Giveaway! Luxurious Bedding from Bridal Bar Home!

August 1, 2011 | editorial team

luxurious eco-friendly bed sheet sets from Bridal Bar Home

Now that our birthday month is over, we’re on to all the excitement that the future holds… and if you’re anything like me (obsessed with a comfortable and luxurious bed!) you’ll be very excited about today’s amazing giveaway!

Harmony Walton, founder of The Bridal Bar, the famous wedding planning resource boutiques in LA, San Diego and Atlanta, recently launched a brilliant new part of her businesses called Bridal Bar Home, and her first product already has a cult following. The Bridal Bar Home by Jennifer Adams sheets seen above are so soft you just might not believe your finger tips. Made from eco-friendly microfiber materials these sheets are not only buttery soft but long lasting, wrinkle resistant and excellent for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Today, Harmony is generously giving away one set of her amazing sheet sets to one lucky Junebug reader so you can keep that honeymoon feeling going long after your wedding day. Thanks Harmony!

To enter to win, leave us a comment here letting us know about how you keep your bed and bedroom feeling luxurious to you. Your sheets and bedding? The lighting and decor? No TV? Lots of TV? Let us know! We’ll accept entries all week long and randomly choose our winner next Monday, August 8, 2011.

To learn more about The Bridal Bar Home by Jennifer Adams sheets, or to buy a set of your own please visit www.BridalBarHome.com.

Bridal Bar's Harmony Walton

And, since we spent July looking back at all the fun weddings and wedding ideas we’ve featured on Junebug over the past 5 years, we thought that a great way to welcome in August would be to ask our fellow wedding bloggers what some of their favorite post have been on their own blogs! Wedding blogs hardly existed when we began Junebug back in 2006, but as the blogging community has grown we’ve loved that we’ve found so many true friends in our fellow bloggers, and we’re very proud to have been part of this creative growing industry from the get-go.

All this week we’ll bring you favorite posts from just a few of the talented wedding bloggers out there, and today we begin, of course, with Harmony Walton and her personal favorites from The Bridal Bar Blog…

  • A wedding at The London Hotel: This wedding encompasses such fantastic personal style and flair, without the couple feeling the need to recreate every trend they find on a blog. The bride shows off her sophisticated side and sense of fun and whimsy at the same time that paired with exceptional photography and her infectious smile made this wedding a stand out to me.

  • Wedding in New Delhi: This wedding had such vibrant colors, such culture, and such beauty that we gave it a weeks worth of posts. With several days of exotic ceremonies and breathtaking décor, how could we not love it? Here are links to all 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 posts!

  • The Rescue Train Gift of Love Program: This post was announcing a new non-profit program offering couples the ability to register to save animals and give donations in lieu of wedding favors. It reminds me that the blog, these posts, and the wedding industry as a whole is bigger than itself and can be used to create change and impact lives in a positive way. Its also a campaign thats dear to my heart, so its definitely a favorite.

  • Tom Cruise Wedding Post: This post was uploaded in our very first month of blogging back in 2006 and it marked a special milestone in our business so while its not as interesting to the reader, I love that it reflects our history and how our blog, as small and albeit poorly constructed at the time, marked a special moment for us that we can now forever look back on.

  • A Disneyland Engagement Session: Why is this post a favorite? Well, because anything Disney is a fave of mine! And the couple had fun with their engagement session, didnt take themselves or the wedding process too seriously, and they created photos that while themed, arent too overly styled so they can look back and love them for a lifetime to come (I have a feeling their kids one day will love these too)!

  • Disney Land engagement session featured on the Bridal Bar blog, photos by Beautiful Day Photography
    Disneyland engagement photos below by Beautiful Day Photography

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    1. No tv! But beautiful sheets are key. White and clean and luxurious like a five star hotel! What a fantastic giveaway! Thnks and happy Monday!

    2. We definitely love the feel of new sheets in bed. It just adds a certain something to the bedroom! ;)

    3. I am obsessed with fresh, crisp white sheets. Nothing makes me feel more at home and comfortable, than crawling into my bed at the end of the day and have crisp linens. thecouturelife.blogspot.com

    4. I keep our bedroom feeling luxurious through bedding and linens! There is nothing like a beautifully made bed to make our room feel special!

    5. No TV and making my bed every morning.

    6. I keep my bedroom luxurious by not having a TV – in its place are my nook and a backlog of Lush bath bombs to share with my fiance.

    7. bedrooms are made for rest and relaxation. We keep ours dark and comfy and love to spend the evenings reading in bed. There is no TV in our bedroom just cool sheets and cuddles!

    8. I use lots of pillows to keep things luxurious…

    9. Ever since studying abroad in Europe, I’ve slept with a fluffy feather duvet. There’s something so magical curling up with a duvet! I also am a big believer in lavender vanilla pillow spray – knocks me right out and makes me feel like I’m at a spa. My new Jennifer Adams pillow feels especially luxurious. Just like the duvet, I love letting it envelope me in its squishiness. Lastly, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sleeps in the bed (on top of me, actually) and i don’t think there’s anything more luxurious than having her stretched out with me. I fall asleep petting her silky fur and it’s just so soothing.

    10. we keep our room nice and cool – both colors and temperature! we have clean white sheets, spa like gray walls, and muted lighting to promote relaxation. we literally say “ahhhhh” when we hit the sheets at night.

    11. As I tell my fiancé, TVs belong in the living room, not the boudoir! Our bedroom is our sanctuary. When entering our room you are greeted by candles that smell heavenly, soft light peaking through lamp shades, beautiful feminine antiques that decorate the dresser, and pale blue and white colors that invite you to relax. Our bed is the focal point in our room and is best described as a heavenly cloud with super soft luxurious sheets, blankets and pillows. We sleep like angels. Thank you for this delightful giveaway!

    12. I keep my bedroom feeling luxurious with lots of clean smelling candles!

    13. Crisp sheets + a soothing wind chime + a photo from Paris – a TV = a special little haven at the end of each day!

    14. Absolutely no TV or electronics in the bedroom, plenty of candles, and comfy sheets are the way I make my bedroom feel luxurious.

    15. My must is clean, fresh sheets, no tv and soft lightning! Great giveaway!

    16. lots and lots and lots of pillows! the essential way to feel as though you are sleeping on a cloud.

    17. Thanks ladies for including us in your birthday celebration! We wish you many more years of success! xoxo

    18. There is nothing that helps the room feel more luxurious than soft bedding. Our bedding is not great right now and we could realize use something softer and higher quality.

    19. Simple, clean lines; cool colors; and supple quality mattress and bedding! :)

    20. We have the most comfortable bed ever, but could use new sheets since all of our good sheets now have holes!

    21. By painting our room a mixture of chocolate brown and cream, we are able to create the kind of luxury that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Soft lighting, no tv, and dark furniture stains just make our room intimate.

    22. I think this bedding would transform any bedroom into a luxurious paradise. For now, I use soft lighting, a down-comforter, candles, and no eating in bed ;)

    23. We keep our room fairly dark with low lighting and candles. I like my bedding, but it definitely needs to be updated!

    24. Fluffy pillows and a comfortable bed! And, no tv.. Thank you for the giveaway! :)

    25. We try to keep it as dark as possible with minimal TV. Also, soft lighting and sentimental pieces make it a nice place to be.

    26. We love our King size bed with new sheets! And no tv for us!

    27. We like to put clean, new sheets on our bed . . . which usually only lasts 10 minutes with two dogs.

    28. I keep my bed snuggly by changing the sheets often (there’s NOTHING like a fresh set of sheets!) and by obsessively fluffing the down comforter. We like to turn the air down when we sleep so I can snuggle up to the comforter :) I know, I know. Not energy efficient.

    29. Lighting is my favorite way to improve the bedroom atmosphere. (Well… that and a super comfy bed.)

    30. We keep our bed and bedroom feeling luxurious to you by keeping it cozy… lots of pillows, soft sheets, pretty scented candles, and lots of cuddling!! We watch TV but not all the time. What could be better :)

    31. I keep my room bright and airy, which feels luxurious to me! With lots of yellow and white, the room feels fresh, clean, and soothing. I also love lots of pillows and super soft sheets. :-)

    32. I keep our bedroom luxurious by always keeping it clean, always having the freshest and softest sheets, and always making sure the room always smells good :)

    33. I keep my bedroom luxurious with my bedding. I love changing it out with the seasons! Also the chandelier light helps!

    34. We only have one tv in house, in the living room, and the computers all reside elsewhere as well. Nothing but the alarm clock in the bed room. Other than that, our room is in desperate need of a make over and I’d like to start with these sheets :-)

    35. Candles!

    36. Soft lighting

    37. We love the feeling of fresh clean sheets! Also, an open window with a breeze off the garden and herb garden, and no tv!

    38. Lite wall colors and white sheets and white sheer panels!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

    39. We keep our bedroom luxurious by keeping things cool in temperature so we are more likely to cuddle up. We also splurged on a nice mattress and incredibly soft sheets, they’ve made all the difference in the world. We truly love our bed and love to be in it together.

    40. No TV for certain and our kids are not allowed to sleep in our bed :) Would love to win! dinos_still_exist@yahoo.com

    41. We have a King size bed, which already makes it feel luxurious and then add nice bedding. And definitely no TV!!!

    42. No TV and no clutter! Always have candles ;)

    43. I love the furniture that we have – it’s classic, elegant, and romantic.

    44. I keep it luxurious with great linens & soft pillows in my favorite colors. No tv in the bedroom. Also have a few lovely potted plants like orchids to keep it soft and romantic.

    45. Great giveaway! We recently upgraded to a king-sized bed AND an beautiful velvety upholstered headboard! Nothing says luxury, esp in NYC, like being able to stretch out in a king bed in your own home :)

    46. We like to combine luxurious w/ comfort by having clean crisp sheets, our walls painted in warm colors and candles are a MUST!! We love to lay in bed and unwind by listening to music, reading and chit chatting about our day and the most random things =)

    47. No TV. Lighting- use remote controller lighting switch so that I can swith on or off the lights staying in bed- or the lighting that uses hand clap to switch it on/off. white leather bed frame with soft white bedsheet & comforter.

    48. I always take the time to make the bed in the morning. Also, just before going to bed I often spray my sheets a bit with lavender essential oil to help me relax and completely enjoy getting between the sheets!

    49. Beautiful, soft bedding is a must to keep your bedroom feeling luxurious! And I am need of some beautiful bedding for my fiance and I. We have a queen size bed, so just enough room to have our space, but not too much that it feels like we’re separate, we love to cuddle and still wake up next to each other :) We also love to keep dim lighting and keep candles around the room to keep us feeling sexy!

    50. I’ve always had a TV and my computer in my room. Once we moved in together, we moved our TV to our bedroom. We noticed the TV brought lots of distraction. To make our bedroom feel comfy and luxious, we painted our walls red and kept our furniture including our bedsheet the color of white. I also have one of those Bath and Body works scentbugs on :).

    51. We keep the bedroom luxurious with the soft pale blue color in our room, comfy white sheets, and switching up glam decor throughout the year.

    52. What a great giveaway! Sheets and comforters in soothing, neutral colors, with lots and lots of pillows is my key to a luxurious bed! Would love to add a set of these to help elevate my bed even more!

    53. My favorite way to luxe up my room is with clean sheets. There’s just something about the smell and feel that makes me so happy. I also LOVE Bath and Body Works’ pillow mist- lavender vanilla is soothing and not too sweet.

    54. LOTS + LOTS of pillows and NOOOOOO T.V.!!!

    55. Keeping the floors clean and having fresh, soft sheets. Also, I like pillows. I need to buy more.

    56. I try to keep it as clutter free as possible!

    57. The best sheets you can buy, and a big fluffy comforter! :)

    58. Clean sheets, vacuumed floors and lavender pillow mist. Ahh…makes climbing into bed feel dreamy. Great giveaway! Thanks!

    59. Beachy with a hotel feel. Still searching for the sheets to make us say ahhh…

    60. I love to get into crisp clean sheets with my husband and snuggle with a bunch of fluffy pillows and a fluffy white down comforter. Memory foam on top of the mattress adds to the comfort. Bombay style bed with assorted candles and keep the clutter to a minimum. Tv is optional.

    61. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting. I love to have a romantic dim light on in the room, which gives it such a cozy and warm atmosphere. Sheets are very important to me, and I LOVE soft and comfortable sheets to sleep on. No tv. No distractions. Just pure relaxation and warmth. :)

    62. I vowed to no tv in the bedroom… or computers… makes it feel so busy and hectic. Love soft soft sheets and cold pillowcases. My bedroom is a beautiful mix of green and brown, so it has a very luxurious and comforting feel all on its own.

    63. We keep our bed and bedroom luxurious with dim lighting, small TV only to watch 10 minutes just before bed time, and LOTS of pillows!

    64. Soft blankets (and a cool comfortable temperature) are key for me!

    65. Definitely no t.v.! I also use soft, luxurious shades of purple and blue for the decor. :)

    66. Definitely has to be nice fresh clean sheets!

    67. We have no tv and I would love for my fiance’s computer to be somewhere else but we only have one room right now. We’re in desperate need of sheets, our registry might be all bedding!

    68. Oh how we love fresh sheets!!!

    69. Febreeze and no TV!

    70. There is a TV that never gets used and since we have 2 dogs that try to jump on for a cuddle in the morning, the key to keeping things luxurious is washing the bedding quite often. It is the only way to keep it fur free!

    71. Oh my gosh, I want to feel those sheets so badly…haha. How do I keep my bedroom feeling luxurious? The three C’S– Canopy- (This beautiful non gender-specific silk grey one…) Candles- (Obviously a safe distance away from the canopy. Candle warmers are great too if they’re in less-obvious places.) Clean- (Who can relax in clutter? Not this girl!) Waking up in a sheltered bed to a lavender-scented room…there aren’t many better ways to start out your day!

    72. I have a wonderful scented spray I use on my sheets and I just love it! I also use soft lam lighting with selected pools of light for warmth and coziness.

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