Giveaway! His-and-Hers Bag Set from Lyndsey Hamilton for Fleabags and NewlyWish!

January 7, 2013 | editorial team

Lyndsey Hamilton for Fleabags, available through NewlyWish | junebugweddings.com

It’s giveaway day here on Junebug, and we’re so excited about this one! Lyndsey Hamilton, wedding planner extraordinaire and member of our World’s Best Wedding Planners Hotlist, has partnered with Fleabags and NewlyWish to create stylish, luxurious bags for couples and their wedding parties to use on a perfectly accessorized wedding day! Lyndsey and NewlyWish are generously giving the gift set pictured above, which includes a gorgeous Adirondack Clutch for her, and a handsome Adirondack Kit Bag for him, to one lucky Junebug reader! See the instructions below for more information on how to enter to win!

As an accomplished wedding planner known for creating impeccable events, Lyndsey saw a need for beautiful, unique gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen that were useful on, as well as after, the wedding day. She was inspired by one of her couples who had custom bags made for their wedding in the Adirondacks. Lyndsey loved the quality of Fleabags, and partnered with them to create several bags that are available exclusively through NewlyWish.

Lyndsey says, “Our goal was to be able to provide brides with a chic, sustainable, and useable gift option for her bridesmaids. This limited edition line was designed specifically for the bridal market using materials inspired by the various locations that often produce weddings: from the Hamptons to Malibu, with the signature kit being named Adirondacks, representing the location where the collaboration was inspired.

And if you haven’t visited NewlyWish yet, now is the time! NewlyWish is an online registry that strives to help couples create personalized and truly unique registries. The website has a network of over 50 shops that feature a wide range of gifts, from kitchen and tabletop items, to linens and decor, and even food, wine, artwork, classes, and sporting event tickets. All of your numerous and varied selections are compiled in one easy registry list to make shopping and gifting simple for your guests. Brilliant!

Lyndsey Hamilton for Fleabags, available through NewlyWish | junebugweddings.com

Such great bags, right?! To enter to win, all you need to do is visit newlywish.com and check out their selection of great goods! Then, please leave us a comment here telling us what you’ll be stashing in YOUR bag on your wedding day. What are the most important must-have items that you’re sure to have with you? We’ll accept entries all week long, through Sunday, January 13th, and then randomly choose a winner on Monday, January 14th, 2013.

Good luck everyone! We can’t wait to hear what you’ll be keeping with you on your wedding day!

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  1. I would stash in this the photo of my grandfather who is recently passed in my bag. To have him with me on my special day! Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  2. I would put in my lipstick, tissues, bobby pins, safety pins and a snack!

  3. I would stash in Blotting papers, safety and bobby pins, lip gloss and a comb :)

  4. lip gloss & tissues!!

  5. I will definitely be packing kleenex! For those tears of joy I will surely be shedding!

  6. hair pins, lipstick, a rosary and tissues.

  7. my grandmother who passed away always gave me this advice for packing a small evening purse: “a handkerchief, lipstick, and a little cash.” great giveaway!!

  8. Bobby Pins and Safety Pins are a must for the clutch for me and an extra razor and love note from me for the Adirondack Bag for him.

  9. handkerchief, rice paper blotting sheets and lip gloss

  10. I would put some family portraits for a reminder of where I have been, some emergency beauty tools like my MAC lipstick to keep me looking fine, and some mints in case my groom wants a kiss!

  11. I would put in a granola bar so I remember to eat something! Don’t want to run out of energy on the big day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I’ll put lipstick/gloss, my grandmothers rosary, my camera to snap a few pics myself and tissues!

  13. Most definitely lipstick. That’s probably all I would need to get me through the day stylishly,

  14. I would stash tissues! I know I will be a lovely mess on my wedding day.

  15. I’m a notorious over packer, but I’d try to limit myself to lipstick, tissues, blotting paper and photo of my grandmother…ok maybe a little extra makeup as well :)

  16. I would first and foremost put in a picture or memento from my Grandmother because I want her right by my side on my day. She meant so much to me! I would keep my Stella Stilla eyeliner in my purse, because I can’t go anywhere without this little gem! Lastly I would put my pup’s dog tag in there because he means the world to my future hubby and me and we would love him to be part of our big day. Thanks so much! :)

  17. I would packing pictures and tissue.

  18. Plenty of TISSUE!! I am sure I will need it, as well as my parents.

  19. Plenty of tissue and a lippy. That’s all you need!

  20. I would put photos of mine and my fiancee’s loved ones that will not be physically able to attend our wedding so that we may have them with us in some way. I would also use it to help keep all my miscellaneous things and my wedding plans for I am doing it all myself. I’m evenmaking our wedding cake. All in all this will come in very handy for our special day.

  21. Tissues, tide pen, tylenol, bobby pins and chapstick!

  22. Lipgloss…for SURE! And maybe a 5 hour energy :)

  23. tissues and lipstick

  24. lip gloss and tissues!

  25. His would hold his great-grandfather’s pocket watch which was “fixed up” for him around our wedding. I would stash a family photo, Chapstick, and some mints!!!

  26. Tissues, Tylenol, and lip gloss

  27. I would tell my fiancé to add something in mine to find on the morning of the wedding. I will put the letter I am writing to him to read on the morning of. I am so excited to become Mrs. Bayges! My maid of honor would make sure that I have tissues inside of my bag of course but what about a mint, grab it before you walk because you would want fresh breath when you say thank you daddy as he gives you to the love of you life!!

  28. These bags are so chic, and such a cool idea. Also love that they could be my something blue! They’d be great for tissues, lip gloss, Bobby pins, and an on-the-go hairspray.

  29. I would stash lipstick, bobby pins (curly hair never wants to stay in place), some extra cash, chocolate kisses and maybe a little shooter of vodka (just to get the party started)

  30. A ravishing red lipstick and a picture of my soon to be hubby along with the letter to give to him that morning!

  31. Pink Lip Gloss, Shine away sheets and possibly some powder!!! it’s hot in cabobeach wedding!!

  32. Probably tissues, and a thing of lip balm. I go everywhere with lip balm.

  33. Tissues!

  34. A hair brush, bobby pins, tissues, and an energy bar!

  35. I would keep my classic 50’s red lipstick on me, tissues, and a compact, for a little touch up here and there. :)

  36. I would stash some tissues and a lip gloss, that’s all I need other than my fiance!

  37. I’ll be stashing lip gloss because I’m never without it, and tide to go…because i’m a klutz!

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