Wedding Inspiration! Papel Picado Mexican Tissue Paper Banners and Flags

July 24, 2012 | editorial team

If you’re anything like me, beautiful paper has a special lure, especially when it’s as lacy, delicate and decorative as Papel Picado – the Mexican art of handcut tissue paper banners and flags. These fluttering decor accents add a festive, handmade vibe to any party, and I love the atmosphere they can add to a wedding! Here are a few fun ways to incorporate these Mexican wedding banner beauties into your own wedding design…

Picado Mexican paper flags photo via mel!nka on Flickr

Above: String after string of colorful Papel Picado flags in a photo by mel!nka on Flickr)

Picado Mexican paper flag wedding cake via MarthaStewartWeddings.com

Above: A papel picado decorated wedding cake via MarthaStewartWeddings.com

Picado Mexican paper flag wedding invitations from Avie Designs Stationery

Above: Papel Picado wedding invitations by Avie Designs Stationery

Picado Mexican paper flags for wedding decor from Ay Mujer on Etsy.com

Above and below: Handmade Papel Picado paper banners and flags by Ay Mujer on Etsy.com

Picado Mexican paper flags for wedding decor from Ay Mujer on Etsy.com

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  1. Love the personalized Mexican banners.

  2. I am looking for these kind of invitations. Wondering if you sell them? Or if you can let me know where to find them and how much they cost.

  3. Was wondering if you make these? And if so, can I put an order in, and how much??

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