November 26, 2007 | editorial team

A man in a perfectly tailored suit is a sight to see- sophisticated, confident and oh-so-handsome, which is just the way he ought to feel on his wedding day. Knowing where to start to find that perfectly tailored suit isn’t always easy, but Seattle area grooms have a secret weapon in getting it right. He is haberdasher and men’s wear expert Jeff Collins of MyHaberdasher.com, and he knows his stuff! I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jeff and learning about his unique services, which I think are fabulous! Jeff works on location, so he can visit you and each of your groomsmen at home or at the office (or even long distance for out of town friends) for quick and easy consultations and fittings. He offers a near infinite variety of fabrics and custom suit and tux options to choose from and his customer service goes above and beyond. Check out his website to learn about all of his fashion services, and give him a call for a wedding day suit you know you’ll love!


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  1. I am wondering what your thoughts are on Hot Summer Weddings and what men should wear? Too often I see men stuffed in a BLACK rented Tux looking very hot and sweaty. There has to be a better option for men who get married in the most popular season..Summer. They need help!

  2. I personally love the look of a lightweight linen suit in a lighter color like tan or gray for a hot summer wedding. It’s definitely less formal than a traditional suit or tux but if the wedding theme has any summertime vibe to it, then it can look fantastic! I also love the look of the center photo above- a nice tailored suit with a crisp whit shirt but no tie. Again, less formal, but fresh looking and not stuffy and sweaty.

  3. Seersucker!! It is a bit old fashioned, and takes a particualrly dapper man to pull it off. But if you are lucky enough to be marrying a particularly dapper, slightly old-fashioned type and it fits in with your aesthetic, a seersucker suit is a charming, handsome, lightweight option.

    Thread and a few others actually makes bridesmaid dresses in seersucker, too. I kind of love this one in cream for a more casual bride: http://www.threaddesign.com/collections/pages/i555_63.php

  4. Ooohhhh… I love seersucker! Great idea Sally! Thanks!

  5. Those are great ideas!  In addition to the light colored linen suit you could try lightweight wool done in tan or light grey.  Wool doesn’t have to be heavy & warm and certainly isn’t when made well.  In fact, a custom suit can be made without lining in the back of the jacket or in the trousers to make it even less so.  

    It also shows off the craftsmanship of the garment.  Don’t expect this feature in an off the rack suit though; only high end manufacturers are willing to pull this off.  In custom it is merely a choice in features.

    My Best,

    Jeff Collins

    Professional Haberdasher


  6. So everyone knows, my Spring/Summer line has been launched & we’re really excited it includes a beautiful assorment of Wool/Linens, Linens & Cotton Fancies ready to be made into suits, sport coats or trousers. They are fun, fresh and full of life! If you have questions or would like to schedule some time in your home or office to see the new fabrics just click on the link. Also I would like to say thanks to junebug.com for being such a great wedding resource. My Best, Jeff Collins Professional Haberdasher http://www.MyHaberdasher.com

  7. I checked out the haberdasher website & it is really cool. I know you probably get this a lot, Jeff, but what can I expect to spend on a suit compared to a rental? Considering my options…. Thank you. -Adam S.

  8. Adam, Custom suits start at $895 but most grooms spend at least $1000 to upgrade the fabric. The fit will be like nothing you can find off-the-rack. The real differences come in styling and the function of the garment. With custom you truly get exactly what you want & need. The other thing to consider is a custom shirt and/or vest. I also have a beautiful selection of ready-made suits and tuxedos I often do for weddings. Many of my wedding clients have me coordinate the ties & pocket squares with the wedding colors as well. My Best, Jeff Collins Professional Haberdasher http://www.MyHaberdasher.com

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