Phenomenal Photography- Children at Weddings

September 21, 2009 | editorial team

The favorite recent photos of children at weddings from our fabulous Art Director Kim…

The Artists: Jenny Jimenez Photography, Boutwell Studio, Laurel McConnell Photography, John and Joseph Photography, Cheri Pearl Photography, Boutwell Studio

The adoration: Kids at weddings are absolutely adorable, but even more than that, they’re unpredictable! I love seeing images where the photographer has masterfully captured that perfect moment of childhood sweetness, delight, or mischief taking place during a wedding.

Little boy during a wedding ceremony, image by Jenny Jimenez Photography
(Wedding ceremony image by Jenny Jimenez Photography)


Laughing flower girls and bride, image by Boutwell Studio
(Flower girl image by Boutwell Studio)


Mischievous little ring bearer at a wedding, image by Laurel McConnell Photography
(Ring bearer image by Laurel McConnell Photography)


red, orange and white dressed flower girls, image by John and Joseph Photography
(Flower girl image by John and Joseph Photography)


Surprised ring bearer at a wedding, image by Cheri Pearl Photography
(Ring bearer image by Cheri Pearl Photography)


Darling little flower girl wearing pearls, image by Boutwell Studio
(Flower girl image by Boutwell Studio)

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  1. That first one is amazing – great find!

  2. Children are so unassuming, and hold the moments with such openness….love all of them!

  3. Pictures are lovely.

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