NancyKay’s Confections Wedding Cakes

June 3, 2009 | editorial team

From our Southern California Wedding Cakes category:

NancyKay’s Confections is a superstar in the world of wedding cakes. Led by NancyKay herself, they are a boutique custom cake studio in Los Angeles known for offering incredible customer service and the most delicious cakes around. Flavors like Dulce De Leche, Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Blackout Cake with Espresso Chip, and Limoncello are just a few of their fresh flavor options, and each is truly an individual work of art.

Wedding cakes by NancyKay Confections

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  1. The cake with the black frosting is gorgeous! I am thinking about having one like that made for my wedding with China Blue frosting (my main color)

  2. I wish I had had her information to include in my Resource Guide at the back of my wedding planning book.  I did include yours!

    I love wedding cake!

  3. Beautiful Wedding cakes, it seems such a pity to eat them

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