Giveaway! Winks by Georgie Beauty Luxury Lashes

June 6, 2011 | editorial team

Win luxury false eye lashes from Winks by Georgie Beauty!

Luscious false eyelashes can work wonders on all kinds of women with all kinds of personal style – they can be minimal, adding just a hint of definition, or be bold and dynamic and bump up the beauty of your eyes in a flash. I admit to being a huge fan of false lashes, so I was thrilled to learn about and try the lash collection from Winks by Georgie Beauty. They are 100% natural, exquisitely packaged, practically weightless and made with such high quality that each pair can be worn multiple times. Georgie Beauty even created an eyelash adhesive that never includes formaldehyde, parabens, or phthalates, which means they’ve eliminated most allergy-causing ingredients typically found in lash glues.

Lucky for everyone out there who loves false lashes along with me, Georgie Beauty is giving away a complete set of their Winks lash collection to one special Junebug reader! Our winner will receive a pair of each of their three lash styles, a refillable, recycled eco-compact and a tube of botanically-infused adhesive. Nice! To enter to win simply leave a comment here letting us know which lash style you’d choose for your wedding day, rehearsal dinner, or date night look and what makes lush lashes so fun for you. We’ll accept entries through Sunday, June 12th, and randomly choose a winner on Monday, June 13th. UPDATE! Congratulations to our winner, linda d! Check you e-mail for our note, and we just know that you’ll adore your lovely prize!

Check out the Georgie Beauty website for lots more information and to choose your favorite style, and visit www.NeimanMarcus.com to shop online. Good luck everyone, and thank you so much Georgie!

Win luxury false eye lashes from Winks by Georgie Beauty!


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  1. i would pick the la cherie for my special day. I really don’t have much in terms of eyelashes myself, which is why adding on a layer of lashes is so much fun and instantly makes me feel that much more glamourous. :)

  2. That is simply stunning. I’d probably go for La Cherie – I don’t wear much makeup in my daily life, so I’m just amping it up a tiny bit for the wedding. It would be amazing to win such an amazing addition, alliteration and all.

  3. All of them would be great but the Eye Avant Garde would be nice! I want to look Glamorious!

  4. Lovely! The lashes I choose would depend entirely on the way I feel when I wake up the day of my wedding and that’s exactly why lush lashes are so brilliant: They give a chameleon charm to whatever style of beauty I want to be. (Today I’d say L’Avante-Gardiste!)

  5. LOVE IT!! Eyelashes are my FAVORITE accessory when dressing up for date night! ;0) I would choose the Midnight Muse for the thickness & density. Thank you for this awesome blog giveaway!!!

  6. I would choose La Starlette for my wedding.I don’t wear make up and I’m blessed with long naturally curly lashes but on my special day I would love to enhance them especially for my pictures.Thanks for the chance.

  7. I would definetly use the La Cherie for my wedding day since I would like to go for a soft classic look that day. I’d go bold, using the La Starlight for a night out or my bachelorette party and the La Avant-Garde for the rehearsal dinner, just to stand out! Using lush lashes makes my eyes pop and makes me feel much more beautiful. I love using lashes! Thanks!

  8. Ooohh, I just tried false eyelashes for the first time on Saturday for my bridal shower and LOVED them. As a half-Asian woman (who needs some help in the long lush lashes department) I would love to win the No. 2 LAvant-Gardiste set for a subtle but dramatic look!

  9. Style #2, L’Avant Gardiste, would be perfect for me for my entire wedding weekend! Love these!

  10. La Starlette are lovely! I love bold eyes and nothing is bolder than big lashes!

  11. La avant-gardiste seems to me like the perfect set for my big day! Not too much to take away from my baby blues but a little extra splash of excitement… I love the way a simple set of lashes can really highlight my eyes and give me that little extra “flutter factor” for my man!

  12. I would love to rock le starlet #3 for my bachlorette in Vegas. La Cherie for my beautiful wedding on the beach in Mexico and Lavant Gardiste for our rehearsal dinner. It would be amazing to win all 3 or even just1 pair :)

  13. I’d pick the Eye avant Garde! Perfect!

  14. Fake eye lashes are so much fun. I plan on putting some fake eye lashes for my wedding day. The The Eye Avant-Garde are prefect!

  15. I would love to wear the Midnight Muse for my rehearsal dinner for a bit of extra drama. :) I enjoy playing up my eyes with makeup and lashes, and having such a lush pair of lashes would really get the job done!

  16. The L’Avant-Gardiste lashes would be perfect for my anniversary weekend get away! Wow…lovely lashes!

  17. Oh the la Starlette lashes would be tons of fun for my night out with the girls before the big day!

  18. I’d use the La Avant-Garde for my wedding day, I’m lacking in the eye lash area and these would give me an extra umph on my big day! I love using lashes when I go out and for special occasions since they just make my outfit complete!

  19. i am obsessed with lashes. thanks so much for the chance to win!

  20. oh, ps – i would absolutely choose LAvant-Gardiste. thanks!

  21. I would love to try “midnight muse”…I have never tried false lashes and would love to see how I look with those!

  22. La Chérie is my favorite for my wedding day…but I’d love the starlette set for a big night out! Our wedding is going to be at a vineyard (traditional in my part of central Virginia). I’ve been curious about lashes, but wasn’t sure they’d be natural enough looking for an outdoor wedding. The La Chérie set definitely fit the bill!

  23. Gorgeous lashes make all the difference!! I’d choose La Chérie for my wedding on 11/12/11. Amy Lustig amyjlustig at gmail dot com

  24. I would choose La Cherie for my special day! So glamorous!

  25. Definitely La Starlette! They’re fantastic!

  26. I’d pick the Eye Avant Garde!!!!

  27. I love #2. These lashes really seem to work wonders!

  28. I would definitely choose the L’Avant-Gardiste for my wedding day on October 7th. The style would enhance my natural lashes and fill them out, giving my subtle brown eyes a bigger pop! I would definitely rock the Starlette for the bachelorette party! Big, bold lashes for a sexy fun-filled weekend. Definitely the way to go!

  29. L’Avant-Gardiste would definitely be the set I’d pick for my wedding, and they’d be perfect to complete the romantic wedding look I’m after.

  30. i love the high-fashion flutter the best! holliister at gmail dot com

  31. I would definitely choose the La Cherie! I hardly ever wear makeup, and would like to just enhance the natural beauty of my lashes on my wedding day – nothing too extravagant.

  32. I would wear the L’Avant-Gardiste for any occasion that calls for a little extra glamour. These lashes look so natural that they should never be called ‘falsies’!

  33. I love the “la starlette” I can’t wait till my night as a starlette at my wedding and would love these lashes to match

  34. La Cherie is lovely. I don’t think I can pull off anything too heavy.

  35. I love La Cherie — subtle and elegant. I love lashes because it makes flirting with the fiance that much more alluring and fun!

  36. wow! Its a tough decision because I love both eye avant garde and high fashion flutter. Either one would work for the romantic look I’m going for Oct 1st. I want to look natural and just enhance my eyes, and this will make the colors in them really shine.

  37. What makes false lashes so fun for me? They are the most amazing way to pull attention to your eyes and creating a stunning, glamorous look! I would choose the Winks by Georgie: La Chérie for my wedding day. They would provide results that mascara alone simply can’t achieve!

  38. I’m getting married on the beach, with minimal make up. The La Cherie lashes will be the perfect touch to my “no makeup” make up look!

  39. L’Avant Gardiste, all the way! SO perfect.. and my wedding is in July… definitely need lashes!

  40. They’re a fun way to stand out! The La Cherie for my wedding day for a more classic look, for fun the La Starlight my bachelorette party and the Avant-Garde for the rehearsal dinner.

  41. These lashes are beautiful. For my special day I would choose “La Starlette”. I don’t wear a lot of make up so it would likely be very natural and so I would love for my eyes to stand out with the “La Starlette” lashes.

  42. I would choose the La Cherie lashes. They would provide a classic and elegant look and enhance my blonde lashes!

  43. For a girl that wears little to no makeup on an everyday basis, La Cherie would be the subtle oomph to my down-the-aisle look. My idea of elegance are little touches like this that people can’t quite put their finger on.

  44. Perfect for my wedding on 7-23-11! A bride can never be too glamorous! Not too mention… add a little fun touch! :)

  45. The La’Cherie would be a great touch to enhance my short, almost non-existent lashes!

  46. Hello- I would chose the Eye Avant Garde for our Anniversary Dinner Party! Thank you!

  47. I love the L’Avant-Gardiste lashes. so beautiful. i would wear them on my wedding day!

  48. I’d adore wearing L’Avant-Gardiste. Love these!

  49. I would have to go with La Cherie for my special day! Subtle and yet they make such a bold statement. Perfect for an afternoon outdoor ceremony!

  50. I’d love to wear the Avant-Gardiste!

  51. I am a huge fan of eyelashes and would absolutely pick l’avant gardiste! They are gorgeous and lush.

  52. I’m a bridesmaid next month for my dearest friend. For that day I would choose the Le Cherie for myself because they’re simple, classic and would hopefully deter people from looking down at my dress to up at my eyes!

  53. I would pick l’avant gardiste for my wedding day. Beautiful.

  54. Definatley I’avante gardiste! Go drama or go home! These are lovely!

  55. I love the L’Avant Gardiste lashes! Lashes add the seductive va-va-va-voom to any special day!

  56. Oooh la la L’Avant-Gardiste! My eyelashes are ok in length, but these little puppies will add that extra va va voom! I’d like to wear these on my wedding day…and wear one of the other pairs in my boudoir photo session that’s happening next month. I’m more nervous about THAT than my big day!

  57. I love La Starlette. They would be perfect for an evening wedding we are attending this month. I love the look of lush lashes on any special occasion. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. The Midnight Muse for sure would add just the right touch to my wedding day!

  59. That all look like fun but I would choose the avant-garde style for my upcoming wedding for sure. It’s very romantic.

  60. love love lashes, just make the whole look so much more complete! <3 l'avant gardiste-- adds a touch of drama yet still natural :)

  61. OMG, these are gorgeous. I would definitely pick the la starlette. Those babies look dramatic!

  62. Having straight as can be lashes makes me say L’Avant Gardiste! for my wedding day!

  63. I’d choose L’Avant Gardiste!! Very lush but still look like they’d be natural looking. Beautiful!!

  64. Your photographs made me realize the difference elegant eyelashes can make. So on my Aug. 5th wedding, the L’Avant Gardiste lashes would cause hearts to skip a beat, I do believe! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  65. i would pick Midnight Muse for a special occasion or date night with my husband! I love that their so full and luscious! :)

  66. I’d pick L’Avante Gardiste for any sort of outing. They have fullness on the outer edges that would add perfect glamour and sultriness without going overboard. I love lush lashes because they really open your eyes and wake up your face when worn. You barely need much makeup once you rock faux lashes.

  67. OH MY! those came straight from eyelash heaven! I’m a eyelash lover, my sister once said she would’nt be suprised if I wore them to give birth to my firts born! I find any special occasion just is’nt special till you have your lashes on! So excited to try these for my all my big special days to come! I love that the eye avant garde has gets thicker at end to give that extra drama!

  68. i’ll definitely choose LA-STARLETTE, because i want to enhance and define my eyelashes. i do have short and fine ones, im excited to wear it.

  69. La Starlette for my wedding day would be perfect; La Cherie for rehearsal dinner party! Love the look!

  70. I would choose the L’Avant lashes for my wedding I love the glamours look they would give me! I love wearing lashes because of how they make my eyes pop. If I had the time I would wear them everyday!!!!!

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