Holiday Giveaway Week – Beauty!

December 22, 2010 | editorial team

Our Junebug Holiday Giveaway week happily rolls on, and today we’re all about Beauty! On your wedding day you want to look and feel your healthiest and most beautiful, and who couldn’t use a little help in getting there? For one lucky winner that will be exactly the case when they win:

– A Here Comes the Bride Makeup Kit from Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup

– A gift set of luxurious handmade soaps from Sweet Olive Soap Works

– A Home Ambiance Diffuser in Sandalwood Amber from Antica Farmacista

Read on to learn more about the prizes and to enter to win leave us a comment here telling us about the beauty products, philosophies and little luxuries you swear by or are excited to try out in preparation for your wedding day.  We’ll accept entries all week long, and randomly choose our winner this Friday, December 24th. Good luck readers! I can’t wait to hear all your beauty ideas and recommendations!


Orglamix Organic Mineral Makeup

Orglamix makes organic mineral makeup in every variety and shade under the sun, and because it’s without any chemicals or artificial fragrances or dyes, it’s easy to wear for every skin type. We love its slight shimmer and light-weight feel which would be perfect for that glowing bridal look! The Here Comes the Bride Makeup Kit includes 1 Pure Organic Mineral Glow in Toss the Bouquet, 1 100% Pure Organic Mineral Blush in Rosy Future, and 3 100% Pure Organic Mineral Eye Colors in Champagne Toast, Honeymoon Sweet and Frosting on Taupe. Thanks Orglamix!



Sweet Olive Soap Works

In my humble opinion there is nothing like a good bar of soap, and Sweet Olive Soap Works, a New Orleans soap company, lovingly makes luscious handmade soaps with traditionally nourishing and local ingredients. Skin healing fruits, flowers, and herbs gathered from their organic garden are combined with ingredients like olive oil and goat’s milk to naturally promote healthier, happier skin. Heavenly! Today’s giveaway gift set includes bars of La Vie En Rose, Auntie Bellum’s Magnolia and Goat’s Milk, and Louisiana Sweet Olive Blossom soaps. A perfect gift for yourself or your bridesmaids!


Home Ambiance Diffuser in Sandalwood Amber from Antica Farmacista

Beauty doesn’t just apply to your body, but to your surroundings as well. For a beautifully scented home, we love the Home Ambiance Diffusers from Antica Farmacista. Simply set out one of the lovely antique-inspired apothecary bottles and the scent in the oil is wicked up through the wooden sticks and into the air. No muss, no fuss! Today’s winner will receive a 250ml bottle of their newest scent, Sandalwood Amber – a complex and warm fragrance rooted in rich sandalwood with notes of soft amber, musk and vanilla bean.


A very special thank you to Orglamix, Sweet Olive Soap Works and Antica Farmacista for generously donating this giveaway. And readers, don’t forget to enter to win the Fashion and Food giveaways from Monday and Tuesday on What Junebug Loves, and if you love photography don’t miss out Photography Giveaway on Photobug!

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  1. I’m an engineering grad-student. I don’t swear by much when it comes to makeup, but I recently started using Bare Minerals, and the stuff is amazing. I don’t feel weighted down and it’s a process I don’t mind going through every morning. If i had one favorite beauty secret, it’d be that I still use Lip Smackers’ Dr. Pepper lipgloss. yeah.

  2. I rarely wear any makeup and am a wash-and-wear hair kind of gal, so I’m excited to have someone else glam me up!

  3. Great stuff! The soap looks esp yummy.. thanks :)

  4. What lovely products, I’m crossing my fingers and toes to win! I’m really focusing on my skin, and using Laura Mercier vitamin c serum to give it some life, then smashbox’s illuminating foundation for a touch of glow.

  5. I don’t wear make-up ever so I will focus on a natural look for my wedding. But I am all about wonderful soaps, lotions and perfumes so I not only want a special scent for my big day but want lots of fresh fragrant flowers to add to the venue. We are doing potted plants to be eco-friendly and are going to mix fragrant flowers with herbs and lavender both inside and outside the venue!!

  6. My mother’s beauty tip that she passed down to her two daughter was, “to be a beauty from the inside out”.

  7. My beauty philosophy is tackling both what I put IN my body and what I put ON my body. I stay hydrated and eat well for many reasons, but it definitely helps my skin stay healthy, soft and bright. What I put ON my skin is almost all natural goodness. I love Lush products and philosophy. I also use only mineral makeup products – I love the light feeling throughout the day they give! In preparation for my wedding day – I’m staying with my routine – natural and healthy inside and out!

  8. I used my last bar of Sweet Olive soap until it literally melted away in my hand. Love it!

  9. the basics come first – sunscreen and water! then comes the fun stuff… mani/pedi…fake lashes (oh la la)….waterproof mascara…hair accessories (of course)…and sexy thigh highs (yow-sers!)

  10. i don’t have anything i “swear by” persay but i try to lather on lotion after showers everyday and do a home mask at least once a week. my little luxury are night creams – right now i’m using one by clarins and the wonderful smell makes me feel so classy!

  11. I love makeup and am excited to try Orglamix! I love natural and organic products that enhance your God-given beauty. Thanks for hosting a fun give-away!

  12. The only absolute must for me is a citrus scented soap in the morning to wake me up and an eyelash curler. I think it will be fun to glam it up, just a bit, I still want people to recognize me!

  13. sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen!

  14. I concur with some of the other comments on here. Bare Minerals is a must in every makeup bag! I want my “day of” makeup to look glamorous, I’m not afraid of color and I’m not afraid of smokey eyes.. :)

  15. The key is the moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

  16. In my every day life I wear as little make up as possible. I jazz up my brown eyes a bit and leave it at that. I think my wedding day make-up shouldn’t be any different. I want my fiance to see me looking as natural as always. Our wedding will be an extension of ourselves, and I’m all about looking natural(even with a little artificial help :] )

  17. Something so simple and so inexpensive that I use every night is Vasaline. On my eyes, yep, no pre-mature wrinkles for me and it doubles as a gentle eye makeup remover.

  18. I recently stopped wearing make up completely– and my skin looks and feels great! I will no doubt wear make up on the big day, but organic makeup is going to be a must.

  19. Trying out Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer SPF 20 to fade an age spot. Hope it works!

  20. I prefer substituting moisturizer for primor. Its more natural and healthy.

  21. I love organic makeup! Its great for your skin, makes you look fantastic, and keeps your face clear and perfect! I also love LUSH solid shampoo in Godiva. Smells divine!

  22. I’m excited to wear Benefit’s high beam face highlighter so that I can look ethereal!

  23. My beauty philosophy is to always wash my face before I go to bed, and again in the morning. My mom always told me brains are beautiful (and last longer than physical beauty) so I try to be beautiful with my mind.

  24. I wear very little makeup day to day, so I’m excited to have someone else glam me up for my wedding day!

  25. I’ve been working out and taking extra care of my skin and hair so that I can be as make-up free on my wedding day. I love the idea of going into my marriage in an all-natural state. Organic make-up would definitely be on my wish list!

  26. I swear by using moisturizer with sunscreen every single day, rain or shine. Good mascara also goes a long way.

  27. I swear by Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. I don’t know what I would do without it!

  28. A relaxing bath with Lush products, bath bombs, delicious oils will be essential!

  29. I am looking forward to getting a facial or two before the wedding and possibly investing in some good eye cream!

  30. Organic Makeup is great! I have sensitive skin so regular make up did not work for me at all. I am excited to try Orglamix! Great giveaway!

  31. I swear by Neutrogena’s Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish cream. And frankly, I’m a little daunted by the whole wedding makeup look. I’ll have to pull it off by myself, and I’m not sure how yet.

  32. My beauty tip is to get a lot of sleep and drink lots of water!

  33. I get regular cuts and conditioning treatments so my hair is good to go. And keep it simple on the face business, drink lots and lots of water!

  34. Oh wow! Those products look glorious! I have freckles all over, so I can’t wait to get a little bit of sun so I can rock my freckles on my wedding day!

  35. organic make up is the best

  36. At my bridal shower I got a mani/pedi gift certificate that I can’t wait to use! I usually don’t wear much makeup and rarely glam myself up so I can’t wait to be all glamorous and gorgeous!! & I really can’t wait to get my hair done. I love that ;)

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