The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever! Wedding Day Survival Kits

October 11, 2009 | editorial team

Whether you’re a bride or an event planner, an emergency kit is a necessity for any wedding day, just in case! Mindy’s team put together a quintessential collection of must have items and gave them away to every guest in attendance- so sweet! They’re full of all the essentials like hair pins, feminine products and safety pins, but there were a few thoughtful extras they recommend you add in that I think are simply genius…

Mindy Weiss's Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever, wedding day survival kits, images by Junebug Weddings and GH Kim Photography

– Ear plugs for elderly guests to use once the music gets loud later in the evening.

– Smelling salts and water to keep near the atlar. It can hot up there, and people often lock their knees while standing for long periods of time. Many a bridesmaid and groomsmen have found themselves feeling faint! (Believe me, I’ve seen it!)

– A stain stick to help take care of any accidental spills.

– Earring backs for any ladies who may have lots theirs.

– Medication like asprin or advil with easy to read labels. If anyone asks for this, be sure to show them the label so there is no risk of them taking something they’re alergic to!

– The most important thing you can bring to a wedding? A calm demeanor and a sense of humor!

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