How To Utilize Pantone Wedding Stationery

February 2, 2021 | morgan
Minted Pantone Color of the Year wedding stationery

left – & save the dates by Lori Wemple for Minted | right – Vogue wedding invitations by Genna Blackburn for Minted

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means we’re one romantic holiday away from the end of engagement season. Time flies when you’re in love! Now that you’re engaged, a long list of wedding tasks is calling. Whether you know your dream wedding plans or you’re starting from scratch, your first task is choosing a date. Then, order your Minted wedding stationery

Minted Pantone wedding stationery

left – Stylish Script save the dates by Kristy Kapturowski for Minted | right – Aesthetic wedding invitations by Liz Conley for Minted

We partnered with our friends at Minted to help couples incorporate the 2021 Pantone Colors of the year into their wedding stationery. If you’re not familiar with Minted or Pantone weddings, read on to learn more. With Minted’s help, you can learn how to tastefully incorporate these colors into your wedding stationery.

Pantone 2021 stationery laid on a table

left – Narrative wedding invitations by Jennifer Wick for Minted | right – Organic Florals by Susan Moyal for Minted

Making The Colors Of 2021 Your Pantone Wedding Colors

Illuminating—a bright shade of yellow—and Ultimate Grey are the Pantone colors of 2021. An optimist nod to the year ahead, they can seem a bit off putting. If you weren’t dreaming of a sunflower or storm-cloud themed wedding, don’t sweat! There are endless opportunities to include these bright and optimistic colors into your wedding stationery. 

wedding invitations on a contrasting background

left – Scripted Classic save the dates by Rachel Nanfelt for Minted | right – Single Swath wedding invitations by Angela Marzuki for Minted

Plus, utilizing one of these colors doesn’t mean you’re boxed in for your entire wedding. The perk of working with Minted’s independent designers means you can test out these colors and find thoughtful ways to incorporate them without making your entire wedding Pantone themed. However, if you want to host your wedding in these shades, we certainly won’t stop you. Instead, we’ll wait patiently to see your gorgeous wedding photos! 

left – Signature save the dates by Jessica Miller for Minted | right – Curves save the dates by Anna Elder for Minted

wedding stationery on a table setting

left – Classic Refresh placecards by Stacey Meacham for Minted | center – Collage table numbers by Ann Gardner for Minted | right – Classic Refresh menus by Stacey Meacham for Minted

The End-To-End Minted Experience

When it comes to wedding stationery, our friends at Minted have an extensive catalogue of unique stationery designs created by a community of independent artists from around the world. Their ability to take designs across digital and physical products for your Pantone wedding stationery provides everything—from your wedding website, save the date cards, and even the postage—with a cohesive look and feel. 

pantone save the dates

Modern Classic save the date by Chryssi Tsoupanarias for Minted

Luxury Meets Affordability In Minted Pantone Wedding Stationery

Working with a dedicated Minted designer provides you with access to luxurious printing and paper materials for your wedding stationery. After all, these are the pieces you’ll use to announce and celebrate your love—make the announcement in style. You’ll also have the opportunity to tweak it until you’re happy with it through unlimited rounds of customization. 

illuminating wedding stationery

Vogue wedding programs by Genna Blackburn for Minted

Along with luxurious materials, the ability to sample any design, get personalized samples, and request a free sample kit makes couples feel like royalty. When the team at Minted says they want to ensure the announcements you’ll be sending out are cohesive with your wedding design, they really mean it. 

left – Painted Frame escort cards by Kelly Schmidt for Minted | right – Collage menus by Ann Gardner for Minted

Whether you’re leaning into the Pantone colors of the year or are looking for ways to incorporate these hopeful nods to the future, we know you’ll find what you’re looking for on their website. Get started crafting your dream wedding stationery on their website today.

wedding stationery

Delancey save the dates by Kristie Kern for Minted

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  1. Can we go with Purple color on your own Wedding?

    • Hi Emma, Of course! You can customize your wedding stationery to be the color that best suits your celebration.

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