Happily Obsessed with Grey Wedding Decor and Accessories

August 22, 2008 | editorial team

In a few weeks I’ll be taking the trip of a lifetime, to Zambia and Botswana, and I’m so excited I could burst! I know it’s going to be so life changing and spectacularly different than my world here in Seattle that I can’t possibly imagine it ahead of time, so instead I’m thinking about, what else, the fashion!

I’ve been joking around with my friends about shopping for my “safari style,” but much to my delight, my travel books have confirmed that it’s actually something you have to have. Hooray! Most game parks suggest or require clothing in subdued earth tones like grey, brown and khaki so you don’t attract unwanted attention of the animals (fine by me!) In anticipation of all this fabulous monochromatic fashion, my brain just can’t steer clear of searching out subdued tones in wedding looks as well. I love all of these delightful grey wedding accessories and decor items. What a glamorous and sophisticated wedding color palette they would create…

gray wedding decor and accessories

Top row:
Pearl ribbon necklace from WinkNYC.com
Rachel Leigh silver bow and pearl earrings from ChickDowntown.com 
Dana Kellin Empire Mix earrings from TwistOnline.com

Second row:
Ada smoke barware and champagne flute from CB2.com
Dana Kellin Twilight Mix necklace from TwistOnline.com
Wilma appetizer plate from CB2.com

Third row:
Circolo 1 letterpress invitations from Bella Figura

Fourth row:
Custom 30 page guestbook or photo album by Enji Beck on Etsy.com

Fifth row:
Valery Bossa Nova chemise from NancyMeyerLingerie.com
Bridal bouquet by Fiore Blossoms

Sixth row:
Grey and ivory flower fascinator with pearls and crystals by JMG Jewel Design on Etsy.com 

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  1. Have you seen the Coco-Kelly blog this week? She has been posting lots of great grey wedding inspiration. You should check it out!

  2. I’m headed to South Africa this week and I am soooo excited. I felt like a dweeb trying to look good on safari, but I too was surprised and excited to know that having the correct colored clothes is required. Any tips on what you’ll be bringing?

  3. Oh my goodness, so many things! For safari clothes I’ve been told layers, layers, layers, so I’m packing lots of cute thin cotton t-shirts and tank tops that can be worn together or separately, some cotton-y scarves, my favorite hoodie, a couple different lengths of shorts and at least one pair of thin cargo pants. Shoes have me a bit stumped, but so far I’ve got a good pair of light hiking sneakers and a pair of flat leather Grecian sandals. Some sun dresses are coming along for wearing in the city and out to dinner, and some cute headbands and other hair accessories since I know I won’t want to spend any quality time with my hairdryer or curling iron in the heat! Other than that I’ve got a swiss army knife, a bunch of turbo sunscreen and bug repellent, and a whole lot of camera gear. Look out elephants and hippos, here I come! What are you bringing?

  4. I totally agree with you. Grey seems completely fool-proof these days! I really adore it paired with mustard yellow!

  5. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see this!! My colors are white and silver with black accents. I’ve had the hardest time finding inspiration boards or real weddings with my colors. Everything is always bright or rich in color and that’s made me question my color choices at times. But seeing your entry renewed my love for my colors. I’d be honored if you did an inspiration board with my colors, pleeeeease.

  6. Ooohh! I’d love to! I’ll e-mail you for some more information about the look you’re going for. Any color palette can make a gorgeous wedding, as long as you keep things somewhat cohesive and your details come from the heart.

  7. After writing about my recent obsession with the color grey, I heard from Junebug reader Rachel who is planning a huge (800 person!) October wedding with a gorgeous grey color palette, and she asked for a little help putting together an inspiration board

  8. It really isn’t necessary to get all khaki-ed up for a safari… that’s how we spot the tourists! Your casual day to day garb is perfect for safari, just dress practically and by all means LEAVE YOUR CURLING TONGS AT HOME! Heaven help us if we can’t completely relax on safari! You’re going to have a wonderful time, try get round to Addo Elephant Park if you have the time, I’ve been on a lot of safari’s but Addo has been the best by far! Have a wonderful time!

  9. What gorgeous selections; thanks so much for including my fascinator! One of my brides sent this link to me and I have been loving all the great info for Seattle brides and beyond. Yes, I am obsessed this season with greys and winter whites, a perfect cold-weather wedding palate :) Best, Jessica JMG Jewelry Design

  10. Does anyone have any ideas for grey and pink weddings. i was thinking about doing grey bm dresses and pink flowers..

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