Phenomenal Photography- An Introduction

May 6, 2009 | editorial team

With the launch of our Southern California Plan Your Wedding section section just around the corner (June 1st!!!) we’re also working on a number of other improvements and fun features that we think will make Junebug that much better. (Can’t wait to show you!) To give you a little taste, we’ll start with one that’s near to our hearts. Our amazing Art Director, Kim Bamberg, will be posting a regular feature on What Junebug Loves, showcasing some of the most spectacular photography that comes across her desk from some of the worlds best wedding photographers. Shell be featuring her favorite portraits, group shots, emotional moments, and just plain jaw dropping photos from the amazing library were blessed to be building here at Junebug Weddings. Here dear readers, is your first installment…

The artists: Joy Marie Photography, Elizabeth Messina Photography, Roberto Valenzuela Photography, and Amelia Lyon Photography

The adoration: Lately, these stunning bridal portraits have truly inspired me and kept me coming back to see them again and again. I love the way each of these photographers were able to capture the brides’ personal style and beauty, while still maintaining their own unique photographic style. I also love the way each photographer used the simple background to his or her advantage, leaving the location a mystery and up to the imagination. Each portrait is so distinct and absolutely gorgeous!

Image by Joy Marie Photography, Southern California Wedding Photographer
Image above by Joy Marie Photography


Image by Elizabeth Messina Photography, Southern California Wedding Photographer
Image above by Elizabeth Messina Photography


Image by Roberto Valenzuela Photography, Southern California Wedding Photographer
Image above by Roberto Valenzuela


Image by Amelia Lyon Photography, Southern California Wedding Photographer
Image above by Amelia Lyon Photography

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  1. This is fantastic! Love that you are doing more national/worldwide features. LOVE Elizabeth Messina and Joy Marie’s work.

  2. love love love this idea! I can’t wait to see all the images. The first image in the set of brides is AMAZING! I love the “glow” in the picture!

  3. I need to BE the first and second lovely bride! Gorgeous!!!

  4. Love this idea! Junebug already has the best images on the net so this is the perfect way to see more of them. I just spent too much time of my work time looking at these photographers’ website. They’re all amazing.

  5. Thanks for the shout out, ladies! You guys are doing a phenomenal job over there at junebug! You’re an inspiration to many. Keep up the great work! …xoxo…joy marie

  6. THANKS for the blog love ladies! High Fives to you from California. We’re super excited and honored to be included with other incredibly talented artists! Elizabeth Messina, Roberto Valenzuela and Joy Marie, I mean seriously! We’ll keep taking those phenomenal portraits for you! Cheers.

  7. Kim, Blair and Christy, and fellow June Bug blog readers, I absolutely love the feature. There is some serious talent here and I’m honored to be a part of it. Can’t wait till the opening of the LA Junebug, it’s going to be fantastic!

  8. Love all of them…so much talent !

  9. What an incredible list of photographers. Each one truly talented and unique. Thanks for highlighting these leaders in the field and the positive contribution they make to the wedding photography industry.

  10. Junebug is Awesome!! Thanks for these incredible images, it is inspiring for sure. Congratulations on your expansion!

  11. Joy Marie was my wedding photographer and she is the best I have ever seen. Thanks Joy. Selina

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