Luxurious Wedding Lighting and Decor Rental from Raj Tents

November 24, 2008 | editorial team

Raj Tents is a perennial favorite of Junebug Weddings. We’ve written about them here on What Junebug Loves and have daydreamed endlessly about ways to incorporate their luxurious tents into weddings and events (or set up permanently in our own homes!) While in L.A. we finally got to meet Maurice, one of the dashing owners, and enjoy a tour of their Torrence, California warehouse. It was a thrill to see the colors, fabrics and detailing up close and to really understand the quality and stunning uniqueness of each design. The other thing I found most exciting was all of the gorgeous lighting and lounge furniture Raj Tents offers as well…

Raj Tents wedding lighting and decor rental
(Images from RajTents.com)

In the warehouse there was an amazing variety of low lying benches, lounge chairs and tables made of deep dark wood, gold enamel tables, hand woven rugs and silk covered cushions in beautiful jewel tones. Hanging from the ceiling were an assortment of sparkling crystal chandeliers and traditional Indian and Moroccan lamps. So beautiful! Whether you go all out with a themed wedding or add a few intricate pieces to a simple modern event, the combination of eclectic and classic that these decor items add is simply divine! Thanks for the tour Maurice, it was such a pleasure meeting you! And readers, check out the Raj Tents website for gallery after gallery of fun wedding inspiration!

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  1. Oh! I want those hanging lanterns! How beautiful!

  2. So, so often, it is the way things LOOK that elicits the comments and dominates the concerns of wedding planners and quite commonly wedding attendees. These photos are nothing short of breathtaking. Wow!

  3. 2 of their tents are actually on their way to Maui this winter. We can’t wait to see them! :)

  4. I adore the Raj tents! The designs and details are absolutely exquisite! Fabulous post! I just adore those lanterns!

  5. Raj Tents never ceases to amaze! Truly classy and beautiful.

  6. SO gorgeous!! I’d LOVE to film in one of those tents with some amazing lighting!

  7. So nice and beautiful. I adore the Raj tents.

  8. Breathtaking, …this is every brides dream. Love it all.

  9. My friend was bridesmaid at a wedding that had Beautiful tents by Raj Tents. The pictures were stunning. Very lush……

  10. We need to have tents like that in our area. A substantial amount of our clientele are of south Asian origins. These would also be popular with other groups.

  11. this is just beatiful, thank you so much!!

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