Holiday Giveaway Week – Wedding Planning Extras!

December 23, 2010 | editorial team

Here we are on our last day of Holiday Giveaways, and today’s prizes are all super fun wedding planning tools and extras. From helping you stay organized while you plan to saying thank you to your loved ones after the fact, we’ve got treats for every step of the way. Today’s lucky winner will receive… 

– A $50 credit with Cut the Cake Designs so you can choose your favorite modern guest book

– Two wonderful wedding planning tools from Mindy Weiss: the The Ultimate Wedding Organizer and the Mindy Weiss Bridal Emergency Kit

– Lovely letterpress thank you notes from Ephemera Custom Letterpress & Calligraphy

– Darling party favors from Acme Party Box Company, perfect for a wedding, engagement party, rehearsal dinner or day after brunch

To enter to win leave us a comment here letting us know what parts of your wedding planning have been the most enjoyable and the most challenging so far, and if you have any words of advice for your fellow brides. We’ll accept entries all day long, and randomly choose our winner this Friday, December 24th. Good luck everyone, and thanks for entering!

creative wedding guest books from Cut the Cake

Cut the Cake Designs makes fun recipe card and Rolodex style guest books in fabulous color and prints that are sure to liven up your wedding decor and make for cherished keepsakes. Today they’re generously giving away a $50 credit to their online store so our winner can choose the guest book color and design that will best match their wedding day. Love it!



wedding planner workbook and bridal emergency kit from Mindy Weiss

If you pay any attention at all to celebrity weddings, you’re sure to know the name Mindy Weiss. Wedding planner to celebs like Gwen and Gavin, Ellen and Portia and most recently Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, Mindy and her team can plan a party like nobody’s business! Today Mindy is sharing two of her very own wedding planning products – her The Ultimate Wedding Organizer and Bridal Emergency Kit, both of which we think would come in handy for every bride, celebrity or otherwise! Thanks Mindy!



letterpress thank you notes form Ephemera Custom Letterpress and Calligraphy

With all the lovely gifts and help you’ll receive throughout your wedding planning, we think you can NEVER have too many thank you notes on hand, and these are just about as sweet as they come! Ephemera Custom Letterpress & Calligraphy created these “Love” and “I  like you” letterpress notes and is giving away a set of each to today’s lucky winner. Be sure to check out the Ephemera website to see even more of owner Tara Bliven’s whimsical wedding designs.



cute and creative party decor supplies from Acme Party Box

One of the most fun parts of wedding planning has got to be choosing the decor theme and details for all of your wedding events. We love the Southern California and online shop the Acme Party Box Company for all the wonderful ideas and products they have available, no matter what kind of party you’re throwing. Today they’re giving our lucky winner a selection of their most popular party favors – Lavender Sachets, Garden Seed Pops, Garden Lapel Pins, Organic Soaps, and their adorable fabric Flag Bunting. Nice! Visit www.AcmePartyBox.com to find your own version of party hostess heaven.


Don’t forget to also enter to win our Fashion, Food and Beauty giveaways here on What Junebug Loves, and our Photography Giveaway on Photobug! And thank you ever-so-much to Cut the Cake Design, Mindy Weiss, Ephemera Custom Letterpress and Acme Party Box Company for today’s giveaway prizes!

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  1. Awesome giveaway! Especially love the cut the cake recipe guest books! thanks :)

  2. Our wedding planning has fallen together so organically! The first venue we looked at was the absolute perfect place and I stumbled upon my dress completely by accident. Groupon has provided discounts on many things from our rings to our invitations. The thing I’m most worried about is finding the perfect officiant. With a week off, it’s time to start the search!

  3. The part of the wedding I enjoyed was finding a venue for our destination wedding. We narrowed it down to 2 places..one in Costa Rica & the other in Mexico. Its going to be hard to choose but we know either one will be great. I’m the groom, so the advise I have for brides is let your groom be involved. I’m actually enjoying this planning stuff & I’m pretty sure other grooms would too. Have a great holiday everyone!

  4. the most joyous part of planning has been bringing together all of our family and friends who are our biggest cheerleaders. it is so fun to gather opinions, share ideas, and involve them in the planning process. on the flip side, this can also be one of the most challenging things! with so many voices, i find myself having to steer through the noise and remember that our day will be special, no matter what little details are incorporated or missed.

  5. So far, planing the honeymoon has been the most stressful! There are just so many wonderful, beautiful places to choose from and I’m having a hard time choosing where to go! My advice to other brides is to not let anyone else tell you how your wedding should be – keep it reasonable, but it is, after all, you and your FH’s big day.

  6. The most challenging part has been planning a wedding in a different city than the one in which I’m living. Though Richmond is only 2 hours away, it is so difficult to get there on weekends for tastings and things that you NEED to be there in person for.

  7. Oh please, please, please! The most enjoyable part of wedding planning so far has been designing our own stationery and website. Neither of us are designers or artists by trade (or even by hobby) so it has been a fun way to learn something new together and exercise our creative sides. The most challenging part of wedding planning so far has been finding the photographer. We’re both really into photography ourselves, so we went through more than a hundred photographers’ websites to find just the right one. Even the more prominent photographers seemed to have the same portfolios as everyone else, so it has been hard to find someone who would be able to shoot our wedding the way we would do it, if we could clone ourselves. We finally whittled it down to a shortlist of 10 photographers and are just now starting to meet the candidates. It’s been exhausting and at times frustrating, but hopefully the results will be worth it! Words of advice for fellow brides: Fight the temptation to be a control freak, especially where bridesmaids and vendors are involved. The nicer you are, the more enjoyable the planning experience will be for everyone, and the more motivated your support staff will be to give you the day of your life. It’s really hard to relinquish control for such an important day, but it really does help relieve stress if you can effectively delegate and let go of little things.

  8. I have been engaged for just over a year now and we are getting married in May 2011. I have loved the planning process so far and my favorite part has been designing the overall feel of our day. The not so favorite part, making the guestlist, I wish I could just invite everyone! Advice to brides, take your time to plan and to enjoy being a fiance.

  9. My favorite part of wedding planning has been designing/making the reception decor. We’re going very DIY, and it’s turning out great! very personal and unique. The not-so-fun part has been guest list issues. I’d love to invite everyone, but it’s just not possible. I cringe when my cousin’s cousins say they can’t wait to see my dress, or a friend of a friend of a friend asks for planning details. But I do think our more “intimate” wedding will be wonderful!

  10. The wedding trickiest thing right now while planning the wedding is deciding the centerpieces. Since its an outdoor wedding and the venue suggests that it can get windy, candles and tall centerpieces have lead to a disaster. Now we’re looking for the just the right piece to be the focal point of the table. Thanks!

  11. getting to look at all the pretty inspirational pictures on sites like Junebug!

  12. The most enjoyable and most challenging wedding-planning experience so far has been searching for and choosing the musicians and band for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception! Our venue is outdoors, and there are county noise ordinances that restrict us to only acoustic or minimally amplified music. This didn’t seem like a problem when we booked the venue. But! Let me tell you! The bands that can/will play acoustically are few and far between, scattered among plenty of amazingly awful Wedding Singer-type wedding bands that overcompensate with volume! We spent many nights on the couch crying from laughter while listening to online demos, only to go to bed frustrated and discouraged that we would never find anything. Thankfully, we did stumble on to a wonderful, laid-back, acoustically-capable, flexible group and we put a deposit down on them last week. But, I will never forget my fiance’s face with tears rolling down it from laughter!

  13. The most challenging has been making the guest list and getting all the correct addresses together. The blessing has been being able to spend that time with family working together on our little wedding projects.

  14. Most enjoyable has been the “research” – i.e. looking at all the beautiful bridal blogs I never knew existed before. Least enjoyable – actually having to make decisions about things.

  15. ohh… love love this giveaway! we could really use the ultimate wedding organizer, so many moving pieces! we’re currently making our own invitations so designing and putting that together has been so fun! the challenge we are having right now is choosing a photographer within our budget! so many good ones, so hard to choose!

  16. The least enjoyable parts about planning my wedding have been… finding bridesmaid dresses (so hard to make one dress work for 9 ladies!) and finding the right band. An enjoyable part has been planning the color scheme. A tip – learn from my mistakes and don’t bring all of your bridesmaids with you to look for their dresses

  17. The most enjoyable part of the wedding planning has been the little details and personalizing everything! The most challenging as been sticking to the budget! My advice: plan and book this in advance as much as possible!

  18. Details, details, details! I’m OBSESSED! Advice…ignore the wedding anxiety dreams. :)

  19. The best part of planning the wedding has been finding out all the things my fiance actually cares about! He has great style, and I love that he’s willing to give me some opinions! The hardest part has been finding a way to accommodate all the people we love and make them feel as special as we do that they have joined us on our big day. We have big families and lots of friends so balancing lots of people and making it personal is proving to be a challenge. Advice: take some time to do NON-wedding related stuff occasionally and relax!

  20. The easiest part of the wedding planning was finding my dress because I could do it from home. We’re planning a destination wedding in the NC mountains, and planning everything from Florida is really difficult. Luckily everyone has been willing to help me long distance. My advise is to plan at least 2 trips to your destination if possible. We only visited to find our venue and have done the rest by phone and email.

  21. i love everything about planning! i’m a planner at heart so not too big of a surprise there :)

  22. I have enjoyed planning all of the unique details of the wedding. The little bits that make it OUR wedding, and not just another wedding. I just wish I had learned to ignore all the so-called “rules” and go with what I want a teensy bit earlier than I did. I also enjoyed all the chances to spend time with my sister, mom, and friends over planning.

  23. I love all aspects of planning! However, the hardest part is balancing the guest list and creating seating charts that work for everyone. My advice is to take time out to spend with your fiance, maybe a relaxing weekend away or a date night where you don’t talk about the wedding. Don’t let the planning consume you, enjoy it!

  24. the most fun part has to be trying on pretty dresses!! the least enjoyable is the anxiety and the fear that things will not turn out right!

  25. I have both loved and hated all the wedding blogs. I love looking at other weddings and getting ideas of my own, but I hate how much time I spend glued to the computer! I also wish my family lived closer to be part of the planning process.

  26. My fiance and I want to have a wedding that embodies us as a couple, glory and splendor, but since we’re paying for this ourselves, we’re also keeping a close watch with money. It’s tough to realize what I want costs far more than I ever imagined and to think creatively how to still get what I want but keeping it budget-friendly. The great thing is that I have a super-involved fiance that really strives to make me happy and give me the wedding I want. That alone nearly makes all the money talk seem like nothing!

  27. I think this is the giveaway we could use the most! Definitely trickier than I thought to plan a wedding! Let’s see, I think the most enjoyable part of wedding planning so far has been researching the caterers. We sampled foods from four different caterers (yum!) and then felt like we were able to make a very educated decision. That’s my advice to others- do as much research (and as many tastings!) as you can before you make any decisions. Designing a Save the Date and website have been the most challenging because I’m not a designer and I’m still getting the hang of web work. It’s still been exciting, though!

  28. The most enjoyable part of planning so far has been selecting our wedding planner! Ashley Baber of Ashley Baber Weddings! We are so excited to have her by our side!

  29. Budget has been the hardest part. The details have been the most fun. :-)

  30. By far the most enjoyable part about wedding planning has been spending time with my fiance- writing vows, shopping for rings, planning the honeymoon, and of course being so excited to get married and live together! The most challenging and stressful has been to stay within budget- to be able to have our family and friends there but not spend a fortune. Words of advice: spend a night a week with your fiance and dont talk about the wedding. Don’t forget what the wedding is all about- enjoy the excitement of starting your new life together!

  31. My mom is super crafty so I’ve loved coming up with ideas to make things that add a vintage feel to my wedding. We’re using bud vases on the tables and saucers for dessert plates, so we’ve been searching thrift stores trying to find them. It’s always fun when we call the other up to announce a good milk vase find! My advice would be to take on some DYI projects, but do them far in advance.

  32. Most challenging – finding time off from work to get everything done! Most enjoyable – reading pretty bridal blogs like this one and attending creative wedding events.

  33. It’s been so fun for us! We like searching on etsy to find new and unique touches for our wedding in August. I think the most difficult part is to keep the budget in mind! :)

  34. Most enjoyable? My dress! Least enjoyable? The wedding venue. They are driving me bonkers! & won’t return phone calls when they say they will. :( Grrr!

  35. I have loved the whole wedding planning process. The hardest part for me was choosing the color scheme for my winter wedding because it really sets the tone. The parts that I have enjoyed the most is just bringing family and friends together to help. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone I love in the same place and marrying the man of my dreams!

  36. I just started the process of planning a wedding, but I’ve definitely enjoyed learning what my future husband is most excited about. He’s got ideas of his own that I never would have expected, and I can’t wait to see how our ideas turn out. The most challenging part is figuring out the location. We live in different states and met at college, so we’ve got lots of traveling in our future!

  37. I love love the planning and finding details that really will create our day to truly be our own! The hardest part I would say is finding a venue. All the places I really loooovve and want to use are so expensive! I can’t find one that I love that fits my budget.

  38. The most challenging part about wedding planning so far was finding the perfect venue. I was torn between an okay venue with a nice price tag versus a beautiful venue that I loved with a slightly over budget price tag. I was so close to choosing the one that was cheaper, but I followed by gut and went with the venue that I loved and I’m so happy I did! The most enjoyable part about wedding planning has been wedding dress shopping! It was great being about to bond with my bridesmaids! Advice: start planning early!

  39. The most enjoyable parts of planning have been choosing all the details. The pillows, the baskets the decorations. I however have very expensive taste and a very very small budget. So the biggest challenge has been finding a way to pay for everything. With the help of a talented friend and recycled materials I was even able to create ring bearer pillows I found on the internet for $40 for under $3. My advice to other brides is not to compromise on your design, but to think outside of the box to make it happen.

  40. The most challenging part of the wedding planning was to find the perfect groom. There are a lot of frogs out there, but I finally found my prince. :) The most enjoyable part about planning is starting our life together. And we’re trying not to miss the forest for the trees. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the cute details that all add to the budget, but at the end of the day, the wedding is about celebrating our love and life we will build together. My advice is to not get caught up in the petty things and enjoy every minute of it! [Hopefully] you only get engaged and married once!

  41. the most enjoyable part of planning was all of the family coming together with their skills to help, while the most challenging part was the catering! words of advice: ladies, this is your wedding, but not your marriage. keep that in mind throughout the process!

  42. Planning a wedding has truly been a bitter sweet experience. It has been such a great feeling to plan my own wedding (with help from others of course). Best part of planning has been registering!!!! I have shed some tears because reception halls were booked on our date or because something little didn’t work out. BUT…. My advice to other brides is to get the hard stuff done so that you can focus on the actual celebration. Thats what weddings are all about CELEBRATING!

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