This Couple of 10 Years Celebrated Their Marriage with a Rustic Ethereal Latvia Wedding at Mazmezotne Manor

August 15, 2019 | juliette

After 10 years together, Ieva and Janis knew they wanted their wedding at Mazmezotne Manor to be about more than just them — they wanted it to be about all the people who have loved them along the way, as well! So, they brought in the very best team, led by the planner from Bannté to create over-the-top romance for their special day. The floral designs created by Love Letters were beyond our wildest dreams, and the combination of rustic and ethereal vintage vibes in the rest of the decor truly took our breath away. We’re talking balloon installations, giant chandeliers, candles galore, and more blooms than a quaint country garden! Miks Sels Photography did a brilliant job capturing it all, from first look to last dance and every moment in between!

The Couple:

Ieva and Janis

The Wedding:

Mazmezotne Manor, Latvia

The first look and reading our wows to each other was the most memorable part of the day. We did it a couple of hours before the wedding ceremony because I knew I would get too emotional in front of the guests. A wise person later told us that sometimes if we say things quietly to each other we say what we truly mean rather than saying them out loud in front of everyone. It was very special to share this moment with each other and just let us be ourselves in this very intimate moment.

We really wanted to make this day special for us and for everyone else too. Everything and everyone involved had a story behind. We loved to share everything we enjoy together as a couple – our favorite drinks, food, and music. We even managed to bring out a DJ who usually doesn’t play in weddings but we just wanted him so bad because we grew up dancing to his music at this one club when we were much younger. That night ended up being the best party we had ever been to.

Our best advice is to make your wedding day as personal as you can. Make your own rules because this day literally belongs to you! If possible, make all the reservations early but don’t be sad if something doesn’t go the way you wanted — it is most likely going to end up even better than you expected. Have fun. Think love.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Miks Sels Photography
Event Planning – Bannté
Venue – Mazmezotne Manor
Floral Design – Love Letters
Catering – MESTY Gourmet
Cake – Anna Panna
Officiant – Martandi
Live Music – Ivo Grisnins – Grislis
Videography – Long Story Short
Stationery – Love Letters
Hair and Makeup Artist – Linda Liepina
Wedding Dress – Pronovias
Bridal Accessories – With Lace
Groom’s Apparel – Ermenegildo Zegna
Rings – Arvis Kotins
Rentals – Ko Nomat
Calligraphy – Papirs un Tinte
Posters – Pujene Wedding
Evening Host – Arvis Zēmanis
Balloons – Helium


Congratulations to Ieva and Janis, and a special thanks to Junebug member Miks Sels Photography for sharing this beautiful wedding at Mazmezotne Manor! Want to see even more wedding floral magic? This 5 Eleven Palafox wedding inspo takes modern romance into 2019 with woven details and unbelievable floral design!

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