How to Plan an NYC Wedding in Spring with Cristina Verger

March 2, 2016 | Junebug Weddings

Chic-Wythe-Hotel-Wedding-Brooklyn-Shaun-Menary-Photography-41-of-44-600x900 image by Shaun Menary Photography

Cherry blossoms are beginning to sprinkle the trees along busy streets in New York City, which means it’s time for spring wedding season in New York to begin! After months of cold, grey days, springtime in New York is unlike any other. From rooftop venues to lush gardens, New York is an ideal place to celebrate the new season and the next chapter of your life together. Today we are joined by expert wedding planner and designer Cristina Verger, whose New York weddings have wowed couples and guests for more than 25 years. If you’ve been dreaming of an NYC wedding in springtime, Cristina’s unparalleled wisdom is the best place to start.

Why New York in springtime?

New York City is always a special place every season, the energy of the city is intoxicating!  With the Spring “new life” comes to the city and makes  this season of fresh new starts a perfect time to start a new life as a couple.  Cherry blossoms are in full bloom and places like Central Park and the Conservatory Gardens provide a fabulous backdrop for photos.  The days are longer and sunsets are unique and perfect for early evening weddings, in one of the venues offering spectacular views.  With so many new blooms, flower/decor can be magical and can be used to bring the joyous colors of spring indoors.  New spring collections bring fresh new looks for both wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses.  Even food can be infused with the season’s produce that can wake up the palate and refresh the taste.  In short, Spring is all about fresh and new, what better time for a wedding!

marissa-and-lauren-18-of-38 image by Cory Ryan Photography

Offbeat-Brooklyn-Bridge-Park-Wedding-8-of-37-600x400 image by Adriano Ranieri

Choosing the right venue for you

New York city offers a wealth of venues for every taste and style. For the spring it is always preferable to have a place that has a feeling of open and light. Some of my favorite are:  Bryant Park Grill, I love this place which is located right in Bryant Park abutting the NY Public library, in the heart of the city yet in its own oasis of green. The Mandarin Oriental, is always one of my favorites, the views are phenomenal and the ballroom is a blank slate in which you can create any design. The Museum of the City of New York is another one of my favorites for the spring, directly across the street from the Conservatory Gardens, it makes for a quintessential New York City wedding.

NYC-Rooftop-Jewish-Wedding-14-600x400 image by ein photography

Quirky-Cool-Bronx-Zoo-Wedding-ein-photography-19-of-39-600x400 image by ein photography

Outdoor-Brooklyn-Wedding-at-The-Pines-6-of-40-600x400 image by Our Love is Loud

Pastels are the new black

Pastels are making a comeback, no complaints here.  Brides can incorporate the calming colors into their big day, they look like romantic sunsets.  Bridesmaids will love Rose Quartz and Serenity — the names alone are beautiful. Imagine saying, “My color is Serenity!”

Lavender-Botanical-Boudoir-Inspiration-Shoot-Milton-Photography-0088-600x815 image by Milton Photography

Spring blooms soften an industrial space

I have always been a big fan of incorporating natural elements and in “marrying” the outside with the inside whenever possible, depending on the venue.  In the spring the options for flowers are many, for weddings in March/April I LOVE cherry blossoms, both white and pink, as they create the most wonderful environments and truly bring a jolt of spring to any venue.  For the latter part of May, peonies, a most romantic flower, are fabulous!  Lots of green plants throughout and all natural fabrics such as 100% linen tablecloths and napkins.  Depending on the look, vintage china is a great touch for a very unique design.

Intimate-Family-Dinner-Wedding-at-the-Brooklyn-Winery-Khaki-Bedford-Photography-4413-600x902 image by Khaki Bedford Photography

Chic-Wythe-Hotel-Wedding-Brooklyn-Shaun-Menary-Photography-24-of-44-600x900 image by Shaun Menary Photography

Your personality is in the details

Invitations set the tone.  Here is a great opportunity to “personalize” right from the start.  Type of paper, weight of paper, gorgeous and unique calligraphy, colors, wording.  A fabulous invitation will not be put aside so quickly and will stand out from the rest.  The invitation will be an introduction to what’s to come. Music is another way to personalize your day. Recently we had a male and female duet learn and sing “Con te partirò’” at a wedding. This was the bride’s father’s favorite song, and the duet received a standing ovation from the 200+ guests.  Of course, the decor is where the couple’s personality can be expressed, whether sleek and clean, or more romantic, baroque and colorful.

Intimate-French-Wedding-at-Château-Le-Clos-Castaing-37-of-37-600x800 image by Daniel Usenko

Lindsey-and-Sean-Therese-Winberg-5-of-28-600x400 image by Therese Winberg

Lavish-Traditional-Wedding-New-Orleans-Country-Club-Dark-Roux-22-of-31-600x401 image by Dark Roux

Last, but not least…

Have fun planning your wedding! Let the experts guide you into making this celebration one that will be forever treasured by you, your family, and friends.  Spring is a beautiful time of the year (and my favorite)! Allow the season to  participate in your festivities and you will have a fabulous start to your new life together.

Brooklyn-Inspired-Wedding-at-MyMoon-7-of-29-600x400 image by The Twins

Lindsey-and-Sean-Therese-Winberg-18-of-28-600x400 image by Therese Winberg

A big thanks to Cristina Verger for sharing your lovely insight on planning an NYC wedding in spring! Interested in learning more about Cristina and her New York weddings? Check out her portfolio!


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Wedding Planning 101 – How to Write Your Own Vows

October 13, 2014 | Junebug Weddings

Here at Junebug, we love featuring weddings with extra special personal touches that highlight the bride and groom on their wedding day. One of the most significant ways to express your unique love on your day is writing your own vows to share at your ceremony. The task of putting your whole relationship and all the love you promise for your future together into writing can be daunting, so we’re here to help you learn how to write your own vows.


photo from Gina and Luke’s Casual Coastal Wedding by Kris Holland Photography

Start Early. Starting a journal or list of ideas for your vows is a great way to build them over time. Keeping up with special memories and sweet sentiments will help your vows encompass your whole relationship leading up to the wedding day, as well as your future together. You wouldn’t wait until the last minute to plan your floral design or pick your dress, so give your vows the same importance.


photo from Deborah and Tung’s Fun Vintage Wedding at Mercury Hall by Kristi Wright

Get on the Same Page. Even though you may feel like you and your soulmate are the only people in the room, your friends and family are watching the ceremony too! To make sure this personal part of your ceremony runs smoothly, it’s important to have a conversation with your partner about the tone, format, and time for your vows. Coming up with a composition for your vows keeps everything cohesive while also making it easier for you to write. Are you trying to make your guests laugh, or do you envision a more serious take on the tradition? Will you vow, promise, or pledge your love, for better or worse? Even if you want your vows to be a surprise on the big day, agreeing on key elements of your vows will ensure that your words have the attention they deserve.


photo from Marissa and Lauren’s Hand-Crafted Vintage Picnic Wedding by Nordica Photography

Find a Balance. Some vows are cliché for a reason: I vow to always be supportive, I vow to always be your best friend, I vow to always take care of you when you are sick. These general ideas are significant sentiments to express. However, this day is special because it’s yours, so be sure to balance the customary vows with more personal promises you want to make to your partner. Whether you pledge to not complain about dirty socks or to always ask how their day was after work depends on what is meaningful to your unique relationship.


photo from Kasey and Jake’s Classic New York Elopement by Cory Ryan

Don’t Forget to Practice! Some couples choose to memorize their vows, while others read them, but you should feel comfortable articulating them either way. Practice reciting your vows in front of your mirror, your maid of honor, or your mom so that your promises can be heard loud and clear during your ceremony.

Ultimately, sharing what’s true for you and your partner will be the most beautiful thing, so don’t worry about making your vows sound like someone else wrote them. Your wedding is a celebration of who you are as a couple, and there’s nothing more beautiful than that. For more Wedding Planning 101, be sure to check out our tips for planning your ceremony.


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Fabulous Wedding Hairstyles

September 9, 2014 | lexi

So you’ve found the man, the dress, and the wedding venue, now what are you going to do with your hair!? We’ve put together a few of our favorite styles that we hope will inspire your wedding day look. From classic curls to stylish updos, we’ve got you covered!


Hair by Fernando Hidalgo Fallas | Photo by A Brit & A Blonde

Big Curls


Hair by Kontempo | Photo by Geoff Johnson


Hair by Sweeter Than Honey Hair Lounge | Photo by Wai Reyes Photography


Hair by The Studio CL | Photo by Alison Conklin Photography

Hair Accessories


Hair by Dry Bar Tribeca | Photo by Cory Ryan


Hair by Lucy Pearson | Photo by Sansom Photography


Hair by Alexia Fox | Photo by Adam Alex

Half Up


Hair by Agencia First | Photo by Sam Hurd Photography


Hair by Hey Lovely Makeup | Photo by Kimberly Chau Photography



Hair by Cathleen Weimer | Photo by Chris Glenn


Hair by JPENN | Photo by Jonathan Scott of JSPStudio


Hair by Coterie Salon | Photo by Stark Photography


Hair by Hedkandi Salon | Photo by Rowan Jane Photography


Hair by Natasha Borthistle | Photo by Whitney Lane Photography


Hair by Southern & Adorn | Photo by Joseph West Photography

Braided Hairstyles


Photo by Costa Vida Photography

wedding hairstyles

Hair by Robert Ashtin Salon | Photo by L Hewitt Photography

wedding hairstyles

Hair by Elmira | Photo by Scobey Photography

Now that you’ve found a few new ideas to add to your wedding hairstyles Pinterest board, check out our 15 Wedding Makeup Ideas for the Bride.


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Elegant Wedding at Historic Harkness Mansion – JAGstudios

June 13, 2012 | editorial team

Kara and Bryan’s wedding at historic Harkness Mansion in Connecticut, was filled with family, friends, elegant peacock inspired decor, and a bright purple and teal color palette. Enjoy this glimpse of their wedding day, captured by top New England wedding photographers JAG Studios!

Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings

The Couple: Kara and Bryan

The Wedding: 7.2.11 – Harkness State Park – Waterford, CT

Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings


Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings


Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings

What were the top priorities for you in planning your wedding? We wanted our wedding to have romantic, vintage style. Everything from my wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, the guys’ suits, accessories, flowers, old low-rider Chevy truck, to the historic venue, revolved around a romantic, vintage theme. We also wanted a non-traditional and personal ceremony that would blend a bit of our culture, beliefs and spirituality. This is a group of people who like to get down! It was important for us to blend together a variety of music genres for all people celebrating with us. We also wanted to have a wide variety of delicious foods served at stations since we prefer to eat a bit of everything and were not interested in having a long sit-down dinner.

Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings


Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings


Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings

What wedding traditions or cultural traditions did you incorporated into your wedding and what did they mean to you? We carefully selected music that was deeply meaningful to us and our guests. We had our wedding party of Phish fans walk in to the beautifully orchestrated Phish classic I am Hydrogen. My father and I danced to Eddie Vedder’s cover of Forever Young; my favorite musician, singing words written by my father’s favorite musician. We also included both Apache and Irish blessings in our ceremony to honor our cultures and spirituality.

Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings


Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings


Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings


Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings

Were there any places where you broke the rules in your wedding planning? We spent a lot of time hand making stylish bunches of long sparklers that matched our colors and peacock theme with the cute little saying Let Your Love Light Shine. After requesting that our friends and family join us by the ocean, under the moonlight, for a group photo with the sparklers, we learned that the sparklers were not allowed at a historical landmark and state park…I really WANTED to break the rules but didnt!

Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings


Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings

What was your biggest wedding planning success? Everything came together in a lovely, elegant way! We are so grateful that we were surrounded by our friends and family, and were lucky enough to have my fun loving step-sister Krista marry us. Our down to earth friends, Jacklyn, Chris and Jeremy from JAG Studios, photographed our celebration of love and captured the day’s beauty in a timeless fashion through their amazing photos.

Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings


Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings

What was the most important thing that you learned through the wedding planning process and what would you tell other brides-to-be? Dont drive yourself crazy, but do pay attention to details. It is the small things in life that matter the most, and all of those small details on your wedding day are really what will make your day intimate, unique and true.

Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings


Teal and Purple Connecticut Wedding - photos by Top New England Wedding Photographer JAG Studios - Junebug Weddings

The Wedding Team:


The Photographer: JAG Studios
Ceremony Venue: Pergola and Gardens at Harkness Park
Reception Venue: Mansion at Harkness Park
Videographer/Film Maker: Rebecca Dornman
Catering: Culinary Concerts
Florist: Datura
Wedding Dress: Pattis Bridal
Bridal Accessories: Shoes – Frye, Ring – Libero Jewelers, Necklace – April Rose, Headpiece – Datura
Bridesmaids’ Apparel and Accessories: Dresses – Dessy, Accessories – Crowning Glory Shop
Groom and Groomsmen Apparel and Accessories: Suits – Kenneth Cole, Ties – Dessy, Shoes – Adidas, Hats – Datura
Hair and Make-up: Hair – Cory and Megan Moon, Make-up – Marisa Corvo
DJ: A Starry Night
Rings: Libero Jewelers

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding with us Kara and Bryan!

We recently featured another incredible wedding from JAG Studios – Kristin and Ilina’s gorgeous Massachusetts garden wedding, complete with historic stone buildings and Indian wedding attire – on our Photobug blog. Check it out for more wedding inspiration from these talented photographers!

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Rosalinda Olivares

Maria Fernandez

Raquel Caijga

Gaby Bolivar

Gonzalo Matias

Adriana Farias

Angelina Cardenas

Hacienda Acamilpa

Mario Tijerina

Meraki Weddings

Arturo Rodriguez

Tom Moks


Alex Corbanezi Beauty Co


Bouquet Wedding Cinematography

Button Up Photography

Camila Urrea

Carlos Elizondo PHOTOGRAPHER


Chris + Lynn Photographers

Fernando Garcia Photography

Conie Suarez Bravo Ph

Daniel Diaz Photographer


Dennis Berti Photography

Eager Hearts Photography Co.

Elizabeth Medina Photography

Fer Juaristi

Gilbran Riebeling


LATIN ASIA destination wedding decor

Los Ébano

Lucy Gallagher Weddings & Events

LunArts Films

Marcela Cerbon

Sea & Love Wedding Films

Weddings Riviera Maya

Zasil Studio


Coco Design Company

Fidelio Photography

Jamie Mercurio Photography

Katelyn Mallett Photography

Pretty Flowers

The Purple Orchid, Event Planning


Alicia Wiley Photography

Coral Dove Photography

Hannah Byrne

Kelci Alane Photography

Mckenzie Elizabeth Photography

Omar Abushaikha

Michele Johnstone Clark

We Are The Cashmans


Jonathan Wiegratz

Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles

Callan Photo

Ebersole Photography

Gina Brocker Photography

Madeline Rose Photography Co.

The Happy Couple Photography

Wild Souls Studio


Xu Liu Photography

Zac Wolf

Melbourne, Australia

Rachael Emmily

Iconic Pictures

Zinette Hopper

Jave Lee

Jakub Fabija?ski

Christina Knuepffer

Jay Gao

Nick Kalachnikov

Cara Hodge

Zephyr Productions

Miami, Boca & Palm Beach, Florida

Dalton Young


Jordan Ridner


Sofia Garcia

Chrisman Studios

The Creative’s Loft

Haute Couture Events

Laurie Davidson-Smith


Brittany Hamann

Amber Marie Smith

Rachel Whitehurst

Arielle Teft

Bryan and Mae

Erin Hannum Photography

Frankie Photography, LLC.

Emma Deboef

Jack Hoyle Photography

Kelly Braman Photography

Andrea Brandt


ME+HIM Photography

Northern Native Photography

Robyn Fink

Steph Pickard Photo

Weber Photography


Kelley Panzarrella/

Bradley Hanson

Jennifer Lundgren

Adrian Steinbach

Athena Hays

BP Photo

Bradley Hanson Photography

J.Olson Weddings

Matt Lien

Sarah Ascanio


Danny K Photography

Maria Newman Photography


Kinzie Tweter

Alex Marie Photo Co.

Cork Creative

Jacob Loafman Photography

Jessika Hill

Elizabeth Lloyd Photography


Dumitru Hariuc


Uliyanoff Films


Cocoon Events

Natan Fotografia

Taj Villa Marrakech/Marrakech Weddings in Morocco

Napa Valley, CA

The Carneros Inn

Greg Petersen

Indi Soul Photography

Jonathan Young Weddings

Rancho Caymus Inn

Rebecca Gosselin Photography

Shadowing Lights

The Kenwood Inn and Spa

U Me Us Studios

Nashville, TN

A Delightful Day Event Planning

Wilde Company


Chelsea Jo Photography

Gleason Photography

JM Studios

Rachel Wakefield


maggie grace photography


Blond&Blauw films


In beeld met Floor – Photography & Film

KnowMe fotografie

Liefste Dag

mark hadden photography

Yes I do

Yaira Bernabela


Aimlee Photography

Calvin Hobson Photography

The Light & The Love Photography

New Hampshire

Jess Jolin Photography LLC

Lindsay Hackney Photography

New Jersey

Amanda Virga

À Votre Service Events

Arnie Abrams Entertainment

Bri Morse Imagery

Jonathan Martin

Peony Events

Resonance Vision

The Markows Photography

William West

New York, NY

Andrew Franciosa

Marilyn Lamanna

Nicole Nero

À Votre Service Events

Aaron & Whitney Photography

Beautiful Bride Events

Chellise Michael Photography

Cynthia Ross Events

Mountainaire Gatherings

Natasha Shapiro

ein photography and design


Jason Thomas Crocker Photography

Joshua Brown Photography

Justin & Mary

Maloman Photographers

Modern Wedding Photography

Nicole Mattoon

Peter Callahan Catering

Pickett’s Press


Lukas Piatek Photography

Shawn Rabideau Events & Design

Someplace Wild

Susan Stripling

TCM DJ Events

Joanna Solazzo Fertig

The Photogenic Lab

Vik Photography

New Zealand

Ana Galloway Photography

Zahn Trotter

Andy Brown Photography

Avodah Photo + Cinema

Bethany Howarth Photography

Charlotte Kiri

Dawn Thomson Photography

Fluro Grey

Belles and Brides

Hannah McMaster

Jim Pollard Goes Click

L & L {Levien & Lens Photography}

Lipstick and Co

Lukas Piatek Photography

Nisha Ravji Photography

One Fine Day

Proshot Photography

Siaosi Photography

Wild Souls NZ

North Carolina

All Bliss Photography

Wonderstruck Media Company

Autumn Harris Photography

Avonné Photography

Benjamin T Warner DJ & Musician

Cody & Allison Photography

Ellie McKinney Photography

Emily Kidd Photo

Fox & Owl Studio

Hello Cheetah Productions

Jeremie Barlow Photography

Long Yau

Nataly Zigdon Photography

Shay Brown Events

Chelsy Ferguson

Traci Arney Photography

Whitebox Weddings

North Dakota

Glasser Images

Quinn Oberlander

Northern , CA

Brooke Shannon Photography

Catalina Jean Photography

Anni Graham Photography

Deborah Coleman Photography

Direct Light Studios

Dustin Cantrell Photography

Greg Petersen

Hannah Merritt Photography

Ryan Sin Photography

Sebastien Bicard Photography

Sun + Life Photography

Vivian Chen Photography

Northern England

Elissa Standen

Marriage in Motion

Nigel John

Northern Italy

Marco Maraniello

Alberto e Alessandra Fotografia Italiana

Alessandro Avenali

Alessandro Bordoni films

Alex Sofo Wedding Films

Blackandlight Film

Emanuela Di Filippi Video Storyteller

Francesco Gravina

FaberJour srl

Giorgia Fantin Borghi

EMA Giangreco Weddings


Lumos Produzioni

MedusHouse by Tomas Tamkvaitis


Missing Piece Films

Moumou Photography

Nicola Tonolini Photographer

Riccardo Pieri Photography


Sergio Sarnicola

Stefano Cassaro Photography

Style A Wedding

Tears Wedding Film


Carina Popescu

the white rose wedding



Christin Eide

Melanie Ng


Ali Bonomo Photography

Hearts & Color Co.

J. Hannah Photography

Jonathan Gibson Studios, LLC.

Lyell Photography

Photo 243

Seth and Beth – Wedding Photography

The Carrs Photography


Ash Franke Styles

Ashley Gibson

Borrowed Charm Events, Rentals & Styling

Emily Nicole Photo

Dani G Photography

Patricia P Photography

Payton Marie Photography

Ontario, Canada

Olga Pomeransky

Ashley Lewkowicz

Ashley Lewkowicz

3B Photography

Ally + Nicholas Photography

Ash Nayler Photography

Christian Lee Photography

Christina Stirpe Photography

Natasha Cloutier

Daring Wanderer

Distinct Occasions

Eleanor Dobbins Photography


Frances Beatty Photography

Jennifer Moher Photography

Jeric Reyes

Kym & Geoff

Laine Gustafson

Nikki Mills

Rust & Bark Photography

Samantha Szostak

Shannon Bellisle

Shauna Heron Photography

The Pretty Haus Collective

Joni Van Wyk

When He Found Her

Orange County, CA

Alexander Photography

Audrey Alba Films

Brocoff Photography

CocoaBerry Cake Co.

Jessie Schultz Photography

Maya Lora Photo

McCoy Wedding Photography

Meaghan Brianne Photo

Rock N’ Events


Aaron Courter Photography

Alexandra Celia Photography

Amanda Marie Studio

Amy Winningham Photography

Emily Miller

Dawn Jarvis

Dylan M Howell Photography

Erica Ann Photography

Gallivan Photo

Leslie West Photography

Royal Steamline

Silicon Forest DJ

Stark Photography

Wide Eyes Paper Co.

Orlando & Tampa, Florida

Aqueous Films

Concept Photography

E-Events by Lisa Stoner

Gandy Photographers

Kartsie Photography

Mariah Surat

Pear & Thorn Productions

Tara Tomlinson Photography

Villetto Photography


Mafe Fernandez Photography

Paris, France

Dream Weddings Europe

Fete Perfection

Cassia Thomas

Luke Sezeck

Nakutis Photography

Phan Tien Photography


EarthMark Photography

Maria Teicher

With Love & Embers

Perth, Australia

iZO Photography

LiFe Photography

Shannon Stent Images

Zaneta Van Zyl Film + Photography


Hans and Roxes

Philadelphia, PA

Alison Conklin Photography

Arch Street Paper Co.

Curious & Co Creative

Daniel Moyer Photography

Kay English Photography

Nina Lily Photography

Karl Leisch

Pat Robinson Photography

Susan Stripling

Two Fifteen Photography

Jennifer Bowen Photography

Kimberly Jarman Photography

Viva Love Photography


Agnieszka Sokół-Matuszczak

Jacek Ciesielski

Maciej Suwalowski

Mateusz Kapala Photography

Rafal Bojar Photography

Studio Sorelle

Portland, OR

Aaron Courter Photography

Carl Zoch Photography

Jessica Hill Photography

Kate Ames Photography

Lukas Korynta

Naba Zabih Photography

Ryan Flynn Photography

Sara K Byrne Photography

Stark Photography


Barbara and Tiago

Rafael Rocha

Native Bird Films

Pedro Pereira

Alex Tome

Claudio Marques

Alicia Nacenta Photography

Teresa Guerreiro

Vitor Hugo Costa

Como Branco Wedding Concept


Dream Weddings Europe

Feel Creations – Wedding Photo & Film

Carin Virginio

Happy Together Films

Hugo Coelho Fotografia

It’s all about

La Key Events

Luis Tenza

My Fancy Wedding

Pedro Filipe Fotografia

Sublime Films

Vanessa & Ivo

Vitor Gordo Photography

Quebec, Canada

Sabrina Harji

Agatha Rowland

Cindy Lottes Photography

Davina + Daniel

Deka Events

Gabrielle Desmarchais Photography

Rhode Island

Kearsten Taylor Photography



Moscow, Russia

Elvira Azimova photography

San Antonio, TX

Social Planner Events

Squinted Cinema

Stacey Conant

San Diego, CA

Malissa Sanfilippo

Josue Avalos

Carmen Lopez Photography

Crown Weddings and Events LLC

Cork Creative

Current Films

Dani Purington Photography


Left Coast Quintet

Madeline Barr


Paradise Point

Pow Wow Design Studio

Drew Peters

Sierra Solis


Aubrey Westlund

Santa Barbara, CA

Anna Delores Photography

Bluebell Events

Brandon Wong Photography

Chris Bailey Photography

Erich McVey Photography

Marianne Wilson Photography

Melissa Hayes Photography

Pryor Events

Sun and Life Photography

Tim Halberg

Tinted Photography

Willa Kveta Photography

San Francisco, CA

Alison Yin Photography

Amy Nichols Special Events

Annena & Company

Ashley White Photos

Chrisman Studios

Desert Child Events

Elegant Cheese Cakes

Erik Clausen



Heather Elizabeth Photography

Hit Maker Films


Kindred Wedding Storytellers

Laurie Arons Special Events

Nancy Liu Chin Designs

Nirav Patel Photography

Paco and Betty

Quintana Events

Sarah Maren Photographers

Seafoam Films

So Eventful

Shannon Leahy Events

The Snap Shots

Two Roads Event Co.

You+We Photography

Scotland, UK

Andrew Rae Photographer

Laszlo Horvath

Bruno Rosa Wedding Photography/a>

Caro Weiss Photography

Anna Cervinkova

David Ruff Photography

Dundas Castle

The Gibsons Photography

GASP Photo Co

Mark Pacura Photography

Martijn Roos

McLellan Photography

Mike Meller

Nikki Leadbetter Photography

PJ Phillips Photography

Timeless White Wedding Planning

Weddings By Sara Jane

Seattle, WA

Alex Lasota Photography

Anne Timss Makeup and Hair

Best Made Videos

Emily Keeney Photography

Julia Kinnunen Photography

Barbie Hull Photography

Belathée Photography

Bellevue Club

Butler Seattle

Cheri Pearl Photography

Chic Ink

Christopher Flowers

Curtis Rhodes Weddings

Edelweiss Floral Co.

Endlesslove Productions


Flora Nova

Herban Feast

Jason Parker Music

J. Garner Photography

John and Joseph Photography

Jonas Seaman Photography

Julie Cooper | Wedding Celebrant

Kacee Geoffroy Hair and Makeup

Kamra Fuller Photography

Kathy Evans Beauty Studio

KM Hair and Makeup

Kris McCoskery

Kristen Marie Parker

LaineeMeg Bridal

Laurel Creek Manor

Lisa Dupar Catering

Laurel McConnell Photography

Malorie Kerouac Photography

Mary Kalhor Weddings

Nick Plus Dandee

Paper Passionista

Real Card Studio

The Resort at Port Ludlow

Salon Maison

Seattle Bride Properties

Seattle Stunning Events

Sorrida Salon

Stephanie Cristalli Photography

Sublime Events

Sugarcomb Event Design

Tennison Visuals

The Cave B Inn at Sagecliffe

The Dress Theory

Tony Schwartz Weddings

Valley & Co.

Willow & Bloom


Caline Ng Photography

Tariq Irfaan Osman




Melita Pretnar Kofol

South Africa

Maryke Albertyn Photography

Jean-Pierre Uys Photography

Liezel Volschenk Photography

Sharyn Hodges

Wedding Concepts

South Carolina

Billie Jo and Jeremy

Blue Bend Photography

Buffy Dekmar

King Street Studios

Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay

South of France, France

Alex Chevalier Films

Alicia Nacenta Photography

Dream Weddings Europe

Haute Weddings

Kateryna Lebreton

Photography by Winter

Stephen Liberge Photographe

Zephyr & Luna

South Korea
Lorryn Smit Photography

Southwest England, UK

Albert Palmer Photography

Andrew Stain

Chris Potter

Colin Ross Photography

Devlin Photos

Enchanted Brides Photography

Katie Slater

Matt Penberthy Photography

Mills Films

Pocketful of Dreams

Ross Talling Photography

Slawomir Urban Photography

The Tythe Barn, Launton

Southern Italy


Alessio Camiolo

Alice Guarnaschelli

Andrea Calvano Photography

Barbara Zanon

Duepunti Fine Art Wedding Photography

Mediterranean Photography

Francesco Bognin Photography


Jana Buskova Videography


Maison Pestea Photography

Paolo Manzi Photography & Film

Sergio Sarnicola

Studio d’Essai


Lara Enguita Cano


Alejandro Onieva Rodriguez

Alvaro Sancha

Anna Winward



Fran Gribodo

Aurora Pons

Silvia Espada

Anna Gadalean

Jorge Matesanz Frageula

Kino Ortega

Lechuga & Ruiz

Le Jour du Oui

Look Fotografia

Monika Zaldo Wedding Photographer

People Truelove Tellers

Raul Idigoras

Reece Iveson Videography

Robert Marcillas

Sierra White


Sergio Cueto {Life Photographer}

Spain for Weddings

Wedding and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Verena Bauer

Visual Foto


Aase Pouline

Anette Bruzan Photography

Carolina Segre Photography

Frkn Falkman

Karin Lundin

Liam Warton Photography

Maria Brostrom


Andreas Feusi Photography

Mary Fernandez

Andrea Kuehnis Photography

Bendik Photography

Chris Zueger Fotografie

Kate Villa Photography

Mafe Fernandez Photography

Michael Krug Photography

Phil Wenger Photography

Savina Uldry

Stefanie Chareonbood

Sydney, Australia

Dean Snushall Photography

Damien Milan Photography

Wedding Gallery Studio

Daniele Del Castillo

Dezine by Mauro

George & Smee

I Love Wednesdays

Images by Kevin

Jerry Ghionis

Matt Godkin Photography


Olguin Photography

Studio Impressions

Van Middleton Photography


Western Australia, Australia

Naeem Razak


Milk & Honey Studio


Asher & Emily Photography

Hannah Elisabeth Beauty

Kelsey McMurry



Bliss Events & Weddings

Daniel Baci Photography

Caroline Milne

Luxury Events Phuket

Mott Visuals Weddings

Wainwright Weddings


Taylor English

Unique Wedding and Events

Trinidad and Tobago

Rink Films


Taras Kokhan

Upstate New York

Gardenhouse Films

Jennifer Macfarlane

Jessie Casey

Magic Flute Photo and Video

wolf oak acres


Anchored Image

Ashley Smith Photography

Chelsea Fabrizio

Grace and Jaden Photography

Kaci Baum Photography

Vancouver, British Columbia, 

The Apartment Photography


Hello Tomorrow Wedding Films


Jayme Anne Photography

Joelsview Photography

Light Supply

SambaJoy Photo & Art

Sara Rogers Photography

Shari + Mike Photographers

Verbena Floral Design

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Cassidy Wyatt

Danaea Li Photography

Emily Serrell

Georgia Johnston Photography

Ginger Turley

Jennifer Armstrong Photography

Justine Boulin

Tara Lilly Photography


VT Enchanted Events

Abigail Whisler


Thien Tong

Viet Hai Dinh

Anh Kiet Truong

Éclair Joli

Hung Nguyen Van

Ha Bang


Hipster Wedding

Virginia & Washington, DC

Brittany Stowe

Mitch Mattraw

Hannah Butcher

Shelly Pate

Anna Liz Photography

Bonfigli Photography

C&I Photographers

Casey Crowe Taylor

Danielle Real Photography

Elegance & Simplicity

Elizabeth Duncan Events

Hailey Pierce

Imani Fine Art Photography

Jen Fariello Photography

Kanayo Adibe Photography

Ken Pak Photography

Lauren Louise Photography

Lia Everette Photography

The Lighting & Sound Company

Loblolly Organic Farm

Mantas Kubilinskas Photography

Marylee Marmer Events

Paul Morse Photographs

Photography by Kelsey Rae

Ray Photography Co.

The Lighting & Sound Company

Something New Events

You Are My True


Alex Mari Photography

Lindsey Paradiso Photography

Pat Cori Photography

Photography by Kelsey Rae

United Kingdom

Johanna Grzonka

Neil Rae

Last Minute Musicians

Jade Maguire

Cat Stephens

Vic Rivero

Illy Goodall

Valerie Mattinson

Damian Brandon

Elisabetta Cirulli

John Mark Tancock

Julian Voigt

Rachel Overall

Noah Werth

Martina Paul

Amulet Events

Dewi Evans

Charlotte Williams

Tom Alner

Shauner Waddington

Wales, UK

Natalie Pluck Photography

Sacha Miller

Wisconsin, US


Melissa Alderton Photography

Rosewood Weddings

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