Simply Silhouettes

November 12, 2007 | editorial team

The classic silhouette is so timeless. It’s simple, sweet and sophisticated all at the same time (and I’ve had a thing for them ever since my mom had one made of my sister and me at Disney Land in 1984!) With the infinite ways you could use them, what a perfect fit for a wedding theme, since really, it’s all about you! For endless inspiration and possibilities, check out www.SimplySilhouettes.com, an online store dedicated to the art form. With just a basic profile picture of you and your sweetie, they can customize just about anything! They’ve got stationery, thank you notes, address labels and even postage stamps. Calling cards to introduce your new married status and Christmas tree ornaments to commemorate your first holiday officially together. Their wrapping papers could come in handy with all of your DIY ideas, and their gifts like playing cards and tote bags would be great for wedding party or family thank yous. Sneak a quick profile picture of them or their favorite loved one (human, feline or canine) and customize a gift just for them. So easy and so unique, it’s my new favorite thing, all over again!


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  1. wedding, shmedding. i want that tote bag now! ok, but seriously, great ideas. I love this as a little save the date or invite. lovely brides maid gifts, the list goes on and on. thanks for sharing :)

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