How to Prepare For Your Proposal

November 20, 2023 | kailey

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Did you stumble upon your future engagement ring by accident? Maybe you and your partner went ring shopping together? Perhaps one morning, you just woke up with that undeniable gut feeling your proposal was on the horizon. No matter what scenario you find yourself in, we’re here to help. If you think an engagement is just around the corner, what should be your next move? Keep scrolling for all the ways you can prepare for your proposal right now. 

1. Help With Your Ring 

When it comes to picking out the ring, every couple is different. Some want a complete surprise. Others go ring shopping together. Some are left dropping not-so-subtle hints to their partner. This is something you should discuss beforehand because choosing the perfect engagement ring is kind of a big deal. And if you’re not quite sure whether to hit the stores with your better half, this list of pros and cons could help you feel confident in your decision.

2. Get Those Nails Done 

After your proposal, you’re going to want to show off that ring to everyone. We want to make sure you’re always ready to show it off with confidence. That might mean constantly getting your nails done until they pop the question. 

Need some inspiration? Whether you’re going for an elegant vibe or ready to make a trendy look, these nail art ideas are sure to leave you feeling pretty and polished. 

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3. Prioritize Self-Care  

Once you have that feeling maybe the proposal is coming, it’s only natural to experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Excitement is a given, but let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of surprises. You might have a sudden wave of anxiety, not knowing when or where your partner is going to get down on one knee. That’s when practicing some self-care will be key to prepare for your proposal so you don’t lose your mind. 

Keep yourself chill and occupied with leisurely strolls, soothing facemasks, or cozy wine nights—whatever your choice of self-care may be. This will save you from being on edge every single moment, waiting for that important question.

4. Recruit Help From Loved Ones  

Share your proposal vision with your loved ones and closest pals. Do you dream of an intimate, just-the-two-of-you moment, or is having your family present part of your ideal proposal? While some discuss these details with their significant other in advance, that’s not always the case.

Plus, if your partner is dead-set on pulling off the ultimate surprise, they might be hesitant to ask you any questions. That’s where your family and friends will come into play. Talk them through all of your ideas so when your significant other needs a hand, they’ll know exactly what suggestions to make.

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5. Rein In Those Expectations

Whether we’re scrolling through social media or watching our favorite romcoms, we so often see elaborate proposal setups. In a world filled with over-the-top proposals, it’s important to remember that your love is what matters most. Try to avoid flooding your mind with unrealistic expectations. 

Instead, trust that your significant other knows you best, and they’ll go to great lengths to plan a  proposal tailored to you and your unique love. And let’s not forget that granting your partner a little creative freedom adds that extra layer of emotion and makes the whole experience even more unforgettable.

You’re officially prepped and ready to go—cross ‘prepare for your proposal’ off your to-do list. Now, the waiting game begins. While you wait for your partner to pop the question, it’s a good time to start exploring your engagement ring insurance options. When your partner slides that ring onto your finger, we want you to be able to proudly flaunt it without any worries about losing or damaging it.

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