Phenomenal Photography- Capturing the Groom

June 25, 2009 | editorial team

This week’s favorite wedding photography picks from our lovely Art Director Kim Bamberg…

The artists: The Image is Found, Cheri Pearl Photography, Ira Lippke Studios, Amy and Stuart Photography, One Thousand Words Photography, Jeff Newsom, Amelia Lyon Photography

The adoration: I’m a sucker for a great groom shot (it’s not every day we get to see our guys dressed to the nines)! With all the excitement and beauty surrounding the bride on the wedding day, I think that the groom can easily be overlooked. From getting ready photos to group shots, I love the way these photographers capture the essence of the groom on his wedding day.

Photo by The Image is Found
Image above by: The Image is Found


Photo by Cheri Pearl Photography
Image above by: Cheri Pearl Photography


Photo by Ira Lippke Studios
Image above by: Ira Lippke Studios


Photo by Amy and Stuart Photography
Image above by: Amy and Stuart Photography


Photo by One Thousand Words Photography
Image above by: One Thousand Words Photography


Photo by Jeff Newsom
Image above by: Jeff Newsom


Photo by Amelia Lyon Photography
Image above by: Amelia Lyon Photography

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  1. Oh – I LOVE the Amelia Lyon shot – so sweet!

  2. One Thousand Words Photography is the BEST!

  3. That last one is so sweet…. i almost cant take it!

  4. Ira’s shot makes me so happy, perfect! Cheri took an iconic shot for a groom at Kiana.

  5. This is really too cute. Great groom pictures are awesome. I think a lot of people forget that there are two people involved in a wedding! Thanks for showcasing these talents.

  6. I LOVE your Website and Blog and Info and Pictures :) Mindy Weiss

  7. LOVE these shots – I made sure my photographer got pics of my husband when he first saw me walking down the aisle because I knew they’d be amazing and they are. I’m going to be posting about these and showing them in an upcoming recap post :)

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