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October 15, 2007 | editorial team

Green living is in the air! (As it should be!) I’ve been tagged by Liene from Blue Orchid Designs to participate in Blog Action Day by joining the discussion about the environment, and by Abby at Style Me Pretty to share some of the things I do in my every day life to be environmentally responsible.

I’m lucky living in a city like Seattle, it’s easy to be green here! There are loads of amazing farmer’s markets granting easy access to all the local, organic, sustainable farms and their products. My favorite is the year round Sunday market in Ballard. Recycling is heartily encouraged here, so it’s no sweat to shred and recycle all the paperwork that comes with running a business, which is a lot! I live in a great neighborhood, Capitol Hill, where I’m spoiled by having everything I need within walking distance: grocery stores, coffee shops, beautiful parks, zillions of bars and restaurants, downtown Seattle, the waterfront. I try to walk instead of drive as much as I can. Little things help too, like drinking out of these recyclable aluminum SIGG water bottles instead of continuously buying plastic ones when I’m on the go, and trying to purchase things I love like clothes and makeup that were made by reputable sources, not sweatshops.

Going green at your wedding can be daunting if you feel you have to go all or nothing, but incorporating an environmentally friendly idea or two can be really simple and still totally make a difference! One of my favorite and oh-so-easy ways to be conscientious at your wedding is to incorporate local produce or other ingredients into your food or cake. Talk to your caterer or cake baker- they are sure to have some great ideas about what’s available in your area. Besides supporting your local small businesses, your food will probably be extra delicious! Another of my favorite ideas is to really, truly choose bridesmaids dresses that your girlfriends could wear again. (Imagine all those dresses that have been thrown away over the years after being worn just that one time!) This is an idea that we love so much at Junebug it’s the concept of our next Fashion Report! Stay tuned! There are so many stunning dresses available these days, give them something that they’ll love!

Go green go!


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  1. Christy, Love the Sigg/Green post!

    I have been an Sigg user for sometime and love love them.  Whats great is they are so light and no burden to throw in your bag. I got mine at Feathered Friends (good selection at Second Ascent too)  as well as the cleaning tablets.

    Great ideas for ‘greening up’ weddings. They can be a place of a lot of excess. Looking forward to the fashion report.


  2. You can also ask if your caterer will do a “zero waste” event.  Most couples will already rent dishes, silverware, glassware, napkins, etc, which would be considered zero waste.  Why not ask if your caterer will compost your food waste from prep of the meal as well as food waste after the event?  Preventing food waste from going to landfills is a HUGE deal, especially with a larger wedding with hundreds of guests.  Just ask your caterer if it’s possible.  

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