Wedding Goodie Giveaway from Cloud Parade!

April 1, 2013 | editorial team

As we wrap up our big Caribbean Honeymoon Giveaway (we’ll announce our winner this week!) we’re excited to jump on to the next fun opportunity to share some wedding goodies! This week’s giveaway… an awesome package from the all new online marketplace, YourCloudParade.com!

wedding giveaway from YourCloudParade.com | via junebugweddings.com

The perfect place for couples to plan, shop and design their dream weddings all in one spot, Cloud Parade hosts thousands of items and hundreds of unique wedding shops that allow you to purchase everything from a beautiful wedding dresses and accessories, to invitations and stationery, to one-of-a-kind decor finds. We also adore Cloud Parades fun cloud feature, which lets you build inspiration boards as youre browsing and gathering wedding ideas that you can view later or share with friends.

With such a wide range of stylish wedding items to choose from, Cloud Parade is giving away a basket of fantastic items for one reader to try for herself! Our lucky winner will receive:

  • Two sets of 5 Thank You cards and envelopes from Typologie & Co
  • A sterling silver Hammered Sweet Bow Necklace from Make Pie Not War
  • Your choice of four whipped lip butter flavors from Live Beautifully
  • Ten 5 oz. bottles of Jon’s Slow Burn Hot Sauce and four 4 oz. jars of Meyer Lemon Marmalade from J and R Foods
  • To enter to win, simply check out Cloud Parade and then leave us a comment here letting us know some of the features, items or brands you love! We’ll accept entries all week long, through the end of the day on Sunday, April 7th, and choose our winner at random on Monday, April 8, 2013.

    wedding giveaway from YourCloudParade.com | via junebugweddings.com

    Typologie & Co – Committed to unique, fun and modern wedding paper products, Typologie & Co. is an innovative graphic and invitation design house that creates dream invitation suites from proposal to party. Their passion for graphics, decor and fashion is evident in their designs that are always super chic and stylish. This weeks winner will receive two sets of Thank You cards that include five cards each from Typologie & Cos Geometric line, created exclusively for Cloud Parade!

    wedding giveaway from YourCloudParade.com | via junebugweddings.com

    Make Pie Not War – Handmade with precious and base metals, hand forged shapes and fun silhouettes, Alana of Make Pie Not War is an expert at creating unique pieces of jewelry that women love to wear for both casual and special occasions. This weeks lucky giveaway winner will receive a Hammered Sweet Bow Necklace in sterling silver from Alanas Cloud Parade shop. Perfectly feminine and dainty, this pretty piece of jewelry is ideal for a bridal shower, maid of honor gift, or even your own wedding day!

    wedding giveaway from YourCloudParade.com | via junebugweddings.com

    Live Beautifully – Committed to handcrafted, all-natural skin and beauty products that smell wonderful and help to heal and rejuvenate your skin, Live Beautifully creates their delicious body products from the finest essential oils and natural fragrance oils. The winner of our Cloud Parade giveaway will get to choose four flavors of whipped lip butters (out of 22!) that will come in a lovely hand-sewn drawstring bag. Mix and match to find your favorite flavor combination!

    wedding giveaway from YourCloudParade.com | via junebugweddings.com

    J and R Foods – Always made fresh with local ingredients and never any preservatives, the dynamic duo at J and R Foods are skilled at making gourmet, handmade jams and sauces that make perfect little gifts. A wonderful option for wedding or bridal shower favors, each J and R Foods order is customized and made to order to fit your event’s look, colors and feel. Our lucky winner will get to try out these fantastic products from J and R Foods: ten 5 oz. bottles of Jon’s Slow Burn Hot Sauce and four 4 oz. jars of Meyer Lemon Marmalade – all of which will be customized with the labels and ribbons of your choice. Yum! (Hot sauce photo by Studio EMP)

    Good luck to all our readers! Be sure to enter today!

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    1. I love the cufflinks from hellothula and the gorgeous lace dresses from Ivana Krejci.

    2. I <3 the Glitter Foliage Clip from the Just-Lovely-Things shop. I adore all of the Grace Loves Lace gowns. How do I choose just one? I appreciate Cloud Parade's presence on Instagram and admittedly get a lot of wedding planning and decor ideas from their posts. <3

    3. Cloud Parade has such a cute site design! I love the little navigation icons that allow you to choose a particular color, category, or style.

    4. I love the color/categories/search feature, and I like how they have “clouds” similar to Pinterest boards where you can get inspirations from!

    5. Cloud Parade is so adorable! – I love the Love Is… cards – anything with sequins is a go for me! – The Rose & Vanilla and Sunny Orchard Blossom Whipped Lip Butter looks amazing, I can almost smell it! This would be a great gift for my bridesmaids. – My new last name is going to be Meyer, so how cute would it be to hand out Meyer Lemon Marmalade jars to celebrate my new name! – Every girl loves sashes, and the Mint Dress sash would go perfect with my wedding dress! (and would match my bridesmaid mint colored dresses)

    6. I am totally in love with all the wedding goodies, don’t know if because I0m going to be married in a couple of months or because I like everything that is handmade, soft coloured and sweet. I like very muche the “thank you cards”, since I adore writing cards for people I care for.

    7. I love the men’s bow ties by Xoelle!!

    8. love the search by color feature since i’m obsessed w/ pink! immeidately saw one of my fav wedding brands come up, tessa kim! and i found a lot more items that i had not previously heard of which was great – loving the cute garland cake toppers like the one seen here: http://yourcloudparade.com/product/8005/cake-topper-light-pink-black-white/

    9. I LOVE that you can search by color! That is SUCH a neat feature to use! Lots of fun inspiration too! :)

    10. I love the different way of searching through things so you can get the things you are looking for for a specific theme without having to wade through everything else and i found calico-juno-designs that makes some amazing pieces

    11. I love the forks! Such a fun detail!

    12. What an interesting and lovely site! I like how you can select your color, categories and style. I found some really lovely hair accessories from Tessa Kim!

    13. Love the search by color feature. helps me focus!

    14. I love this site!! searching by color is awesome when planning events and makes it more useful. I want some Sunny Orchard Blossom Whipped Lip Butter!

    15. I am a huge fan of Cloud Parade; I follow them on Instagram and love seeing all the precious things they find! What I like most about their website is how you can select your style to find what you’re looking for – genius! Ashleigh xxoo

    16. I like the combination of colors, styles, etc. It makes it easy to find what I’m looking for!

    17. What a great idea! Had never had heard of cloud parade before but all the make pie not war jewelry is just too cute to resist.

    18. I like the mother of the bride tote by Wiley Valentine. Cute idea!

    19. Love the “feather hair comb-belle” as we’ll as all of the unique nail polishes! So fun!

    20. Love all of the different ideas that they have for favors!

    21. I really love the Pearl Necklace Multi Strand Stacked Layered Romantic Dreamy. I absolutely love pearls and this necklace is adorable.

    22. HOW cool is this site!!! thank you for the 411!!! so very cool! emm

    23. I love the concept of this site – how you can search by style in addition to category. I am especially a fan of their unique cake toppers.

    24. I am loving all the stationary from typologie and Co and the jewelry from Make Pie Not War is so adorable!

    25. I LOVE all the searchable styles and color palate on their website. Everything is so chic, cute and heart felt.

    26. I love how pretty the whole site is! The Pretty Things jewelry collection is amazing! http://yourcloudparade.com/cloud/1101/ I also LOVE the invitations by Typologie and Co.

    27. I really like the invitations. There’s a lot of good designs to choose from!

    28. Love love the Mint Dress Sash by Tessa Kim. This site is totally different and a really cool concept!

    29. I LOVE Baladi! It’s so cool and unique; I also love the handmade soap stack, and the Southern Peach Rose Lip Balm Favors!

    30. I love the Paper and Thread company items!

    31. I absolutely loving the tearrose pendant from the fleet-collection shop!

    32. Loving the black silk komono with the heart cut out – sexy!

    33. I love the Oval Amazonite earrings! Turquoise is my favorite color and these would be perfect for my bridal shower dress :)

    34. I really love the Cloud Parade shop! The assortment of adorable things to look at and purchase for my wedding day could get me into some trouble!

    35. I love how you can sort by color!

    36. I love these earrings: http://yourcloudparade.com/product/2817/oval-amazonite/ and would love to win too! :)

    37. I am a HUGE fan of the invites on T&CO. My fiancé and I are narrowing down our choices and have decided to order from them!

    38. I love the IVANA KREJCI wedding dresses! ANd all the Yellow Belly items. My colors are yellow and grey so those would be perfect :)

    39. I love the search by color feature and the paper and thread items!

    40. Saw a cute gold petite love knot ring!! would love to wear daily…..

    41. So excited by the TESSA KIM hairpieces – delicate and beautiful. Cloud Parade is super convenient in pulling together a cohesive look by allowing color or theme filters. Makes it simple to sift through what I’m really looking for!

    42. Loved how you can organize everything by the color and style you like. Makes finding items/ideas super easy!

    43. I love the search by color feature! Hello, yellow!

    44. Thanks you so much for sharing this post with us guys .

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