The Best Etsy Macramé Backdrops for Your Wedding

July 13, 2017 | nicole

photo by Monique Serra Photography

If there’s one trend that defines 2017 weddings, it’s macramé! The perfect décor element whether your wedding is boho, rustic, earthy, or somewhere in between, macramé has made its way into ceremonies, receptions, and our hearts! If you’ve been dreaming of saying “I do” in front of a gorgeous macramé backdrop or hanging one behind your dessert display or sweetheart table, today’s post is for you. We’ve searched high and low to find the best Etsy macramé backdrops for your wedding. What are you waiting for – get to shopping!

1. 42″ x 90″ Macramé Backdrop by Moss Hound Designs


2. 8′-12′ x 7′ Macramé Backdrop by The House Phoenix

(This backdrop was featured on Junebug Weddings here!)


3. 70″ x 100″ Macramé Backdrop by Wall Knot

(This backdrop was featured on Junebug Weddings here!)


4. 3.5′ x 6′ Macramé Backdrop by Joy Loop Designs


5. 30″, 45″, or 60″ x 26″ Macramé Backdrop by The House Phoenix


6. Unique Macramé Teepee Backdrop by Wall Knot


7. Custom-Size Planter Hanging Macramé Backdrop by Elbow Grease


8. 4′ x 6′, 7′, or 8′ Macramé Backdrop by Macrame Elegance


9. 50″-60″ wide Macramé Backdrop by KETmercantile


10. 4′ x 6′ Macramé Backdrop by Joy Loop Designs


11. 79″ x 79″ Macramé Backdrop by Pretty Kooky


12. 35.43″ x 37.40″ Macramé Backdrop by Okrasa Decor


13. 3′ or 5′ x 56″ Macramé Backdrop by ZimZoo


14. 61″ x 78.75″ Macramé Backdrop by Okrasa Decor


15. 8′ x 6′ Macramé Backdrop by Joy Loop Designs


16. 80″ x 35″ Macramé Backdrop by Moss Hound Designs


17. 5′-13′ x 7′ Macramé Backdrop by The House Phoenix


18. 6′ x 8′ Macramé Backdrop by Bermuda Dream


19. 78″ x 98″ Macramé Backdrop by Wall Knot


20. 5′ x 7′ Macramé Backdrop by Hello Chiqui


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