Happy Father’s Day from Junebug!

June 19, 2015 | nicole

phenomenal-wedding-photo-of-fathers-by-citlalli-rico image by Citlalli Rico

With all the beautiful weddings that pass over our desks here at Junebug Weddings, we have seen some of the most incredibly loving moments involving fathers on the most important day of their child’s life. Here are a few of our favorite Junebug fathers to celebrate the day!

Is there anything sweeter than a father smiling on his child’s wedding day…

adorable-photo-between-bride-and-father-at-wedding-by-Vue-Photography image by Vue Photography

Except maybe the first time he sees his daughter in her wedding gown?

phenomenal-wedding-photo-of-fathers-by-sierra-blanco image by Sierra Blanco Photography

Sometimes it can get a little emotional…

Jewish-Wedding-Linden-Terrace-Fort-Tyron-Park-Ahmet-Ze-6-of-39-600x400 image by AhmetZe

But a big hug usually fixes everything, doesn’t it?

Thierry Joubert for Junebug 135 image by Pretty Days

So after walking down the aisle…

Dallas-Arboretum-wedding-with-photography-by-Erik-Clausen-Kristen-and-Travis-22-of-342 image by Erik Clausen

It’s time to dance the night away!

Joel_Justyna_wedding_123-600x400 image by Micheal Beaulieu

Thanks to all of these fathers for sharing their special moments with us here at Junebug! Happy Father’s Day!


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  1. How much beautiful happy fathers day photo shoot . So thanks a lot for sharing such photos.

  2. Father day is a special day for all, I seem .

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