Your Very Own Daguerreotype

September 26, 2007 | editorial team

Remember seeing those old, old photographs in your history textbooks that looked rich and gray and slightly mysterious? If they were from the mid to late 1800s, they were probably daguerreotypes, an early method of photography that created a negative image on a mirrored silver surface that was then reflected back off the mirror as a positive image. How cool! Making a daguerreotype is a time consuming process using all kinds of delicate chemicals and intricate procedures, but it produces stunningly crisp and vibrant images that, unlike film, digital files or paper prints, can last indefinitely. Believe it or not, daguerreotypes are still being made today by a handful of artists around the world. One in particular, Mr. Jonathan Danforth, offers up custom made daguerreotypes from images you already own. What an amazing thing to do with your favorite wedding photo! On his website ShinyPhotos.com Jonathan says “I love to make daguerreotypes from just about any source image you have…Many customers select a favorite wedding photograph to be rendered as a beautiful keepsake.” Maybe it’s just because I’m a photographer, but I really love this idea- how incredible would it be to have this antique looking image framed in your house and passed down to future generations! Visit his site to learn more about this interesting and beautiful art form, and to place an order for a wedding memento unlike any other!

(via The Practical Archivist Blog, via my sister- thanks Sally and Chela!)


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  1. These days there are all kinds of photo booths available to rent including lots of digital options, but I will forever have a soft spot in my hear for the old fashioned, classic back and white versions!

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