Wedding Planning Inspiration from the Masters of Fashion Photography

May 14, 2008 | editorial team

If you’re a regular reader of Junebug it’s probably rather obvious that fashion and photography are two of our true loves around here! I’m endlessly blown away by the creativity, artistry and narrative power of both clothing and images, and when the two are combined in great fashion photography, I’m beside myself with adoration. The other day I stumbled upon some images from Chris Nicholls on the lovely blog This Is Glamorous and ended up on his website. Jackpot! Gallery upon gallery of gorgeous fashion and beauty images that lend so much style inspiration to every aspect of wedding planning. The clothing, the accessories, the color palette, mood and theme, and even the style of the photos themselves. Can you picture yourself in one of these images? Now my new favorite hobby is checking out the websites and online portfolios of the famous fashion photographers I love, and soaking in their creative genius.

Legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier always wows me with his timeless look. The black and white images could come from any era, and he captures such a romantic yet modern quality in the women he photographs. Photos from Demarchelier.com and Style.com.

Chris Nicholls is a master of creating a mood and an emotional quality that just radiate from his photos. I love all of the accessories and over the top styling in these images as well as the lovely vintage look and interesting color palettes of so many of them. Photos from ChrisNichollsPhotography.com.

Where do you find your wedding inspiration?

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  1. I absolutely love the first five images/dresses/looks in Chris Nicholls’ English Rose set, particularly the first image from the left in the second row. Any idea who the designer is?

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