Just Married Wines from Swanson Vineyards

May 19, 2011 | editorial team

Just Married wines from Swanson Vineyards, wedding gifts and wedding reception wines

Based on a sweet family tradition of creating custom wines for each of his own daughters’ weddings, winemaker Clark Swanson of Swanson Vineyards has released a Just Married wine available to all of us, that’s as delicious as it is adorable. (I can vouch for this statement personally – Swanson Vineyards generously sent us samples, and the Junebug team ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the bottles and then made short work of them!) Aside from being lovely to drink, the wine’s Just Married label could make this a perfect choice to serve during your wedding reception and cocktail hour, along with the other wines within the series with labels like “Mazel Tov,” “Merci,” “Thrilled for You” and “With Love”. And if you have wine lovers in your life, a single bottle or one of Swanson’s creative gift packs could make really thoughtful thank you gifts or wedding presents as well. Check out their website for more information and the full story behind the wine itself. Cheers!



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  1. OK- I have a bit of experience with this- as a wine club member I can assure that not only is the packaging so “on target” for a wedding- the wine is amazing. You must stop by the “tent” for a tasting- you will never want to leave!

  2. Best wedding present for ever.

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