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November 7, 2014 | nicole

At Junebug, we can’t help ourselves when something sweet and beautiful crosses our screens. Wedding cakes come in many shapes and sizes, but our favorite cake trend of the season is the naked cake. Naked cakes are stripped down versions of traditionally ornate wedding cakes, exposing the cake beneath the outer layers of icing. Though this style of cake is minimalist, it’s far from boring. Naked cakes can be made with varying shades of cake mix, taking on a one-of-a-kind marble effect, or can use shades of icing that complement the wedding color palette for a cohesive look. The deconstructed layers are perfect for a rustic wedding with simple and pared down elements.

Here are a few of our favorite naked cakes from recent Junebug real weddings.

rustic naked cakes photo by Matthew Moore Photography and cake by Barr Mansion

fall naked cake photo by Elizabeth Haase Photography

c6c07d34039f311b8f49eb71193324f2 photo by Vanilla Photography and cake by Lemon Canary

Momofuku Milk Bar naked cake photo by Sean Flanigan and cake by Momofuku Milk Bar

homemade naked pound cake photo by Rob + Kristen Photography

e0d7c0aac373a869360138fa30378d6f photo by Golden Hour Studios and cake by Something Special Cakes

Talk about a sweet tooth! Naked cakes are the perfect choice for a sweet treat that isn’t overly saccharine in aesthetic or taste. For more wedding trends for this season, don’t miss our earthy decoration inspiration.


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  1. Amazing cake designs. Love all cakes. This is the temptation to eat at cakes.

  2. Big cake and it’s a very testy cake . I lile such testy cake.

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