Accessories, Home Decor and Wedding Party Gifts from Bestow Boutique

November 12, 2008 | editorial team

Just in time for for the holiday season, a new and seriously fabulous gift shop has arrived! Bestow Boutique is sexy and sleek with a mission to ease your shopping agenda. Gorgeous lingerie, sophisticated fashion accessories, bath and body products and home decor for you, your friends and your sweetheart. They’ve got a fantastic selection of romantic and feminine items for the girls…

Bestow Boutique lingerie, accessories, wedding party gifts

 …and cool, modern gifts for the guys. Get your shop on in the next two weeks, and Bestow will offer Junebug readers free domestic shipping! Thanks Bestow! Just enter the code “junebug” in the coupon section of your shopping bag page and you’ll be good to go. And tell us what you got, I’m still trying to narrow down my favorites!

Bestow Boutique men's accessories, barwear, groomsmen gifts

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  1. How fun! We’ll have to check this out and share it with our readers. Their stuff looks absolutely amazing.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to shopping at Bestow Boutique to use the free shipping code (junebug). Plus I’ve always loved their one of a kind products. For the last week however I have been unable to access the site. I type in bestowboutique.com into the web browser and I’m taken to a “Your website is parked at Go Daddy.” would you look into this and find out why we can’t access bestowboutique.com. I hope they haven’t closed. Thank You! Allyson istillbelieve831@aol.com

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