Giveaway! The New Mindy Weiss iPhone App!

October 25, 2010 | editorial team

The new Mindy Weiss iPhone wedding planning app!

After meeting and becoming friends with the one and only Mindy Weiss a few years ago, we became instant converts to any and all of her brilliant projects! Next month we’ll be speaking at, and live blogging from, her second annual Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever! in Los Angeles (Can’t wait! November 14th! Come join us or follow along here on the blog!) and today we’re so excited to get to give away Mindy’s latest and greatest endeavor – her all new Wedding Planning iPhone App! How cool is that?

Working as a party and wedding planner for nearly 20 years and creating weddings for an amazingly long list of celebrities, Mindy has creative and professional experience like no other, and her new app is packed full of helpful wedding planning tools. Along with that, she has the biggest heart in the business and is truly passionate about helping all couples easily plan the weddings of their dreams. So today Mindy is generously giving away her new Wedding Planning iPhone App to three lucky Junebug readers, so they can get her help throughout their wedding planning process! Thanks Mindy!

To enter to win simply leave a comment here telling us about your wedding planning so far – what has been your favorite part, and what are you wishing you had a little help with? We’ll take entries through the week and choose our winners this Friday, October 29th. Good luck everyone!

The new Mindy Weiss iPhone wedding planning app!

Mindy’s Wedding Planning iPhone App is available for download now on iTunes! Check it out!

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  1. My fiance and I are getting married in July 2012. We’ve done plenty of brainstorming so far and picked a few vendors like our photographer and hair/makeup artist. The best thing to plan so far is our reception decor and table concept. We both decided on a wine theme; we gathered ideas, thought about it, and the concept was born. I think most of our planning will take shape like that. The one thing I think we’ll definitely need a hand with is detail coordination the day-of. My fear is that we’ll be too wrapped up in say, the flowers not getting to the venue, and all we want is to enjoy our day.

  2. My favorite part is dress shopping! I love Vera Wang and putting on each dress is like a dream. What we need help on is finding the perfect venue at our budget. Oh and staying organized. I have so many ideas and inspirations that I can’t narrow them down

  3. I’m ecstatic to say that I’ve been truly enjoying the wedding planning process. My fiance and I got engaged on Memorial Day this past May and are planning a wedding for July 8th, 2011. We spent the summer coming up with the general feel we wanted for the day. We love the redwoods and wanted to tie in a romantic forest feel. We ended up deciding on playing off of his last name, “Chu”, and will have a silhouette of a train in our monogram. We will be filming our save-the-date in the redwoods at a railroad station. Coming up with a big picture for the wedding day has been my favorite part, and it has helped make all of the decisions on the little details flow much more smoothly. I know I will need help with not feeling overwhelmed over the course of the year as the decisions will continue to snowball!

  4. We’re getting married on 4/23/2011. I’ve got a location, food, officiant, photographer and a dress, but I still need to tackle the flowers, cake, invites, welcome bags, favors and more. I think I need a little organizational help. And I need for wedding vendors to return my phone calls!

  5. Wedding planning has been good so far! My favorite parts have been the dress and the BMs dresses ;) I need help with money :( and flowers! Great giveaway!!

  6. My fiance and I have been engaged a little over 4 months now, and the best part of my planning experience has been him! He, along with my parents, kept our engagement a secret for 6 months, therefore he had a head start in planning. So when I began to plan, he was so excited to share the already many ideas he had, that planning became less stressful and somewhat easy. We have so much fun coming up with original and perfect ideas for our wedding that completely describe ‘us’ that I couldn’t ask for a more perfect partner! However, with that said, I believe we still need assistance with flowers and decorations. We aren’t big on either, because our main focus is on music and food, but we don’t want to neglect them either. Finding the right balance between our style and the feel of our wedding is our biggest challenge. We need help trying to figuring out what designs/looks are best for us, and what steps we need to take to execute our vision.

  7. Loving all of the DETAILS I get to play with while planning. I love the tiny things that make our wedding OURS. I’m struggling with the logistics…calling the rental company, booking appointments with vendors, guest count, budget…blaaaaaaaaaah! Give me some paper to make pinwheels out of and old photos and song lyrics to decorate with and I’m a happy camper! :)

  8. I have been engaged for a while but we have finally been able to pick a date, so the planning really beginning! I would love to have this app!

  9. We are getting married May 2011 and I feel that I am on track, I have the venue, caterer, officiant, photographer, and (most importantly) wedding planner, plus most of my bridal ensemble has been put together – that is probably the most stressful part for me, given that we chose to get married on the beach and that makes the dress/hair a little more challenging what with wind and sand and all! Biggest frustration has been picking out the perfect BM dresses only to have them discontinued b/c I waited too long before asking them to purchase :-( Best part is all those “required” trips to the beach my fiance and I have been taking to get the details all put together! Next weekend we are getting to go taste/design our cake with a baker that just competed on the Food Network cake challenge – probably one of the planning parts my fiance and I are mutually the most excited about :-)

  10. we’re in the early stages of wedding planning and I feel a bit lost. I read about so many wonderful ideas so it’s been hard figuring out what we want (especially since we’re on a budget!). Of course the best part so far has been dress shopping…I feel like a princess every time I wear a gown! This app would be super helpful for us since it’s so hard for me to stay real and organized!!!

  11. Fan of yours!

  12. So far my favorite part of planning has been trying on dresses with my family and friends. I also love when I get my fiance to admit his wedding ideas. I’m having trouble narrowing down ideas and wish I had more help shopping for vendors out of town where our wedding will be.

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