen a lot of weddings recently where the couple has hired people to look after and entertain the kids. They have lots of activities to keep them occupied.

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