Pies and Tarts as Wedding Cake Alternatives

November 5, 2008 | editorial team

In honor of today being the day after election day, I’m thinking about something near and dear to our country’s heart, something with history and home town goodness, something very, very American, pie!

When it comes to weddings, there’s no rule that says you must have a traditional wedding cake. If pies and tarts are your favorite desserts, why not serve them instead? A table loaded with a selection of fresh berry, fruit, nut, or cream pies will delight your guests and bring your personality to forefront. Find pretty cake stands and platters to create your display, make lovely labels telling guests about their options, offer whipped cream, ice cream or candied nuts to add as toppings, and send guests home with recipe card favors detailing your favorite family pie recipe. Yum!

pies and tarts as wedding cake alternatives
Top row: Image by Delicious Days

Second row: Peach tart with black pepper ice cream images by Keiko Oikawa of Nordljus

Third row: Deep dish pecan pie image by Matt Armendariz of MattBites.com, Pies from MarthaStewart.com

Fourth row: Mini pecan pie wedding favors and cherry pie wedding favors from MarthaStewart.com   

Fifth row: Rosanna large 12-inch pedestal and small 9-inch pedestal cake stands and Goldbrush cream cake stand 

Sixth row: Signature Now & Then 9-inch cake stand, Nigella Lawson light blue cake stand and Danica/Now Designs pink cake stand

Seventh row: Ivory eyelet pedestal cake plate stand, Spode blue Italian 11-inch footed cake plate and lacy white pedestal cake stand 

Eighth row: 22-inch, 14-inch and 18-inch clear cake stands with domes 

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  1. and here I am on a diet! My fiance and I hate traditional cake, so were having a big cheesecake to cut, and individual cheesecake options to pass around. Sarah

  2. My fiancee and I dislike traditional wedding cake, so we’re planning on a spread of pies and strawberry shortcake instead. Your first berry pie image is brilliant … we’re planning on having lots of berries around, as our colors are blue and red, plus who dislikes berries on the beach in the summer?! I’ve also been loving images of tiny individual desserts (souffles, mousses, etc.)… such a great opportunity for personalization!

  3. I LOVE those cake stands! How dreamy!

  4. Individual petite sweet servings of these can make a fun display too! If you’re a foodie, you may want to consider your sweets as a centerpiece too. You could start with a small floral arrangement and have the wait staff replace the florals with a dessert display after dinner! dynamiteweddings.blogspot.com/…/trend-petite-sweets.html

  5. What a fantastic selection of cake and pie stands!

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