Holiday Giveaway Week – Wedding Planning Books, Tools and Treats!

December 16, 2011 | editorial team

Wedding planning involves lots and lots of details and decisions, so having great ideas, tools and resources at your finger tips can truly be a lifesaver. To help you plan your wedding-loving hearts out, we’ve got a great selection of items to give away today, the final day of our Holiday Giveaway Week! One lucky Junebug winner will soon receive:

– A Selection of Organic Chocolate Wedding Favor Confections and Your Choice of a Beer of Wine Chocolate Pairing Kit from Theo Chocolate

– A NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System

– A Copy of Junebug’s Book, Planning Your Wedding: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Perfect Day

Read on to learn more about each item, and to enter to win just leave us a comment here telling us what parts of your wedding planning you’re most enjoying, and what tools have been especially helpful. We’ll accept entries for the rest of the week and over the weekend, and choose our winner randomly on Monday, December 19th, 2011.

organic chocolate confections and beer and wine pairing kits from Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate is one of my favorite businesses here in Seattle, or anywhere for that matter. Obviously because they make incredible chocolate (seriously, it’s insanely good!) but also because they are head-over-heels passionate about being environmentally and socially responsible while they do it. Theo is the first and only organic and Fair Trade chocolate factory in the country, which means they use only pure ingredients that are grown sustainably, they source ingredients locally whenever possible, they partner with their growers to ensure they earn a living wage and have access to education for their families, and they use green energy sources and sustainable packaging and printing methods. Nope, they’re not messing around! So if you’re looking to include chocolate as a wedding favor, gift, or dessert at your wedding, Theo offers a delicious way to do it while incorporating an element of true eco-friendliness at the same time! For today’s giveaway, Theo is generously giving our winner a selection of their chocolate confections which are perfect for wedding favors, dessert tables, welcome bags and thank you gifts, as well as your choice of a Beer or Wine Pairing Kit. These pairing kits come with enough chocolate for six people to taste with their favorite beers and wines, and instructions on how to put together your party. What a fun thing to do at a shower, rehearsal dinner or bachelor/ette party, or to give as a thank you gift to your foodie friends!

NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System

While you’re wedding planning, no doubt you’re collecting inspiration and information from every which way. So much happens online and electronically these days, but what about all those brochures and business cards you’ve collected, the gorgeous magazine pages you’ve pulled out to save, or the photos of your parents and grandparents on their own wedding day that you find so much inspiration in – how do you easily bring those together with the digital images and information you’re finding on websites, blogs and Pinterest? Well, an easy answer to that question is NeatDesk. NeatDesk allows you to scan your images, magazine pages, and other visual inspiration with the push of a button and save them in a super organized digital filing cabinet. You can also scan all your receipts, brochures and vendor contracts so they’re saved in one central, secure location, and ready to easily turn into budget spreadsheets and reports. Even other existing digital files can be imported into NeatDesk’s software, where all the key information is extracted and made searchable to you. What technology can do! And the lovely people at NeatDesk are excited to help one of you try it out, so they’re giving our winner a complete NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System. Pretty cool!

Planning Your Wedding: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Perfect Day, by Blair deLaubenfels, Christy Weber ad Kim Bamberg

A few years back the Junebug team wrote a book all about wedding planning, Planning Your Wedding: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Perfect Day. It’s filled with stunning images from loads of amazing photographers, plus super helpful wedding planning information on everything from your ring to your venue to your fashion and your honeymoon. No topic was left untouched so that it would be a super valuable tool for any couple planning their wedding. Of course, we had to include a copy in today’s giveaway!

Thanks for playing along all throughout the week! You have until Monday the 19th, so don’t forget to enter yesterday’s Personalized Designs Giveaway, Wednesday’s Groomsmen’s Gifts Giveaway, Tuesday’s Bridesmaids’ Gifts Giveaway, Monday’s huge Bridal Fashion Giveaway, and all the photography related giveaways going on over on Photobug!

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  1. I am most enjoying picking out decor, and the overall look. That’s definitely the most fun. Nitpicking the guest list is tedious, and going over the budget is daunting, but looking at inspiration boards, and figuring out what projects to diy is a blast! I love figuring out what pictures we will have taken, and the first thing people will see when they pull into the ceremony site. That part makes the tedious parts worth it.

  2. I am loving EVERY minute of my planning. In fact, I want to be a wedding planner. I am having so much fun with it! I have found that weddingwire has been extremely helpful with their budget checklist and other helpful tools! Lynzy

  3. The part I’m enjoying the most is spending all this extra time with my fiance. He loves being involved and I have always thought it’s the couple’s wedding, not just the brides. It makes me so happy that we are in this together and loving every moment! :) The most helpful tool has been StumbleUpon. There are just so many wedding websites out there that I would never have found otherwise!

  4. I just got engaged this week, so I haven’t done much planning!! Some books and blogs have been helped so far!

  5. The chocolates look amazing.

  6. I really enjoyed shopping for the China we will use at our reception. I could do that over and over and over again… :) aandj8804[at]gmail.com

  7. oh wow pick me! i’m in the early stages so i’m enjoying the bigger vision type decisions. i use wedding magazine websites and pinterest for inspiration!

  8. I’m loving getting things done or finalized in my planning – everything I can check off means we’re one step closer to the big day! GoogleDocs and Dropbox have been super helpful for me so far. They’ve made inspiration photos and different documents available to me anywhere without having to carry around big files. Planning my wedding 1500 miles from my mom has made Skype very useful too since we can talk and I can show my mom different things I’m thinking of.

  9. * We are enjoying… the creativity of it all. We have so much fun dreaming up ideas that will make our day personal, loving and fun – especially since his two beautiful children will be a part of our big day. We want to make them feel extra special as we become a family. * The most helpful tool… have been blogs! We’ve found DIY tutorials, vendor reccomendations, budget advice, decor ideas and more on Junebug. Thank goodness for you wedding pros that are sharing your expertise with us! * By the way, we are just *dying* over the NeatDesk organizer! In the midst of all this, my fella and I have launched a business together! And this tool is one we desperately need (but can’t afford at the moment) for setting up a sound financial future. What an amazing early Christmas gift this would be.

  10. I am loving the design aspects.

  11. We are enjoying – each other. We are both full of ideas and visions of our day. Planning our wedding has definately brought us even closer. The decor and making our wedding “ours” have been fun, we go back and forth on ideas and he has been part of each step of the way. (which i think it’s amazing). The most helpful tool – inspiration gallery on your blog (and others I wont lie) it’s nice to be able to visualize some of the ideas I’ve been thinking about and it definately helps me with coming up with more :) Reading through how to deal with budgets, DYI ideas has also been very helpful. I think the wedding industry is very resourceful!

  12. Right now I’m really enjoying looking at wedding blogs and magazines to get inspired!Internet is without any doubt the most helpful tool!!!

  13. I’m most enjoying is making my and my fiance’s dreams come true! We have been dreaming about this day for so long and now it is actually happening.

  14. Googledocs and Pinterest have been lifesavers at keeping things organized. It’s definitely a challenge to balance the ‘wants” with budget, but it’s been a fun challenge.

  15. I loved driving Colorado mountains looking for a place to get married in with my fiance. We found a lovely home in Breckenridge, Co!

  16. I am swimming in color!! I love the getting lost in all the photos of real weddings and am slowly narrowing down the best options for our rustic California wine country fete. I love the way color can tell a story without saying a word.

  17. I am really enjoying a lot of the aspects of wedding planning. I loved dress shopping, planning diy aspects like bridesmaid gifts and looking through blogs and pintrest.

  18. My favorite part is checking things off my list. Makes me feel very accomplished! The tools that have been most helpful to me are the ones that keep me organized (like WeddingWire’s entire website) and sane (like “A Practical Wedding).

  19. I’m not sure what part of planning I have enjoyed most. Maybe getting together with my bridesmaids to look at wedding magazines and collect ideas. Lately i’ve been using Googledocs and pinterest to organize all the planning and thoughts. I’m in the last 3 months and organization will be key in staying sane.

  20. I love planning the creative part of the wedding that represents us (such as wedding favors, unique entertainment, signature drinks, and music).

  21. I’m most enjoying helping to plan the small touches for my brother’s wedding.

  22. So far I am enjoying the decorating part the most. I am so excited about creating DIY centerpieces and other things for the table! Invaluable to this process have been one of my bridesmaids who has literally been SOOO available and willing to help and the other is Pinterest!! PINTEREST is AMAZING!

  23. I am doing my planning myself and have tons of friends that are such a big help. I especially love the websites (like Junebug) that show real weddings. It gives me so much inspiration and I think to myself that if they could DIY, I can DIY. :)

  24. I don’t know what part I like best since I JUST STARTED!! I really need the book. So far my favorite part has been designing my engagement ring, because who doesn’t love sparkles!

  25. LOVE spending that time with my fiance picking out wedding stuff together – they act like they don’t care, but they do and I love that. I also love this whole “party” coming together – every last detail. All the wedding blogs have been so helpful and my go-to for ideas and inspiration!

  26. I love the details. I love looking at blogs for inspiration and DIY ideas that allow for a personal touch to my wedding day.

  27. We have only just begun, so I am enjoying the “non-stress” phase :) I really enjoy your website, I can get lost for hours on it!

  28. I loved our venue search…probably because we live in Virginia wine country and our search included lots of wine tastings, but also because we went slowing, spending an afternoon at each vineyard on our list. It was a very fun, but very relaxing search.

  29. The aspect of planning we’ve enjoyed has been almost everything. It has been a very easy process for us. Were having a 2.5 year engagement, so its been low stress (so far at least!) Excel has been my best friend. I have created more spreadsheets than Id like to admit. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  30. I’m loving designing the paper products! I’ve done my invites throguh VistaPrint and can’t wait to do everything else!

  31. What I’ve loved the most about planning has been the ability to create an event around the tradition of marriage, but with the blending of my fiance and my own families ideas and traditions into a day that is uniquely ours. Each element of the planning has been a special project, and I have found the time spent together with our families has been invaluable!

  32. My favorite part of planning so far has been sharing the experience with my fiance. Its fun to talk about what we want out of our special day, and then to see those dreams realized is amazing. Excel is my favorite tool; its great for budgeting and lists. And I NEED lists.

  33. I loved wedding dress shopping. Although I’m glad that I found one, i’m sad I don’t get to shop anymore! I have found the vast number of wedding blogs and websites very helpful.

  34. I love everything about wedding planning! My favorite thing is picking out the dress though. I love bridal magazines and websites like this, they really help inspire me.

  35. I really enjoyed finding the decor for my wedding. I found out my love for antique shopping is a passion!

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