Phenomenal Films- Joel Serrato

December 21, 2009 | editorial team

Introducing our newest blog feature- Phenomenal Films! We have a spectacular group of Junebug member wedding cinematographers in our Seattle and Southern California Plan Your Wedding Hotlists, including many who are without a doubt the best in the world! We’re so excited to use these posts to showcase the incredible work of these and other wedding video and film artists from around the world. To start things off, we have the work of a gentleman we adore…

The Artist: Joel Serrato of Joel Serrato Films

The Adoration: Joel’s work with Super 8 film and vintage cameras produces a romantic and timeless quality that always gets our emotions flowing, but another thing he’s amazing at is choosing the perfect music to narrate each couple’s story. The addition of the song Better Than Love by Griffin House to this wedding film showcases the playful and sweet personalities of the bride and groom, Yumi and Ryan, and adds a whole new level of emotion for the viewer. Absolutely perfect!

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