Phenomenal Photography- That Quintessential Wedding Image

July 9, 2009 | editorial team

This week’s favorite photos from our wonderful Art Director Kim…

The artists: J. Garner Photography, Amy and Stuart Photography, Elizabeth Messina Photography, The Image is Found, Joy Marie Photography, Jeff Newsom, Yvette Roman Photography, Yours by John Photography

The adoration: Every couple hopes to have that quintessential wedding photograph, the one that captures their day and reveals the story of their love in just one click. These photos do just that. I adore the way these images show the newly married couples so engrossed in each other that they’ve forgotten their photographers were even there. True love!

Image by J. Garner Photography
(Above image by J. Garner Photography)


Image by Amy and Stuart Photography
(Above image by Amy and Stuart Photography)


Image by Elizabeth Messina
(Above image by Elizabeth Messina Photography)


Image by The Image is Found
(Above image by The Image is Found)


Image by Joy Marie Photography
(Above image by Joy Marie Photography)


Image by Jeff Newsom
(Above image by Jeff Newsom)


Image by Yvette Roman
(Above image by Yvette Roman Photography)


Image by Yours by John Photography
(Above image by Yours by John Photography)


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  1. Wow! These are beautiful! I especially LOVE Jeff Newsom’s shot!

  2. Love them all! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The photographers you gals know are truly amazing. What beautiful work!

  4. Wow that is an amazing compilation well done- some of my favorite photogs as well…

  5. awe. so perfect.

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