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January 9, 2008 | editorial team

Today we get to see the favorite photos of 2007 from the wonderful (and adorable) couple Grace and Hun of GH Kim Photography. GH Kim is a new addition to our Junebug Weddings photography hotlist, and already many of their images are my new favorites! You can see more of their work in their web brochure, and in our Best of 2007 Fashion Report. And don’t forget, the Junebug photographers love to travel, so even if you’re not planning a Seattle area wedding, it’s still easy to work with one of these amazing artists!

1. “A different take on details shots, it was caught through one of the hanging crystal drops.”


2. “Something about how this couple was so into each other resembled that of a romance movie. This image is just a little window into their own little world as all the post-ceremony action surrounded them.”


3. “Voted ‘Best Dress of 2007’ by us: From hundreds and hundreds of dresses, this one stands out from the rest. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s not another strapless? Maybe it’s the fact that Nancy looks like she belongs on the Amsale runway? Well whatever the reason, it exudes modern sophistication!”


4. “A unique portrait for a unique groom. Who would’ve thought that a bathtub could look so cool?”

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  1. Is that a Marisa Dress? I think I have the same one-beautiful pictures!

  2. What a good choice for a new photographer on your site! They do lovely work!

  3. Oh my gosh, such beautiful shots!

  4. The bea-u-ti-ful dress in pic #3 is from Amsale, from their 2006 fall collection. Lovely!

  5. Great photos! The bottom image is my favorite. Keep up the good work! Lucas

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