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December 2, 2021 | morgan
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Wedding books are so much more than just a place to write your vows or have your guests sign their names. Having archival-quality wedding books will make the memories of your wedding day last forever. Yet, these are often an underappreciated aspect of planning your wedding. 

After the reception ends and your guests head home, your vow and wedding guest books are often one of the only purchases you’ll keep. Choosing an option that will help preserve your memories is important—but shouldn’t be stressful. Our favorite option for both of these special books comes from our friends at The Art of Etiquette.

image provided by The Art of Etiquette

Wedding Books Bound to Last

The Art of Etiquette creates guest books built to last. They understand that the written notes from your loved ones will only grow in meaning and value over time. Crafted with attention to detail and exceptional quality, these aren’t just wedding guest books. They’re keepsakes. The archival-quality paper proves it. 

They’re created to look beautiful on your wedding day and well beyond. Whether you opt to display them on a bookshelf or delicately on your coffee table, the elegant look will fit any design style.

The Art of Etiquette Is Inclusive

This brand is certified as an LGBTQ+ wedding vendor and is intentional about crafting products and services that will help rewrite the narrative of the wedding industry to embrace all identities and gender spectrums. 

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This goes beyond a certification—they stand behind it. Their language and messaging are carefully crafted to create a welcoming space. Their blank pages are an invitation to be your own storytellers without bias. While there are lines on the page, there aren’t rules.

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Unique Guest Books 

Each page in The Art of Etiquette’s Wedding Guest Book is designed to be an engaging opportunity for guests to share their well-wishes, advice, and thoughts on love. This memento isn’t just a place for guests to write their names. Each page includes prompts to share wisdom, insights into marriage, and more. 

image provided by The Art of Etiquette

Part of the thoughtful design of these guest books keeps signatures from being awkwardly lumped together. Each guest can still sign near each other—but with The Art of Etiquette, they’re able to include their own sentiments, thoughtful notes, and even photos for you.

You Should Utilize A Vow Book—Trust Us

Hear us out when we say that your photographer and Future You will thank you for not standing at the altar exchanging your vows while holding a crumpled piece of paper or—worse—your cell phone. Utilizing a beautiful and photo-worthy vow book will upgrade your photos and will also make a unique wedding keepsake for you to keep! This way you avoid accidentally erasing your vows on your phone (it happens) and you don’t have to worry about them ending up lost in a drawer somewhere safe in your home.

The Art of Etiquette takes vow books one step further than most vow book companies and includes an anniversary note for each partner to capture their feelings leading up to the day. Then, you can use the included wax seal to keep it secure until your first anniversary. At that time, you can easily open the note and share how you were both feeling on your wedding day. Add in a bottle of champagne, you’ve got the makings of a meaningful first-year anniversary.

Junebug Tip:

The Art of Etiquette also makes Anniversary Books for you to honor your past, present, and future together. You can learn more about them here.

image provided by The Art of Etiquette

Where To Buy These Wedding Books

We love this thought from The Art of Etiquette, although your wedding unfolds in one day, the marriage that follows is the true heart of your love story. Make sure that your wedding books last as long as your wonderful marriage with books that stand the test of time for you and future generations. Explore The Art of Etiquette’s wedding collection to capture your unique love story—one page at a time. 

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Where to Buy The Art of Etiquette

Don’t miss out on proudly displaying your own beautiful Wedding Guest Book, Vow Books, or future Anniversary Books. The Art of Etiquette is offering 15% off for Junebug couple’s when you use code JBW15  on their website. What are you waiting for? Get started beautifully preserving your wedding memories today.

image provided by The Art of Etiquette

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