Wedding Images from Cheri Pearl Photography

December 21, 2007 | editorial team

Today we get to see the beautiful work of Cheri Pearl Photography, an amazing Seattle wedding photographer who always seems to capture the true emotion and delicate sweetness of life in her images. She photographed our “Vintage Fashion for a Modern Bride” Fashion Report back in June, and blew us away with the results! Here are some of her own favorite real wedding images of 2007, and the reasons why she loves them…

1. “I love that you can see their shared joy in this moment.”


2. “This is one of those moments where the planets align and I can’t believe what I’m seeing, or rather I am soo excited about what I’m seeing. This was before the ceremony and these boys were keeping themselves occupied. I love the symmetry of it all.”


3. “This photo was during the processional and I was able to capture this really fluid moment. They eventually make it. :)”


4. “I love doing detail shots and still lifes. I really love how graphic and yet simple this shot is.” 


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  1. are you kidding me about that etch-a-sketch shot? amazing!

  2. Those are awesome photos. Nice work. My Best, Jeff Collins Professional Haberdasher http://www.MyHaberdasher.com

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