It’s Almost Here! Junebug Weddings’ Spring Inspiration Arriving April 1st!

March 31, 2008 | editorial team

Tomorrow, April 1st, we mark the arrival of spring with our Junebug Weddings spring 08 update, and may I simply say, I’ve never been more excited to show you all what we’ve been up to! Back in November we posted a sneak peek at the stunning Fashion Report photography being taken in France by our own art directing genius Kim Bamberg, and now we get to unveil the whole beautiful thing. I can’t say enough about how inspirational the photos are and what a stellar job Kim, Adam, Erin and Amanda did to create them all. If it helps to explain my level of photo-lust, I keep daydreaming about having giant life-size prints of these images papering my apartment walls; I just want to look at them all the time! Here are a few of my favorites, and a look at what you will get to see tomorrow…

Photos by Kim and Adam Bamberg of La Vie Photography, Hair and Makeup by Erin Skipley of Bellatrix Studio, Modeling by Amanda Wall of Mode Models, and Clothing by Madina Vadache.

Along with the Fashion Report, we have a fantastic new Groombug section featuring a honeymoon travel guide to the region around Chateau de St. Julien l’Ars where many of the Fashion Report photos were taken. Guaranteed, it will make you want to hop on a plane for Paris. Right. Now. Groombug also has the cutest proposal story we’ve heard in ages, and advice for your guy on how to successfully and confidently buy you gifts of lovely lingerie. (You’re welcome.)

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see everything for yourself, and stay tuned later this week for in depth information about all the Fashion Report makeup looks straight from Erin Skipley herself. (And while you’re here of course, don’t forget to check out our always inspirational Real Weddings and our Plan Your Wedding hot-list of extraordinary wedding professionals.)

Most of all, please enjoy, and thanks so much for being Junebug readers! We couldn’t do all of this without you!


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  1. Oooh!! Such beautiful photos! I can’t wait to see the rest tomorrow!

  2. Love the photos!!!  I can’t wait to see the Fashion Report!  Great job!

  3. OMG! Your fashion photos are over the top, ladies!

    Love them!

  4. All of the pictures in the fashion report are breath taking. WOW! Nice work! The clothes are all stunning. Nice work!

  5. OOH LA LA !!!!!!!!! Simply brilliant and beautiful.

  6. I absolutely LOVE these images! I am jealous that I did not shoot them. :)

  7. Absolutely exquisite!!!

  8. I just love the library wedding shots. Nothing better than a smart and savvy bride. Beautiful!

  9. H O L Y C O W ! So incredible! I got to see a small sneak last time I got together with Kim and I am drooling for more! You could publish a killer coffee table book with some of these shots…they’re awesome. Love love love it!

  10. Oh! Why must you tease me so with yummy cupcakes and colorful shoes! My two biggest weaknesses!! :)

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