Wedding Images from One Thousand Words Photography

December 14, 2007 | editorial team

Today we get to see gorgeous images from Angela Burke and Ashley DeLatour of One Thousand Words Photography, two of my very favorite people in the whole world! These are just a few of the personal favorites that Angie chose from the past year. Thanks ladies!


1. “I love this image and I love the way Ashley takes couple photos that completely work as art you’d want on your wall.”


2. “This was taken early in the day, before anyone had arrived at the church and I love the stillness and the window light.”


3. “The moments on the periphery are often my favorite.”


4. “This couple is a personal favorite of ours, and so head over heels in love with each other!”

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  1. Those two girls work so well together! I often visit their website for inspiration, it was fun to see some new work on the blog. In a sea of commercial looking wedding photography these two stand out as artists. Their beautiful selection of images could be displayed in a gallery!

  2. If I ever wanted to frame another couple’s wedding album, these would so make the cut. That first one is especially, dare I say, Ansel Adams-esqe.  

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