Wedding Day Survival Kits

September 21, 2007 | editorial team

I recently learned about these Wedding Day Survival Kits from P.H.E.W. (Practical Help for Every Woman) and I have to say I’m a big fan. It really is such a help to have all these little supplies available on your wedding day. With so much going on and so much fun to be had, the last thing anyone should spend their time doing is running around trying to find a needle and thread or a band aid! That’s no fun! These P.H.E.W. kits come stocked with items like bobby pins, fashion tape, clear deodorant, pain reliever and antacid, tissues, tampons, chalk to rub over grass stains, and much, much more. Toss in your lip gloss and you’re all set! Visit PhewKits.com to order on-line and to see their other handy creations like Travel Kits (good for the honeymoon!) and Diaper Kits (good for the future, or as gifts to expecting girlfriends!)


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  1. I saw another great kit at a friend’s wedding and just got one myself.  It’s from a company called With You In Mind. withyouinmindinc.com  I checked out phew and this company’s bag has way more stuff in it and seems more geared toward the whole bridal party.  Anyway, it’s worth checking out.  

  2. When I got married I recieved the PHEW kit at my bridal shower from one of my favorite cousins. The Kit was so handy that i used it way before the wedding, in fact, when it came around to the big day, there were a few things missing because my brother needed the needle and thread from the kit to fix one of the wedding decorations, proving that the PHEW kit is Practical Help for Every Waking person… Grazie mille! Erin.

  3. What a great idea! I think I shall assemble a kit just in case there is an emergency at a wedding I’m working at. The hair and makeup artist is always the first one to be asked “do you have….”

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