Holiday Giveaway Week – Win Bridesmaids’ Gifts Your Ladies Will Love!

December 18, 2013 | christine

As every bride knows, bridesmaids’ gifts are a must and today’s giveaway winner will be able to thank their girls with some pretty sweet swag! The winner of today’s bridesmaids’ gift giveaway package will receive:

Check out the glorious goods from our three featured shops, and to enter to win just hop over to their websites and leave us a comment here telling us what you love most about these gifts. We’ll accept entries for the rest of the week, and choose our winner at random next Monday, December 23th, 2013. Happy Holidays everyone!

Plum Pretty Sugar holiday giveaway | junebugweddings.com

Two Pairs of Shortie PJ Sets from Plum Pretty Sugar

The perfect gift for your fabulous ladies in waiting, these floral ensembles of teeny tiny shorts and button down tops are made of the softest cotton voile. So very lovely for lounging the morning of the wedding and will make for some adorable getting ready shots! Plum Pretty Sugar is giving away two sets of these shortie PJ sets, available in seven floral prints.


Shop Design Spark holiday giveaway | via junebugweddings.com

Two Pairs of Earrings from Shop Design Spark

Shop Design Spark is giving away one pair of Turquoise Starburst Earrings and one pair of Ella Diamond Earrings. What girl doesn’t love receiving jewelry?


Weddingstar bridesmaids' gifts holiday giveaway | via junebugweddings.com

Set of Six Flasks from Weddingstar

Now these are just adorable! Weddingstar is giving away three lipstick flasks and three mustache flasks, perfect for both your girls and your guys!


We hope you are loving all the fabulous goodies we have in store for you this week – be sure to leave us a comment and enter to win every day! Seasons greetings to one and all!

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  1. I love that these gifts are so fun and the whole bridal party would be really excited about them!

  2. I have always been obsessed with everything Plum Pretty Sugar, these are the most beautiful PJ sets and robes I’ve ever seen! And matching flasks for the big day, how perfect is that. Would love to win this, happy holidays!

  3. I am trying to keep my wedding as budget friendly as possible and would love these as gifts to my girls for helping me out with so much.

  4. I love, love, love Plum Pretty Sugar! I discovered them a few months back while looking at another website for brides. Every woman loves a great PJ set!

  5. A good gift is something you wish you’d received yourself, and feel at least a tiny bit jealous when giving. I think all of these respond to this criteria. ;)

  6. I love the Fabric Bangle set at Shop Design Spark. Layering is one of my favorite ways to wear bracelets.

  7. We’re so touched! Thank you for these kind words and Junebug for having us! We’re delighted and oh so excited to participate in this joyful giveaway!



  8. Love the flasks!!

  9. As a wedding photographer, one of my favorite things to photograph are the special moments that happen before the wedding when excitement is high and the bride is surrounded by all the important women in their lives! I love that with Plum Pretty Sugar all the girls get to wear thr same cute little set with the bride in her own special one. It really makes the photos beautiful and I feel like the girls are always even more excited when they’re all in cute matching gear!

  10. I love the diversity of these gifts! It’s something for everyone!

  11. These flasks are adorable! They’d make perfect gifts for the bridal party!

  12. I love the earrings!! I’ve been looking for some similar to go with my dress, but haven’t had much luck yet! I would be so excited to win!!

  13. Everything from plum pretty is so cute, love these pjs!

  14. These flasks are adorable!

  15. This giveaway is amazing! Plum Pretty Sugar’s PJs are to die for- they are so chic!

  16. I love that these are all gifts that would surely be used again and again. I have always adored Plum Pretty Sugar patterns and ordered myself a robe from there – would be great to gift matching pjs to my maids!

  17. My bridesmaids would die for those flasks! They are super adorable.

    Also, I’ve been looking everywhere for matching robes for me and the girls to wear the day of to get ready but those pjs might have just changed my mind. Might be fun to have a little sleep over the night before with everyone.
    I’m really in love with the kimono robes on Plum Pretty Sugar. So torn!

    Also the blue starburst earrings up there are fantastic. I’d love to rock them with the silver cuff turquoise bead also from shop design spark!

  18. The sleepwear holds a sense of comfort with a hint of sexy- too perfect! I would love to adorn the lovely jewelry on my wedding day and dress up my simply gown. The flasks have got to be the cutest (and most useful) gift i can give my wedding party- DRINKS ALL AROUND! I hope I win!

  19. Wow! That describes all these gifts! The PJ’s are amazing – elegant but flirty and perfect for my bridesmaids presents. The earrings = phenomenal. And all I have to say about those flasks is “I mustache if there is a more perfect gift for groomsmen?!?” Happy holidays!

  20. This is such a neat arrangement perfect for the bridal party! Have to say the Pjs are my favorite personally!

  21. These gifts would be perfect for my bridesmaids! The earrings would be just perfect!

  22. Wow everything about these gifts is amazing and they would add an extra special bright touch to our wedding photos not to mention being plum pretty! With only a few months until our big day this would be a fabulous surprise and we would be oh so grateful.. We have our fingers and toes crossed!!!! X

  23. These gorgeous gifts all represent a special side for a very special day!The pjs reflect the soft feminine side mixing cute and comfort. The gorgeous turquoise earrings are stunning and the Ella diamond earrings are truly elegant! The flasks are whimsical and fun and add a much needed sense of humor to an important occasion!But honestly what I love most is that if I won these items I could give them all to my wonderful future daughter in law and son!Tis the season to share and to acknowledge the greatest blessing of our lives….our loved ones!!!

  24. The PJs are adorable! And who couldn’t use a new flask ;)

  25. I love about this contest and theses gifts that it comes at the right time!
    First its Christmas .. Season of greeting and gifts!
    Second : Iam a bride-to-be in February 2014 and I have just 2 bridesmaid!! So, I have a feeling that this contest has made for me :D
    Plus ! Iam big fan of flower so this floral PJ Set should be mine!!!!!
    Anyway , thanks for this big chance to win and good luck for every bride!
    Merry Christmas!

  26. I love how beautiful my girls would look in the PJs!

  27. I love that the pj’s are so festive and floral! Pretty plum sugar is the best. My girls will also love the earrings’ vintage look and having a place for their liquor! Such a cute design.

  28. I am writing now for my friend!
    She is bride to be early next year! she still has alot to do and prepare for her big day! So why not to take an action and help her in bridesmaid gifts!?
    I would be so happy if i win and could surprise her with this competition !
    The PJ Set is a perfect gift , its cute and stylish and its something you can use and every time you were , you will remember the bride!
    And the earings too!! SO so stylish and i think it matching the PJs too :)
    And finally the Flasks!!! So So So funny, But beacuse its a little expensive, (I think appx40$each), most of brides or grooms wont think to get the same on their wedding day unless some one provide it for FREE (Its me ;))! Its not a major thing but will add such a funny and lovely spirit to the big day!!
    Thats it! Hope it will help!
    Have a nice day everyone!

  29. Such fun prints! I’d love to spoil my sister/maid of honor with cute jammies to wake up in and get ready with those fabulous earrings on the day of my wedding :) My favorite part are the shabby chic prints! They would go perfect with the style of my wedding. I’d also like to spoil my bridesmaids with the flirty flasks. I like that they come in different styles that the men and women can enjoy so no one is left out!

  30. Love the shorty pjs! Great alternative to the robes!

  31. I’d love to have the pj’s for my mom and sister since they are working tirelessly to help with wedding planning. So cute and feminine…I’m sure my dad would love to see my mom in the pj’s. Jewelry is perfect for wedding day and other future fancy events. Flasks are perfect for bridal party since all of mine are die hard partiers…including myself :-)

  32. Wow! My bridesmaids aren’t too girly but they would all love those shortie pj sets and flasks! Such a great idea!

  33. I love all of these gifts – I know our gals and guys would love them too! So beautiful (the pjs and earrings) and the flasks are just so fun – just the right tone for our wedding!

  34. I LOVE the pj’s…they are absolutely adorable, look well-made, and just bring so much fun to the morning of a wedding!
    I love that the flasks don’t take themselves too seriously.
    And I LOVE those earrings–I’ve been looking for some statement earrings to complement my wedding dress neckline and they’re perfect.

  35. I have been obsessed with Plum Pretty Sugar for ages! I love their shorties. The earrings are gorgeous and the flasks crack me up!

  36. Thank you for the giveaway! We have a very tight budget, so winning would help immensely. I love the flasks.

  37. Love the flasks for everyone in the wedding party!

  38. I love Plum Pretty Sugar! I have had my eye on their sleepwear for quite some time. Pretty earrings are always welcome in my jewelry collection… especially when they sparkle. The flasks are not my thing, but I know several people who would be thrilled to receive one.

  39. Oh my ladies would love those pjs!

  40. I love the Shop Design Spark Ella diamond earrings. They would match my wedding dress perfectly!

  41. They’re super cute. Very trendy. :]

  42. My ladies would love the shortie PJs- perfect mix of sexy, comfy, and fun! The earrings would be a perfect addition to their dresses, and the flasks… well, they would help us all destress ;)

  43. Plum pretty sugar- loved the Boat Neck Dress. Adoration No. 4
    Simple and elegant.

    ShopDesignSpark- loved every single collection! Each piece is so unique! If I had to pick one, it’d be the gold flower studs.I find them very pretty.

    Weddingstar- I liked the Antiqued Buttenburg Lace Parasol the most.It’s so cute!

    Lovely giveaways! :)

  44. The plum pretty sugar pjs looks so fun and comfy. The patterns are so unique, I’d love to wear them everywhere!
    The spark earrings are so pretty. Perfect for every day or a night out.
    Loving the flasks too! So many adorable photo op opportunities!

  45. These are some great sets here may cause some unexpected violence as everyone fights over them. I’d love to say my fiance would revel in giving her bridesmaids the PJs from Plum Pretty Sugar, but I’d most likely have to pry them out of her hands so she doesn’t keep them for herself. I could probably use the earrings from Shop Design Spark to distract her long enough to grab the PJs, as these earrings are so eye catching and mesmerizing in their geometric adornment. Luckily there are enough of the Weddingstar flasks to go around, I received a gift like this when I was in a wedding party and they were a huge hit (and they were not nearly as cool as this particular set).

  46. Who wouldn’t love these gifts!!! I just got engaged and our wedding party would totally love these!

  47. I absolutely LOVE the plum sugar pjs! My friend had their robes for her wedding and they were the best gift I’ve received yet!

  48. Holiday fashion and their makeup looks exceptional . Their dresses are also charming . Love their emotional photography .

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