Junebug Weddings "Best from the Best" Fashion Report!

January 7, 2009 | editorial team

Ok readers, this is a big one, it’s the project we’ve been obsessively working on and are floating on air to announce to you! Drum roll please…………

Image by Amelia Lyon Photography, Junebug Weddings Best from the Best Fashion Report

It’s our “Best from the Best” Fashion Report“, the most stunning images of 2008 from 25 of the world’s best wedding photographers! And ooooohhhhhhh my is it ever lovely! Just like when we started Junebug here in Seattle and reached out to our wedding industry idols to create our Plan Your Wedding hotlist, with this Fashion Report we reached out to our wedding photography idols from all over the world, and the images we found were spectacular! They are dramatic and moody, they are romantic and ethereal, they are works of art and an absolute joy to behold. We couldn’t feel luckier to have the support of professionals like these, and have the opportunity to showcase their work. I could look at these photos for days and days, and my heart would never stop racing.

Take a peek at just of few of the stunning photos we have to share, and then check out the full Fashion Report to see every beautiful image in it’s full glory!

Image by Ben Chrisman Photography, Junebug Weddings Best from the Best Fashion Report
Image by Ben Chrisman Photography

Image by Elizabeth Messina Photography, Junebug Weddings Best from the Best Fashion Report
Images by Elizabeth Messina Photography

Images by John and Joseph Photography, Junebug Weddings Best from the Best Fashion Report
Images by John and Joseph Photography

Images by J. Garner Photography, Junebug Weddings Best from the Best Fashion Report
Images by J. Garner Photography

Images by Sloan Photographers, Junebug Weddings Best from the Best Fashion Report
Images by Sloan Photographers

Heavenly!!! See why we’re so excited? A huge thank you to all the amazing photographers who shared their art with us. It is truly an honor to work with you. 

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  1. Wow! I just went through those photos three times, and I am going to go back and look at them again.

  2. What stunning images! They’re all so inspiring.

  3. it’s pretty amazing! thanks for putting it together.

  4. Gorgeous update!  I love it!!!  Great job ladies!

  5. This is the best collection of wedding photos I’ve ever seen.

  6. Horray!!! I saw this posted on the boutwell’s blog and had to look for myself! I love the last image in the set on this post, that girls dress is great. if I were getting remarried I’d totally wear that!

  7. Nice pictures… really lovely.

  8. I’m a new reader and I am just blown away by your website. The photos are stunning in your Fashion Report and throughout your whole site.

  9. Another fantastic effort ladies – your latest Fashion Report really stands out! Junebug’s ability to be uniquely cutting edge shines through once again. What a great way to start the new year by bringing these talented artists together into one place. Kudos to the photographers and to you for making it all happen!

  10. Love these pics. Great work!

  11. thanks! you ladies are Incredible!!!

  12. Every photo is incredible! I can’t decide which ones I like the most.

  13. these photos are incredible! had me literally stunned and couldnt move. so good i had to blog about it too!

  14. Congratulations on this amazing project. I like sepia photos so I have to make special mention the photos by Belathee, Elizabeth Messina and Christian Oth. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I also loved the inspiration boards of Cooper Carras, Robin Layton and Nate & Jaclyn Kaiser. I can’t stop looking at them. Great, great work, you guys.

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  16. Wow. Love that pigeon release – beautiful shots.

  17. oh wow – i can’t wait to see more – just these few are STUNNING. also, congrats on all the press this month! i just saw the seattle met mag one, and it was great :)

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