Mouth Watering Wedding Inspiration

July 8, 2007 | editorial team

Matt Armendariz

Style inspiration can come from anywhere, and as a passionate lover of food and drink I am often inspired by culinary colors, shapes, smells, textures, creative flavor combinations and just the pure joy of eating delicious food! Lately I have been happily devouring the ideas and gorgeous images from the blog Matt Bites, written by art director, food photographer and friend of my sister Matt Armendariz. His writing is fun and friendly and his colorful food photography sets off fireworks of inspiration in my mind. Just take a look at the images above and see how many wedding color palettes and concepts come to mind.

P.S. Matt’s Spring Cooler Cocktail recipes would make great signature cocktails for your summer time wedding reception! 


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  1. if those blood oranges on the top right don’t inspire an incredible color pallete, then I don’t know what…

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