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November 26, 2008 | editorial team

Whether or not you have heard their name, you have most definitely seen their work. Lehr and Black Invitationers are the long time go-to invitation and decor designers for the weddings and important life events of Hollywood’s elite. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker? Check. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey? Check. Gwen and Gavin, Ashlee and Pete, Trista and Ryan, Britney and Kevin? Check, check, check and check. Their client list reads like the seating chart at the Academy Awards, and the most remarkable thing is, not only does Lehr and Black design invitations and stationery that would knock anyone’s socks off, they do so personally, with true love. What we learned when we visited their Los Angeles showroom, was that this was truly a family affair.

Lehr and Black, celebrity invitationers

The family invitation business began over 40 years ago with mother Marcia Lehr addressing envelopes as a side job for 5 cents apiece. Her business grew and grew in popularity and success, and eventually became what it is today, with the tradition being carried on by Marcia’s son and daughter, Sol Lehr and Ellen Black. They work together as a family and construct each stunning work of art by hand with their talented and tight-knit team. Seeing each item up close was inspirational, as we got to really appreciate the lush fabrics, thick papers, intricate details and creative genius behind each design. Gorgeous!

Lehr and Black Invitationers, custom wedding invitations and decor for Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez

The other big treat awaiting us at the Lehr and Black showroom was that it shares a space with their other business, Love ME, the retail location of their delightful online wedding shop www.ShopLoveME.com. Started by Ellen Black and her best girlfriend Mindy Weiss (the M and E of Love ME) it is a fantastic resource for fun wedding gifts, favors, accessories, and treats for any bride to be. We had a ball exploring every nook and cranny of the pretty shop and photographing our favorite finds. Here are some of the things we loved most in the store… 

www.shoploveme.com online wedding favor, decor and gift shop

…and here are some of my personal faves from their website. If you live in the L.A. area, be sure to stop in and check out their lovely selection, and if you can’t quite make it all the way to Cali, visit their online store and have fun! I guarantee you’ll be shopping for hours!

Thanks so much for having us Ellen, Sol, Althea and Michele! It was an honor to witness your hard work and artistry.

www.shoploveme.com online wedding favor, decor and gift shop
Top row: Custom photo flasks and damask totebag

Second row: White paper fan wedding favors and silk skull print ties

Third row: Sweet word or verse pencils and Mindy Weiss for Two’s Company expandable file wedding organizer  

Fourth row: Candle carver and seven ways to say I love you undies 

Bottom row: Make a wish wishbone necklace and vintage cookie jar wedding favors

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  1. I wish I would have gone with you to L.A.! Your trip was obviously beyond fabulous.

  2. Wow. What a post! Great finds!!

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