Hello Junebug Readers! We’re So Happy You’re Here!

July 11, 2012 | editorial team

Hey there dear Junebug readers! It’s been a while since we took a step back from all the wedding planning posts and just said hello, so I thought we’d take a moment today to do that today…

Life in the Junebug offices seems to go a million miles an hour, but we never lose sight of how grateful we are that you are here, reading, commenting, and sharing your wedding planning experiences with us. We adore the community we have at Junebug, and are so incredibly grateful that your allow us in to your wedding planning adventure!

There are all kinds of exciting things going on behind the scenes that we’ll be able to tell you about in the next few months, but the first one is that we just finished a revamp to the design of our monthly Love Letter, so it’s all freshened up and better than ever. Our bridal e-newsletter showcases the most popular recent posts from our blogs, directs you to our giveaways and includes exclusive wedding style tips only available to subscribers. Sign up today!

Another is that you may have noticed a new voice on the blog recently. The amazing Alexa Johnson has joined us as a blogger on What Junebug Loves, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her here as part of our growing team. Alexa has impeccable style, a heart of gold, a hilarious sense of humor, and loads of wedding experience (she’s also an incredible wedding florist), so this gal is the real deal. Keep an eye out for her blog posts, and you’ll see what I mean!

Are you on Pinterest? Junebug’s on Pinterest! Along with many, many, many of you, this is our new obsession. We’re pinning all kinds of gorgeous imagery to help you with your wedding planning, and we’d love for you to check out our boards! Of course we also spend lots of time on Twitter and Facebook, so if that’s where you like to hang out too, let’s connect! And if you’re the busy type who can rarely escape her inbox, sign up for our RSS feeds via e-mail! They’re a fantastic way to keep up with our blogs with zero effort involved. Our daily posts will arrive in your inbox and you can read them right then and there. No muss no fuss. Check it out for both What Junebug Loves and Photobug!

As you’re planning your wedding, don’t forget to use our carefully chosen Wedding Planning Hotlists – they are filled with the very best wedding planners, designers, photographers and other wedding professionals, who we’re extremely careful in choosing for our trusted recommendation lists. We take applications, check references, and only invite experienced wedding professionals who we believe in and are proud to recommend to you.

We’re working hard to bring you the very best in wedding inspiration and wedding planning resources, and like I said earlier, there’s lots more to come! I hope you’ll stay tuned as we launch our new projects and keep striving to help you plan your weddings with ease.

Thanks again for being Junebug readers!

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  1. Thank you so much for the warm welcome and lovely compliments Christy! I’m having a ball at Junebug, and can’t believe I get to be part of The Dream Team!

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