Holiday Giveaway Week – Groom and Groomsmen Gift Ideas!

December 18, 2012 | editorial team

| junebugweddings.com

We’re continuing the holiday fun today, and this time it’s all about the boys! For day two of our holiday giveaway week, we have a collection treasured gift ideas for your groom, or his guys. We think the men in your life will love these ideas, because who couldn’t use a little spoiling this season! The winner of today’s “gifts for the guys” giveaway package will receive:

– A Pinstripe Shirt, Light Pink Tie and a pair of Pink Large Stripe Socks from The Grunion Run

– A Whiskey Stones and Flask Kit from Polar Stones

– A Men’s Shaving Kit from Dirty Deeds Soaps

Read on to learn more about each item, and to enter to win just leave us a comment here telling us what your guy will be wearing on your wedding day! We’ll accept entries all week long, and choose our winner randomly next Monday, December 24th, 2012. Happy Holidays everyone!

Junebug Weddings Holiday Giveaway Week - Grunion Run Groomsmen Shop| junebugweddings.com

Looking fantastic on your wedding day isn’t just for the bride! Specializing in creative, less traditional wedding looks for men, The Grunion Run is a fantastic online shop where you can find super stylish looks for all the men in your wedding. Having noticed that there were already plenty of options out there for brides and bridesmaids but not nearly enough for the guys, husband and wife team Kevin and Yun set out to create a shop specifically designed for the stylish groomsman! The lucky winner of today’s giveaway will receive three amazing items from The Grunion Run: a lightweight white cotton dress shirt with elegant purple and gray pinstripes, a modern pink cotton tie, and to top it off, a pair of fun pink, red and orange striped socks by Happy Socks.

To make sure the men in your wedding look their very best, check out The Grunion Run’s trend-setting designs in their lookbook and in their online shop!

Junebug Holiday Giveaway Week: Polar Stones | junebugweddings.com

What man likes sipping on a watered down drink? No man – and that’s why we adore the genius husband and wife team at Polar Stones! For a groomsman gift that your guys will use time and time again, Whiskey Stones are perfect – they chill your drink to the perfect temperature without diluting it, and are made from a non-porous soapstone material, giving them no odor or taste. In addition, Polar Stones also offers stainless steel flasks wrapped in leather, which you can have customized with your groomsman’s initials. The winner of today’s giveaway will receive one groomsman set, which includes a set of whiskey stones and one personalized leather flask. Cheers!

Junebug Weddings Holiday Giveaway Week Day Two: Dirty Deeds Soaps| junebugweddings.com

Most guys seem to go crazy for a good shave, and the family-owned business, Dirty Deeds Soaps, knows just how to create wonderful men’s soaps and shaving products that will have them looking (and smelling!) great. Each Dirty Deeds bar of soap is cut by hand, and one variety in particular that makes them popular with the guys is their masculine beer soap! Today’s winner will receive a Dirty Deeds men’s shaving kit, which includes one round wooden soap dish, one shave soap, one starter boar bristle brush and one “The Art of the Manly Shave” instructions.

To see more Dirty Deeds handmade soaps and shaving products, check out their website, etsy shop and facebook page.

Remember, all you have to do to enter is leave us a comment about what your groom will be wearing on your wedding day. And don’t forget that we have a new giveaway each day this week!

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  1. My fiance is wearing a black suit and black tie!

  2. My fiance will be wearing a classic black tux. We’re picking it out after Christmas! :)

  3. We’ve just set the date and the groom outfit is barely on the radar! Something modern and well tailored!

  4. Will be wearing an ivory tux with black suspenders

  5. The guys will be wearing gray suits with Vineyard Vines ties and pink/gray argyle socks

  6. khakis, white shirt and blue bow tie…on the beach :)

  7. Hopefully he’ll be wearing a few pieces from the Grunion Run shop! Currently the plans are a light gray suit and a cornflower blue tie and super funky socks!

  8. He’ll be wearing a suit… haven’t quite figured out the details yet. Perhaps a nice vest and bow tie?

  9. My handsome groom will be wearing a grey Calvin Klein suit with black suspenders, a black tie and black/white spectators! Very Rat-pack-esque…can’t wait!!!

  10. My groom will be wearing khaki seersucker pants with a white linen shirt, khaki linen vest and a bowtie

  11. The guys will be wearing light gray cotton suits, navy blue suspenders and peach bow ties! I’m playing around with the idea of having only my fiance wear a jacket and the rest of the guys just have light gray pants and a white shirt up on top… we’ll see what they prefer. :)

  12. My hunny will be wearing a purple suite with yellow shirt!

  13. My man will be wearing either a black or charcoal suit. He is going to look amazing in whatever he wears :-)

  14. My groom wore a tux and had a glass of bourbon.

  15. We are having casual outside wedding. He will be wearing khakis and blue checkered button up shirt. sharoo1975@yahoo.com

  16. A vintage suit and I’m trying to convince him to wear a carved wooden animal brooch instead of a boutonniere.

  17. Great gift ideas (quite a challenge buying for the guys)!

  18. A black suit, white shirt and red tie!

  19. My groom will be wearing a classic tux :)

  20. My groom will be wearing a blue and yellow bow tie.

  21. My groom will be wearing whatever I tell him too ;)

  22. We haven’t actually decided on that yet! We better get on it!

  23. no tuxes, just suits! in a light khaki or something similar, b/c of our wedding in the mountains of TN.

  24. My groom will be wearing a very classy dark charcoal suit with a black tie.. it will be so sharp!

  25. My fiance will be wearing a grey suit. He is buying it after Christmas

  26. I’m lucky– My fiance (and half of the groomsmen) worked in a tux shop. He has great taste, so I gave him full reign on the guys’ attire. But you can never go wrong with a classic black tux!

  27. He will be wearing either his Marines blues or a dark grey suit with a yellow tie.

  28. My groom will be wearing a white linen suit with a patterned blue shirt underneath….and no shoes! We’ll have our toes in the sand!

  29. Traditional black tuxedo with bowtie

  30. I’m not getting married, but a friend is and I think she’s going with a classic tux. I know that’s what I’d do! :)

  31. My guy will be wearing a navy tux (if we can find one) with a hot pink tie and pink and navy argyle socks.

  32. classic tux!

  33. My fiancé will be wearing a black or navy suit, no tuxes!

  34. Wow! Things that groomsmen would find really useful. Glad to see a lot of options for the boys at the wedding as well.

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